by A. Richard Miller, featuring photos by Anne Buck
visits since 101231; last updated 110819.

A blast from the past! From high school on, I was lucky to have good friends who liked singing good folk songs.

A few years before 2008, the late Anne Buck gathered some of her old photographs and sent them on to Henry "Kelly" Beller. In due time, Kelly had his son digitize them, and sent them on to me. Once they were aged properly, I prettied them up and now share them with our other friends, who may enjoy seeing a few of us as we were in 1959 and 1960.

photo "Danny Bobrow's house Queens 11/28/59"

Dick Miller, Clark Weisman, Jay Ball. Above and behind Clark, Walter Lipton.

photo"27 Lawrence Street Cambridge, Mass 11/30-11/1/59"

Dick Miller, Estelle Schwartz, Jay Ball, Kelly Beller.

photo"Buzz Bloom & Kelly Beller at Wellesley 2/13/60"

That is to say, a songfest (and square dance?) at Wellesley College.

photo"Danny Bobrow's house Jamaica NY 4/2/60"

Middle, from left: Michael Bobrow, Edith and Frank Sandy, ??.
Lower, from left: Ann Adler, Kelly Beller.

photo"Danny Bobrow's house Jamaica NY 4/2/60"

From left: Jay Ball, Renee and Kelly Beller.

If you can identify others in these pictures, please let me know.

Thank you, Anne, for remembering us so well! We shared good times together.