from Massachusetts Riverways Program; July 10, 2015

  text and images by A. Richard Miller
visits since 150712; last updated 150714.

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Jill and I were pleased to join a large crowd to celebrate Russ Cohen's many years as the Massachusetts Riverways Advocate. Wearing that official hat, and as a full-time enthusiast, our friend Russ hastened the cleaning and revitalizing of many rivers. We're grateful; we now enjoy better canoeing on them, and better hiking and biking on improved walking and biking trails that often run alongside. For those who live nearby, the benefits are even greater.

The celebration began with a perfect-weather (and increased streamflow) hour or two on the Ipswich River, courtesy of the Ipswich River Watershed Association and starting from its lovely base in Ipswich.

Then we and others from many environmental groups adjourned to the Allyn Cox Reservation, a 350-year-old salt-marsh farm in Essex that became the summer home of great American muralist Allyn Cox, and now is the eco-green headquarters of the Essex County Greenbelt Association. Great walks and views! The barn in which Cox created his great murals was the site of our huge edible-wild-foods potluck, appreciation speeches, and more.

The Pictures:

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