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Obituary for Robert Lewis Miller (14Aug1942-11Sep2005)
as written by his brother Richard.

Obituary for Ralph Kenneth Andrist (11Jan1914-19Sep2004)
as written by the Andrist Sisters: Jill, Mary and Melissa.

Dick and Jill Miller are enthusiastic amateur family-history researchers. Each has identified and documented over 1,000 relatives. If this interests you, we invite you to take a look or to contact us.

The next-generation ancestor lines of A. Richard Miller are: Miller and Hoffman from Brest-Litovsk, Russia (now Brest, Poland); Kaplan and Brodinsky (Brodie, Brody) from Yelisavetgrad, Kiev Oblast, Russia (now Kirovograd, Ukraina). Other lines include: Golub (which, like Columbus, means "dove"), Kriesfeld (Kressfield), Slotopolsky (Slater), Teresofsky (Terres).

The next-generation ancestor lines of Jill Andrist Miller are: Andrist from Boltigen, Switzerland and (Soren) Knudsen from Sevil, Jutland, Denmark);Witt from Wangerin, Pomerania, Prussia (now Wegorzyno? in Poland) and Buck (so far, 1860 in Minnesota). Other lines include: Batchelder (Elder Brewster et al), Case, Fay (Elder Brewster et al), Goss, Leach/Leech, Swan, Woodruff/Woodrough.
     Elder Brewster descendants are common, but how many families are memorialized by two Alps? The two Alps, Zahm (calm) Andrist and Wild Andrist, are visible from the famous rotating restaurant atop the Schilthorn. (See close-up peak photographs and a
detailed topographic map, here.) In this Niesen panorama postcard (thanks, Willi Andrist!), Zahm calm) Andrist and Wild Andrist are the second and third mountains ascending to the left from the word (and village of) Kiental to the southeast. Jill's Andrist branch emigrated in the 1840s from Boltigen and Zweisimmen, just upstream in the Simm Valley (west in that panorama photo, around the corner in the distance) from Simmental. Willi also offers an ancient legend that explains their names.

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