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On July 21st and 22nd, Jill (Andrist Miller) and I were delighted to attend Jim and Barb Andrist's family reunion in Beaverton, Michigan. Except for two of the many relatives, Donna Wees and Cathy Whitcomb, it was our first meeting with them all. We were a long way from Boston, but they couldn't have made us feel more at home! Here are my photographs, with editing help from Jill and Fotoxx, and captioning help from Barb Andrist and Cathy Whitcomb.

Figure 1. Jim and Barb Andrist of Beaverton, Michigan were our hosts. (I didn't have a good photo of Barb, so I enlarged this from Figure 4.)

Figure 2. Jim built this small barn - along with their home and more.

Figure 3. Meet the family (except for some who weren't in this photograph)
Rear row, left to right: David Andrist, Don Symonds, Gilbert Cochrane, John Symonds.
Fifth row, l-r: (behind Tanya Keels) Carol Andrist, Dick Willette, Erin Symonds.
Fourth row, l-r: Fred Andrist, Bob Andrist, Cathy Whitcomb, Randy Brewer, Ryan Keels (with baby Bradon Keels).
Third row, l-r: Kennith Andrist, Dorothy Andrist, Dick Miller, Jill Andrist Miller, Cheryl Andrist, Sharon Armstrong, Darlene Ashley, Heather Andrist, Tanya Keels, Annabell Willett, Gary Brewer, Gail Shea, Sandy Symonds, Ann Symonds, Wanetta Cochrane, Marrietta Andrist, Dick Andrist.
Second row, l-r: Savas Guzman, Vanessa Guzman, Donna Wees (seated), Betty Brewer, Jean Symonds, Wanda Mullins, James Andrist.
Front row, l-r: Dale Cochrane, Sue Cochrane, Tena Cochrane, Barbara Andrist (Gavin Keels and Cierra Keels on lap), Karen Brewer, Amanda Andrist (Jacob Guzman on lap).

Figure 4. Some of Jim and Barb's descendants.
Standing, left to right: John Andrist, Jim Andrist, Dick Andrist, Marrietta Andrist, David Andrist, Heather Andrist, Bob Andrist, Tanya Keels, Ryan Keels holding Bradon Keels
Kneeling, left to right: Barbara Andrist, Phillip Andrist, Amanda Andrist (the Guzman childrens' mother)
Children on the floor, left to right: Savas Guzman, Jacob Guzman, Gavin Keels, Vanessa Guzman, Cierra Keels


Figure 5. "The boys will roast a pig for the occasion." David Andrist lays it on.

Figure 6. And then, David and Dick Andrist carve it up.

Figure 7. Dinner was served in the pole barn, A lot of family photos and memories were shared there, as well.

Figure 8. A two-story-high barn wall comes in handy for a BIG family chart. At the genealogy table:
Rear, left to right: Sharon Armstrong, Cathy Whitcomb, Wanda Mullens (seated), Gail Shea and Darlene Ashley
Front, left to right: Jill Miller, Wanetta Cochrane, Betty Brewer (in walker)

Figure 9. Donna Wees takes more family-history notes. She and Jill Miller have been comparing Andrist family information for years, and Cathy Whitcomb has helped. The wall chart was made by Cathy Whitcomb's sister, Nancy Ronnengon.

Figure 10. This photo montage (click to enlarge) was compiled by Gail Shea and her mother, Jean Symonds, both of Lansing, Michigan. Most of the photos were compiled by Jean Symonds with help from Wanda Mullens.

Figure 11. Jim Andrist made this model of a barn on the old Andrist family farm. (Can you spot the original barn, in Figure 10?) The grandchildren still visit the farm, and play with this model.

Figure 12. Phillip Andrist is a talented singer, and entertained us all.

Figure 13. Phil also is an amateur potato cannoneer. This potato gun fires a potato over the far trees!

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