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              are just weeks away from an FCC vote tokill net
              neutrality. Only Congress can stop it.

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On the eve of USA's November 2008 national election, an urgent proposal for an unsecured $700-Billion, maybe $800-Billion loan to mismanaged banks and stockbrokers was generating understandable controversy. In its initial form the Bush Buddies Bailout was one more Weapon of Mass Deception, a (later, a two-step) public welfare program for wealthy people who game the system. But the problem remains.

What, exactly, went - and continues to go - wrong? What ARE reasonable goals, what are NOT, and how might a more populist government reach good ones?

Jill and I searched, asked friends, and found part of the discussion in the mainline U.S. Press. It is dominated by large corporations, and is quickly becoming a large corporation that reports with bias and too-often avoids reporting. We find the parts they don't want us to find - overseas, in The New York Times and The Washington Post, and in the Alternative Press. Some favorites are: Alternet, Campaign for America's Future, Common Dreams, Daily KOS, Demand Progress, Democracy Now, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Mother Jones, The Nation, Nation of Change, Dan Rather's News&Guts, Politico, The Raw Story, TruthOut, and Russ Baker's But we keep a sense of perspective; know which news is biased, and how.

The more we read, the more we realize that - as much as we want our money back - that is only one of many ways our country is becoming impoverished. Often by corporations, which most definitely are NOT people! (For one thing, these rapacious corporations have no shame.)

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. What I mean by that, is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.
- Rahm Emanuel (Wall Street Journal Weekend Interview, Nov. 7, 2008)

Never waste the opportunities offered by a good crisis.
- Niccolo Machiavelli (Fifteenth Cent. 
Florentine writer and statesman)

Yes, as through this world I've wandered,
  I've seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a six-gun,
  And some with a fountain pen.

And as through your life you travel,
  Yes, as through your life you roam,
You won't never see an outlaw
  Drive a family from their home.

- Woody Guthrie, Dust Bowl Ballads

What is the robbing of a bank compared to the founding of a bank?
- Bertolt Brecht

Yes, We're Corrupt.
A List of Politicians Admitting That Money Controls Politics

It is not particularly easy for one to climb up out of the working-class--especially if he is handicapped by the possession of ideals and illusions.
- What Life Means to Me, by Jack London (1905)

... peace was not in the interest of a stable society, that even if lasting peace "could be achieved, it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of society to achieve it." War was a part of the economy. Therefore, it was necessary to conceive a state of war for a stable economy. The government, the group theorized, would not exist without war, and nation states existed in order to wage war. War served the vital function of diverting collective aggression. They recommended "credible substitutes" and paying a "blood price" to emulate the economic functions of war. Prospective government-devised alternatives to war included reports of alien life-forms, the reintroduction of a "euphemized form" of slavery "consistent with modern technology and political processes", and - one deemed particularly promising in gaining the attention of the malleable masses - the threat of "gross pollution of the environment".
- Wikipedia's summary of The Report From Iron Mountain (1967)

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron.
- U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower (April 16, 1953)

There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.
- John Adams, letter to Jonathan Jackson (2 October 1780), The Works of John Adams, vol 9, p.511.

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless.
-- President Abraham Lincoln (1864 letter to William Fletcher Elkin), or faked in
Caldwell Remedy Company pamphlet (May 10, 1888), or...
         <> (pp. 4-6)

What is this you call property? It cannot be the earth. For the land is our mother, nourishing all her children, beasts, birds, fish, and all men. The woods, the streams, everything on it belongs to everybody and is for the use of all. How can one man say it belongs to him only?
- Massasoit

Only when the last tree has been cut down, only when the last river has been poisoned, only when the last fish has been caught, only then will you realize your money cannot be eaten.
- an old Cree saying? Maybe not; but good.

The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism.
- U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1938

Train communities through all their grades, beginning with individuals and ending there again, to rule themselves.
Walt Whitman

This planet has -- or rather had -- a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn't the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.
- Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (1979)

The Fragile States Index (Fund For Peace)

US National Debt Clock, by Ed Hall

Time Trade Circle (Time Banking in eastern Massachusetts)

Calculated Risk (blog)

The Conscience of a Liberal (NY Times blog by Paul Krugman)

To Build A Better Ballot; an interactive guide to alternative voting systems, by Nicky Case, 2016) (Campaign for America's Future)

The Strange Disappearance of Cooperation in America, by Peter Turchin (Cliodynamica, 2013)

NEW: It’s Official: Watching Fox Makes You Stupider (The Nation, 2012)

NEW:  Losing my religion for equality (Jimmy Carter, July 14, 2009)
"The truth is that male religious leaders have had - and still have - an option to interpret holy teachings either to exalt or subjugate women. They have, for their own selfish ends, overwhelmingly chosen the latter. Their continuing choice provides the foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world. This is in clear violation not just of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, Moses and the prophets, Muhammad, and founders of other great religions - all of whom have called for proper and equitable treatment of all the children of God."

The New Populism (Campaign for America's Future, 2014)

Freethinkers and Libertarianism, by David Niose

NEW: Scientists Are Pro-Testing (Science, 2017)

NEW: Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic Income? (Freakonomics,2016)

NEW: We All Want Healthcare To Cost Much Less  -  But We Are Asking The Wrong Question, by Joe Flowers (Medium, 2017)
"Imagine this: Healthcare  -  the whole system  -  for half as much. Better, more effective. No rationing. Everybody in."

Our Revolution

Angry White House Staffer

GOP Rape Advisory Chart

The Loneliness of Donald Trump; On the Corrosive Privilege of the Most Mocked Man in the World, by Rebecca Solnit

Vote Sleuth: Investigating Democracy

Donald Trump (Vice)

Obamacare 101: Here's what you need to know (Los Angeles Times, 2017)

NEW: The way Donald Trump is handling his job as president (Gallup Poll Daily Data)

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The Whistleblower Who Could Have Prevented 9/11. Why the NSA Shut Down Binney's Life-Saving Work. (Who.What.Why, December 8, 2017)
"Management, seeing a threat to their budget request, decided that it was more important to do the budget than to do the mission."
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Tax experts have finally had a chance to read the Republican tax bill: 'Holy crap!' Daily KOS, December 6, 2017)
'Holy crap': Experts find tax plan riddled with glitches. Some of the provisions could be easily gamed, tax lawyers say. (Politico, December 6, 2017)
The GOP may yet do what the Democrats cannot. Sink the tax bill. (Daily KOS, December 5, 2017)
Trump economic adviser on tax bill: 'It's death to Democrats'.
(Daily KOS, December 5, 2017)
Theresa May's Brexit bubble has been popped by the Irish border (Independent, December 4, 2017)
Proposed Trump-administration rule would protect employers who steal workers' hard-earned tips (Economic Policy Institute, December 4, 2017)
"Under the administration’s proposed rule, as long as the tipped workers earn minimum wage, the employer can legally pocket those tips."
Former RNC Chairman Says GOP Will Pay A Dear Price For Roy Moore In 2018 (Daily KOS, December 4, 2017)
Roy Moore Gets Trump Endorsement and R.N.C. Funding for Senate Race (New York Times, December 4, 2017)
Hedy Lamarr’s Forgotten, Frustrated Career as a Wartime Inventor (New Yorker, December 3, 2017)
US politicos wake up to danger of black-box algorithms shaping all corners of American life (The Register, December 2, 2017))
Senate GOP tax bill passes in major victory for Trump, Republicans, and the wealthy (Washington Post, December 2, 2017)
Senate Republicans' push for massive tax cuts bill has become surreal (Daily KOS, December 1, 2017)

The Men Who Cost Clinton the Election (New York Times, December 1, 2017)
"When one of the best-qualified candidates for the presidency in American history and the first woman to get close to the Oval Office loses to an opponent who had not dedicated a nanosecond of his life to public service and ran a blatantly misogynist campaign, it's hard to conclude that gender didn't play a role."
What does Michael Flynn's plea deal mean for Trump? Here are 4 big questions. (Washington Post, December 2, 2017)
Michael Flynn grew up breaking the rules. It caught up to him as Trump's national security advisor (Los Angeles Times, December 1, 2017)
Robert Mueller Has a Plan. How the special counsel's deal with Michael Flynn neutralizes Trump's pardon power. (Slate, December 1, 2017)
Flynn pleads guilty, is cooperating in Trump campaign probe (AP News, December 1, 2017)
Read Jimmy Kimmel's scathing response to Roy Moore after their 'Twitter war' (Washington Post, December 1, 2017)
Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years (NASA, December 1, 2017)
Rising sea level threatens U.S. nuclear waste dump in Pacific (Digital Journal, November 30, 2017)
Controversial Study Claims 'Smartphone Addiction' Alters the Brain (Inverse, November 30, 2017)
A President Made for a Zombie Apocalypse Media World, by Tom Eng
elhardt (TomDispatch, November 30, 2017)
Flynn flips, Kushner talks, and Trump posts Nazi snuff films (Daily KOS, November 30, 2017)
Community Oncologists Hold Emergency Hill Day to Warn Congress on Medicare Sequester (Yahoo Finance, November 30, 2017)
What Republicans say when asked why their tax bill benefits the rich most of all (Washington Post, November 29, 2017)
Senate GOP campaign arm stole donor data from House Republicans (Politico, November 29, 2017)
Which kind of liar is Mnuchin? A fool or a knave?, by Robert Reich (Dayton Daily News, November 29, 2017)
Days after Project Veritas caught in failed sting, Justice Department uses their video in court (Daily KOS, November 29, 2017)
The Senate's tax bill is a sweeping change to every part of federal health care. It slashes Medicare by billions and will leave millions without insurance. (Vox, November 29, 2017)
NEW: Hacker pleads guilty to huge Yahoo hack, admits helping Russia’s FSB. Three fellow co-defendants remain at large in Russia, unlikely to be extradited. (Ars Technica, November 28, 2017)
Five ways to fix statistics (Nature Journal, November 28, 2017)
Republicans' latest plan to repeal Obamacare's insurance requirement could wreak havoc in some very red states
(Los Angeles Times, November 27, 2017)
Trump makes 'Pocahontas' jab about Elizabeth Warren to elderly Native Americans in ceremony honoring code talkers (Los Angeles Times, November 27, 2017)
Net Neutrality Petition Calls for Ouster of FCC Chairman Pai (Slashdot, November 27,2017)
Mexico promised affordable housing for all. Instead it created many rapidly decaying slums. (Los Angeles Times, November 26, 2017)
Big Tobacco finally tells the truth - in court-ordered ad campaign (NBC News, November 26, 2017)
"Smoking kills 1,200 people a day. The tobacco companies worked to make them as addictive as possible. There is no such thing as a safer cigarette.
If they really wanted a world where people no longer used combustible tobacco, they could do that tomorrow. They could stop selling their deadly products."
Could Collapsing Antarctic Glaciers Raise Sea Levels Sooner Than Expected? (Slashdot, November 26, 2017)
The US and Russia are fighting over the extradition of this hacking mastermind (CNN, November 26, 2017)
FBI didn't tell US targets as Russian hackers hunted emails (Washington Post, November 26, 2017)
Donald Trump Slams CNN International, Touts Loony Conspiracy Website (Yahoo, November 26, 2017)

CNN Fires Back at Trump For Saying Network Represents US 'Poorly': 'That’s Not CNN's Job; It's Yours!' (SeriouslyMedia, November 25, 2017)
NEW: Karima Bennoune: Supporting Muslims who combat terror (Dayton Daily News, November 25, 2017)
Why Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Even as It Fractures His Party (New York Times, November 25, 2017)
Trump taps Mulvaney to head CFPB, sparking confusion over agency's leadership. The announcement comes hours after outgoing Director Richard Cordray appointed Leandra English as deputy director, establishing her as his successor as he steps down. (Politico, November 24, 2017)
What we’ve learned about the North Korean soldier whose daring escape was caught on video (Washington Post, November 24, 2017)
In America, there was a time when even 'Thanksgiving' was a fightin' word (Los Angeles Times, November 23, 2017)
'Keep coming at me guys!!!': Donald Trump Jr. meets Russia scrutiny with defiance (Washington Post, November 23, 2017)
NYC Times Square lights up with Trump's face and a message to the world: IMPEACH (Daily KOS, November 22, 2017)
'Entitled' Beverly Hills parents drive kids' soccer ref to quit: 'I despise you'. Avery Krut pens withering letter explaining his departure, saying parents are 'disrespectful and damaging the children' with their behaviour. (The Guardian, November 22, 2017)
We don’t need to save endangered species. Extinction is part of evolution. The only creatures we should go out of our way to protect are Homo sapiens. (Washington Post, November 22, 2017)
A late change to the Senate GOP tax bill could give big businesses more of a break (Washington Post, November 22, 2017)
FCC explains why public support for net neutrality won't stop repeal (Ars Technica, November 22, 2017)
I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality. (Los Angeles Times, November 22, 2017)

Statement on FCC proposal to roll back net neutrality in the U.S. (Mozilla Blog, November 21, 2017)
"If the FCC votes to roll back these net neutrality protections, they would end the internet as we know it, harming every day users and small businesses, eroding free speech, competition, innovation and user choice in the process."
Trump backs Roy Moore despite alleged sexual misconduct: 'He denies it' (Los Angeles Times, November 21, 2017)
NEW: Where Brexit Hurts: The Nurses and Doctors Leaving London (New York Times, November 21, 2017)
Ice Apocalypse - Rapid collapse of Antarctic glaciers could flood coastal cities by the end of this century. (Grist, November 21, 2017)
The driverless revolution may exact a political price (Los Angeles Times, November 21, 2017)

Sugar industry sponsorship [and suppression] of germ-free rodent studies linking sucrose to hyperlipidemia and cancer: An historical analysis of internal documents. (PLOS|Biology, November 21, 2017)
A Stanford professor didn't just debate his scientific critics — he sued them for $10 million
(Los Angeles Times, November 21, 2017)
Bipartisan Harvard panel recommends hacking safeguards for elections (Reuters, November 20, 2017)
(Its recommendations are in the Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook.)
GOP Tax Bill Is The End Of All Economic Sanity In Washington (Forbes, November 19, 2017)

Why non-evangelicals should pay attention to evangelical politics (Deseret News, November 18, 2017)
NEW: Chairman of conservative group with major role in picking Trump judicial nominees proposes court-packing scheme. They aren't even being subtle. (ThinkProgress, November 17, 2017)
NEW: Life under Kim Jong Un (Washington Post, November 17, 2017)
Tesla's EV Truck announcement, and Further t
houghts from a former fleet owner (Daily KOS, November 17, 2017)
Papadopoulos claimed Trump phone call and larger campaign role
(Politico, November 17, 2017)
Why Trump won’t touch the Moore harassment scandal
(Politico, November 17, 2017)
I'm a feminist. I study rape culture. And I don't want Al Franken to resign. (Washington Post, November 17, 2017)
'Al Franken kissed and groped me without my consent,' Leeann Tweeden says. The senator apologized.
(Washington Post, November 16, 2017)
Annie Proulx's Great (If Gloomy) National Book Award Speech (Vulture, November 16, 2017)
NEW: Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet. 40 percent of Detroit residents don't have any access to internet at all. (Motherboard, November 16, 2017)
October Scorches Records in the Northeastern USA (NASA, November 16,2017)
Keystone Pipeline leaks at least 210,000 gallons of oil (KSFY News, November 16, 2017)
Republicans have a nice little tax break for private jets squeezed into their tax cuts (Daily KOS, November 16, 2017)
Trump's community liaison for Homeland Security hates blacks and Muslims and said so publicly (Daily KOS, November 16, 2017)
Roy Moore's Disingenuous Defense (New Yorker, November 16, 2017)
NRSC poll: Moore trails Jones by 12 (Politico, November 15, 2017)

Tax payers have spent $15 million on harassment settlements for Congress over the last 10-15 years (Daily KOS, November 15, 2017)
US scientists try 1st gene editing in the body - not CRISPR (Associated Press, November 15, 2017)

A-OK in Oklahoma: Democrats flip their 14th special election from red to blue on Tuesday (Daily KOS, November 15, 2017)
Fox News's Shepard Smith debunks his network's favorite Hillary Clinton 'scandal,' infuriates viewers (Washington Post, November 15, 2017)
Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt Goes There: VP Pence is a "Titanic Fraud," and "Nonstop Liar." (Daily KOS, November 14, 2017)
Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments "To Finance Election Campaign Of 2016" (Buzzfeed, November 14, 2017)
(Probably, for overseas voting in Russia's Duma election campaign of 2016.)
Jeff Sessions just offered the Trump team's latest spin on Russia (Washington Post, November 14, 2017)
Exploiting tragedy, heartless Republicans seek to privatize Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria (Daily KOS, November 14, 2017)
Roy Moore's Wife Recycles Old Endorsement From Alabama Pastors (Huffington Post, November 14, 2017)
The Making of an American Nazi. How did Andrew Anglin go from being an anti-racist vegan to the alt-right’s most vicious troll and propagandist - and how might he be stopped? (The Atlantic, November 14, 2017)
Fix a surveillance law to stop backdoor searches of Americans
(Los Angeles Times, November 13, 2017)
Guns, candy, and common sense (
Metrowest News, November 12, 2017)
Tax plans, health care and kakistocracies
(Metrowest News, November 12, 2017)
It's only TV, so don’t get your hopes up (Metrowest News, November 12, 2017)
Russia’s mark: A dangerous fool for a president (Washington Post, November 12, 2017)
NEW: Roy Moore? Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows, but Jesus. Not this. (New American Journal, November 12, 2017)
Roy Moore's alleged pursuit of a young girl is the symptom of a larger problem in evangelical circles (Los Angeles Times, November 10, 2017)
NEW: Chief Economic Advisor to Trump: "The most excited group out there are big CEOs, about our tax plan." A CEO’s Perspective (LinkedIn, November 10, 2017)
NEW: How Donald Trump Is Remaking the Federal Courts in His Own Image (Motherboard, November 9, 2017)
Spies Suspect Kremlin Is Pushing Dozens of Fake Trump Sex Tapes (Observer, November 9, 2017)
The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Paper; Barbara Simons believes there is only one safe voting technology. (The Atlantic, November 9, 2017)
"The problem with cybersecurity is that you have to protect against everything, but your opponent only has to find one vulnerability."
Why do we believe in gods? Religious belief 'not linked to intuition or rational thinking' (Science Daily, November 8, 2017)
Maine's governor wants to ignore the will of voters. He's not alone.
(Washington Post, November 8, 2017)
Facebook has a history of breaking things — now maybe democracy (Vice, November 8, 2017)
Equifax says it owns all its data about you: 'This is part of the way the economy works' (Washington Post, November 8, 2017)
Exit poll results: How different groups of Virginians voted
(Washington Post, November 8, 2017)
Hate lost and diversity won on Election Day in Virginia and around the nation (Daily KOS, November 8, 2017)
Trumpism Without Trump: A Losing Formula in Swing-State Virginia (New York Times, November 7, 2017)
Two words in the GOP tax bill mean tens of billions for the superwealthy (Washington Post, November 7, 2017)
What Russian Revolution? (New York Times, November 7, 2017)
What If the Russian Revolution Had Never Happened? (New York Times, November 6, 2017)
Who wins biggest in the GOP tax plan? The lazy rich. (Washington Post, November 6, 2017)
Wealthy layabouts will find a lot to like in the GOP tax-reform proposal."
Cost of wind keeps dropping, and there’s little coal, nuclear can do to stop it. An annual look at the costs of generating power. (Ars Technica, November 6, 2017)
How 2 men in a truck chased down the Texas church shooter (Boston Globe, November 6, 2017)
Post-ABC poll: Voters favor Democrats over Republicans in 2018 House midterms by widest margin in years (Washington Post, November 6, 2017)
Everything you need to know about the massive Paradise Papers leak (Vice, November 5, 2017)
Did Jared Kushner just secure his family's real-estate empire by facilitating a palace coup in Saudi Arabia?
(Daily KOS, November 5, 2017)
Saudi Arabia's crown prince is acting like Putin
(Washington Post, November 5, 2017)
Saudi Prince, Asserting Power, Brings Clerics to Heel (New York Times, November 5, 2017)
An arrest in Saudi Arabia could be felt as far as Silicon Valley and Wall Street (Los Angeles Times, November 5, 2017)
What Doomsday Cults Can Teach Us About ISIS Today (New York Times, November 5, 2017)
One year later: Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and others on the 2016 election and what it wrought (Los Angeles Times, November 5, 2017)
At least nine people in Trump's orbit had contact with Russians during campaign and transition (Washington Post, November 5, 2017)
The iPhone X cracked on the first drop (CNet, November 4, 2017)
The Disappearing American Grad Student (New York Times, November 3, 2017)
Joy Ann Reid unleashes 42 tweets about the 'rigged' DNC—that all sides may want to read (Daily KOS, November 3, 2017)
Inside story: How Russians hacked the Democrats' emails (Associated Press, November 3, 2017)
In new interview, Trump openly rages at checks on his authoritarianism (Washington Post, November 3, 2017)
Trump's push for inquiries challenges Justice Dept. independence. By going after political opponents for prosecution, the president risks a major breach of protocol. (Politico, November 3, 2017)
Trump speaks, but prosecutors may not listen (Washington Post, November 2, 2017)
Goodbye, Katie Lee (Naseem Rakha, November 2, 2017)
NEW: Persuading Terrorist Cowards (Scott Adams' Blog, November 1, 2017)
NEW: The other huge scandal Mueller brought to light this week (Washington Post, November 1, 2017)
Chuck Schumer hits back as Trump responds to New York attack with anti-immigrant tweets (Daily KOS, November 1, 2017)
You KNOW the News Cycle is Gonzo When the Possible Collapse of NK's Nuclear Threat Is Hardly Noted (Daily KOS, November 1, 2017)
Tunnel collapse may have killed 200 after North Korea nuclear test: Japanese broadcaster (Reuters, October 31, 2017)
Kushner redevelopment plan for 666 Fifth Ave. deemed 'not feasible' by partner (Washington Post, October 31, 2017)
Wyden's FISA Reform Bill Would Also Deter Misuse Of NSA Powers To Compel Tech Company Assistance (TechDirt, October 31, 2017)
Trump and his allies are laying the groundwork for a Saturday Night Massacre (Washington Post, October 31, 2017)
The repeated, incorrect claim that Russia obtained '20 percent of our uranium' (Washington Post, October 31, 2017)
A week of Fox News transcripts shows how they began questioning Mueller’s credibility. The data shows how this storyline developed. (Vox, October 31, 2017)
Sarah Sanders just danced by a question that's going to be a huge part of Mueller's investigation (Daily KOS, October 31, 2017)
Russian content on Facebook, Google and Twitter reached 126-million users, not 10-million, congressional testimony says (Washington Post, October 30, 2017)
NEW: 'Facebook is listening to me': Why this conspiracy theory refuses to die (Telegraph UK, October 30, 2017)
Climate change fueling disasters, disease in 'potentially irreversible' ways, new Lancet report warns
(Washington Post, October 30, 2017)
How the Republic starts to fall (Washington Post, October 30, 2017)
What a presidential president would have said about Mueller's indictments
(Washington Post, October 30, 2017)
Trump is 'very intelligent.' Just ask him (Los Angeles Times, October 30,2017)
The bombshell in Robert Mueller's indictments
(Washington Post, October 30, 2017)
Mueller Has 'Dozens' of Sealed Indictments, Including On Donald Trump (Patribotics, October 29, 2017)
Robert Mueller's Office Will Serve First Indictment Monday, Sources Confirm
(New York Times, October 28, 2017)
NEW: Why Roy Moore's Law-School Professor Nicknamed Him Fruit Salad (New Yorker, October 26, 2017)
The Week Trump Won (New York Times, October 26, 2017)
Republican Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar's seven siblings post public letter denouncing their brother's racist rant (Daily KOS, October 24, 2017)
The Danger of President Pence (New Yorker, October 23, 2017)
NEW: Senate committee to debate renewal of FISA surveillance law in closed hearing (Washington Times, October 23, 2017)
NEW: Why People Ignore the Science Behind the Climate Crisis (and What You Can Do). If over 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and caused by humans, why is there a divide among Americans? These two psychological concepts may be part of the answer. (Climate Reality Project, October 23, 2017)
NEW: Rachel Maddow's Brilliant Analysis of the Niger Attack Turns Fox News Heads to Mush (Daily KOS, October 22, 2017)
Niger Ambush Came After "Massive Intelligence Failure," Source Says (NBC News, October 21, 2017)
Bike ride turns to fearful encounter with police (Oklahoma City Free Press, October 21, 2017)
Will We Ever Return to Normal After Trump? (Vanity Fair, October 20, 2017)
Pentagon investigating troubling questions after deadly Niger ambush (Los Angeles Times, October 19, 2017)
Discovery of 50km cave raises hopes for human colonisation of Moon (Guardian, October 19, 2017)
Hundreds of Mysterious Stone "Gates" Found in Saudi Arabia’s Desert (New York Times, October 19, 2017)
BU: More permissive concealed-carry laws linked to higher homicide rates (EurekAlert, October 19, 2017)
Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio, but the court just refused to erase his crimes from the record (Daily KOS, October 19, 2017)
NEW: Details Emerge Of World's Biggest Facial Recognition Surveillance System, Aiming To Identify Any Chinese Citizen In Three Seconds (TechDirt, October 18, 2017)
"This is very alarming!": Flying insects vanish from nature preserves
(Washington Post, October 18, 2017)
Does Trump want to destroy our health-care system? He can’t seem to decide.
(Washington Post, October 18, 2017)
John McCain flattens Fox News reporter: "Why would you ask something that dumb?" (Washington Post, October 18, 2017)
FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow (The Hill, October 17, 2017)
NEW: Congress Must Counter Trump’s Recklessness on Iran By Upholding the Nuclear Deal (OR Books, October 17, 2017)
North Korean Nuclear Tests Close Chinese Ski Area (Outside Online, October 17, 2017)
There's a hospital ship waiting for sick Puerto Ricans -- but no one knows how to get on it (CNN, October 17, 2017)
Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay (UK Ch.4 News, Octob
er 17, 2017)
NEW: The Kushners Are at Risk of Losing Control of Their Prized 666 Fifth Avenue Property, Report Claims (Fortune, October 17, 2017)
Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History (Krebs On Security, October 17, 2017)
U.S. makes renewable energy software open source (Red Hat, October 17, 2017)
U.S. Senator John McCain's Remarks At The 2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony (Medium, October 16, 2017)
To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain 'the last best hope of earth' for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history."
Stress-Testing American Democracy: Nine Months of President Trump (New Yorker, October 16, 2017)
As California burns, Trump displays little interest. Devastation on the West Coast isn't the only crisis that Trump has overlooked. (Think Progress, October 16,
Why Trump Accused Obama of Not Consoling Families of Fallen Soldiers (The Atlantic, October 16, 2017)
"The president touched off a brief firestorm with the unfounded charge, but real answers about why four service members were killed in Niger remain elusive."
Donald Trump Blames Everyone But Himself for Failed Campaign Promises, in Bizarre Statement (Newsweek,
October 16, 2017)
Trump's Cabinet is the absolute best of all time. Ever. (Washington Post, October 16, 2017)
Trump's unpopularity has been massively underplayed in the media' (Daily KOS, October 16, 2017)
Update Every Device - This KRACK Hack Kills Your Wi-Fi Privacy (Forbes, October 16, 2017)
Protecting the power grid from cyberattacks (Worcester Telegram, October 15, 2017)
Trump administration unveils the 'Fetal 14th Amendment' (Daily KOS, October 15, 2017)
Trump is coming unraveled - and Republicans know it: Robert Reich (Raw Story, October 14, 2017)
The Republican civil war is spreading (The Week, October 13, 2017)
An Anti-Anti-Abortion Walk
(Daily KOS, October 13, 2017)
Trump took the healthcare system hostage, now he has ransom demands
(Daily KOS, October 13, 2017)
New Jersey Republican hits the panic button on Trump's Obamacare sabotage
(Daily KOS, October 13, 2017)
Desperate Puerto Ricans are drinking water from a hazardous-waste site (CNN, October 13, 2017)
How the Pentagon Spun Hurricane Maria (Bloomberg News, October 13, 2017)
"Puerto Rico Deniers" Is Now a Thing Thanks to Massive Disinformation Campaign
(Daily KOS, October 13, 2017)
US officials privately acknowledge serious food shortages in Puerto Rico
(Daily KOS, October 13, 2017)
Roy Moore's successful crusade to keep segregation in Alabama's constitution (Daily KOS, October 13, 2017)
Manafort Had $60 Million Relationship With a Russian Oligarch (NBC News, October 13, 2017)
Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms (CNN, October 13, 2017)
Former Wharton Professor: "Donald Trump Was the Dumbest Goddam Student I Ever Had."
(Daily KOS, October 12, 2017)
I went to school with the Vegas shooter (Greg Palast, October 13, 2017)
What drove Las Vegas shooter to kill? We don't know, and it drives us crazy (Los Angeles Times, October 12, 2017)
Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? (New York Times, October 11, 2017)
"Parents, therapists and schools are struggling to figure out whether helping anxious teenagers means protecting them or pushing them to face their fears."
Charlottesville Victim Charged For Being Beaten By Six Nazis While Black (Daily KOS, October 11, 2017)
The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About (Intercept, October 11, 2017)
Congress' pharmacist hints some members have Alzheimer's, backpedals furiously (Ars Tecnica, October 11, 2017)
"I Hate Everyone in the White House!": Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is "Unraveling" (Vanity Fair, October 11, 2017)
Trump says he wants nukes 'in perfect shape' and calls First Amendment rights 'frankly disgusting' (Daily KOS, October 11, 2017)
NEW: BNP to Halt Shale Oil Financing, Expand Funds for Renewables (Bloomberg, October 11,2017)
A Giant, Mysterious Hole Has Opened Up in Antarctica (Motherboard, October 10, 2017)

Utah Officer Fired For Arrest Of Nurse, Recorded On Video (NPR, October 10, 2017)
How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets (New York Times, October 10, 2017)
Anytime Trump wants to take that IQ test, Mensa is ready to help (Boston Globe, October 10, 2017)
Donald Trump swears he is not a moron, challenges secretary of state to IQ test (Daily KOS, October 10, 2017)
(See the Haaretz article of October 6 and the Salon article of September 12, 2017, below. --Dick)
NEW: The DOJ's new "religious liberty" memo pushes religious freedom to its limits (Vox, October 9, 2017)
FEMA: Not our job to distribute food and water in Puerto Rico (Rachel Maddow, October 9, 2017)
American Kakistocracy. There’s a case to be made that the United States is governed by the least scrupulous of its citizens. (The Atlantic, October 9, 2017)
A 'pressure cooker': Trump's frustration and fury rupture alliances, threaten agenda (Washington Post, October 9, 2017)

Where Republican senators stand on President Trump (Washington Post, October 9, 2017)

Mike Pence explains how his one minute football visit actually saved America money
(Daily KOS, October 9, 2017)
Mike Pence spent a million dollars to watch one minute of a football game - and you paid for it (Daily KOS, October 9, 2017)
If you have this security software, remove it RIGHT NOW (Kim Komando, October 9, 2017)
(Says to dump proprietary Russian software for proprietary Microsoft software? No mention of open-source Linux, Clam Anti-virus used on big servers, etc. Can such things be? --Dick Miller)
Google uncovers Russian-bought ads on YouTube, Gmail and other platforms (Washington Post, October 9, 2017)
Trump Brags About His Poor, Stupid Supporters Paying His Legal Bills (Daily KOS, October 8, 2017)
SF 49ers Safety Eric Reid on Pence's Publicity Stunt: "This is What Systemic Oppression Looks Like" (Daily KOS, October 8, 2017)
NEW: Death of A Salesman: Puerto Rico's looming mental health crisis post-Maria. (Daily KOS, October 8, 2017)
Las Vegas was not the worst mass killing in American history: A history lesson (Daily KOS, October 6, 2017)
Don't Call It 'Toxic Masculinity.' They’re Sociopathic Baby-Men. (The Cut, October 6, 2017)
Analysis: Is Trump Really a 'Moron,' as Tillerson Said, or Just Racist and Obnoxious? (Haaretz, October 6, 2017)
"From Puerto Rico to Russiagate, Trump has proven his propensity to shoot himself in the foot."
GOP lawmaker Tim Murphy to resign (The Hill, October 5, 2017)
Interior Department whistleblower resigns, bipartisan former appointees object to Zinke's statements (Washington Post, October 6, 2017)
Russian government hackers used antivirus software to steal U.S. cyber capabilities (Washington Post, October 5, 2017)
G.O.P. Leaders Say Rapid-Fire Device May Be Worth a Ban (New York Times,, October 4, 2017)
Thoughts and Prayers and N.R.A. Funding (New York Times, October 4, 2017)
A tale of two Puerto Ricos: What Trump saw — and what he didn’t (Washington Post, October 4, 2017)
As Trump travels to Puerto Rico, the White House leaks their strategy (Daily KOS, October 3, 2017)
Foreign government code reviews 'problematic': top White House cyber official (Reuters, October 3, 2017)
NEW: Las Vegas Shooter Was Known To Verbally Abuse His Girlfriend In Public. Treating a loved one like dirt is something he shared with other mass killers. (Huffington Post, October 3, 2017)
We prefer catastrophe, by Tom Toles (Washington Post, October 2, 2017)
NEW: Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts (Vox, October 2, 2017)
Fully automatic weapons aren't illegal—and there are thousands around Las Vegas (Daily KOS, October 2, 2017)
At least 50 dead, more than 400 injured after shooting on Las Vegas Strip
(Washington Post, October 2, 2017)
Witnesses recount N. Korean leader's brother's last moments (Washington Post, October 2, 2017)
Facebook's Russia-Linked Ads Came in Many Disguises (New York Times, October 2, 2017)
HP Enterprise let Russia scrutinize cyberdefense system used by Pentagon (Reuters, October 1, 2017)

An Appalled Conservative Wants Sympathy (Daily KOS, October 1, 2017)
Robert Reich: Trump's Do Nothing Presidency Is Irrelevant (Newsweek, October 1, 2017)
Trump Takes On All Comers, Believing Himself the Victor
(New York Times, October 1, 2017)
Recent Released Audio: Trump Mocks a Dying Man, Proving He's A Sociopath (Daily KOS, October 1, 2017)
Trump Says Tillerson Is 'Wasting His Time' on North Korea (New York Times, October 1, 2017)
Why Kim Jong Un is alienating China
(Washington Post, October 1, 2017)
A North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with a huge cache of weapons destined for a surprising buyer (Washington Post, October 1, 2017)
Betsy DeVos faces absolutely stunning 'silent' protest at Harvard (Daily KOS, September 30, 2017)
NEW: The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Will Let Women Drive - and It's Not About Women's Rights (Haaretz, September 28, 2017)
"Ending the driving ban for women is likely to save families billions of dollars, boost industries from car sales to insurance, and reassure investors Saudi Arabia can diversify its economy."
Trump Waives Jones Act for Puerto Rico, Easing Hurricane Aid Shipments (New York Times, September 28, 2017)
Puerto Rico's aid is trapped in thousands of shipping containers (CNN, September 28, 2017)
Trump’s bizarre fantasy about why Obamacare isn't being repealed (Washington Post, September 28, 2017)
Michelle Obama: "Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice" (Boston Globe, September 27, 2017)
Reefpoint Brew House co-owner suggests killing kneeling NFL players in Facebook comment (Racine Journal Times, September 27, 2017)
Roy Moore’s Alabama Victory Sets Off Talk of a G.O.P. Insurrection
(New York Times, September 27, 2017)
Trump Tax Plan Benefits Wealthy, Including Trump (New York Times, September 27, 2017)
Late-September heat wave leaves climate experts stunned. "Never been a heat wave of this duration and magnitude this late in the season," reports NOAA (Think Progress, September 27, 2017)
SOS Puerto Rico: Federal Government Completely Disorganized; Supplies Rot In Port. (Daily KOS, September 27, 2017)
Trump Air sits idle as billionaires and celebrities lend private planes for Puerto Rico relief (Daily KOS, September 27, 2017)
Trump Weighs Waiving Law Barring Foreign Ships From Delivering Aid to Puerto Rico. The Jones Act has been waived following past natural disasters (Walll Street Journal, September 27, 2017)
U.S. says no need for Puerto Rico shipping waiver (Reuters, September 26, 2017)
Puerto Rico is being treated like a colony after Hurricane Maria. Help never comes to the U.S. territory as quickly as it's needed. (Washington Post, September 26, 2017)
Eight is great: Democrats flip SECOND Republican seat in one night for eighth pickup of the cycle (Daily KOS, September 26, 2017)
Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, said Republicans would not move ahead with a vote on the latest plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. (New York Times, September 26, 2017)
With lower stakes, Sanders and Klobuchar debate sponsors of GOP bill to repeal Affordable Care Act (Washington Post, September 26, 2017)
Watch highlights from CNN's health care debate (CNN, September 26, 2017)
Sanders Wins The Debate: Open, Middle and Close (Daily KOS, September 25, 2017)
The Century-Old Jones Act - The Law Strangling Puerto Rico (New York Times, September 25, 2017)
Trapped by Their Own Lies, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, September 25, 2017)
"The bill for cynicism seems to be coming due. For years, flat-out lies about policy served Republicans well, helping them win back control of Congress and, eventually, the White House. But those same lies now leave them unable to govern."
A Trump judicial pick said transgender children are proof that "Satan's plan is working" (Washington Post, September 25, 2017)
Is Trump All Talk on North Korea? The Uncertainty Sends a Shiver
(New York Times, September 24, 2017)
Avoid another Trump: Robert Reich explains a faster way to abolish the Electoral College
(Daily KOS, September 24, 2017)
Football legend Terry Bradshaw RIPS into Trump (Daily KOS, September 24, 2017)
"I didn't serve, so that these SOB's could protest!"
(Daily KOS, September 23, 2017)
NEW: U.S. government notifies 21 states of election hacking attempts (CBC News, September 22, 2017)
The most dangerous and violent narcotics cartel the world has ever seen (
Daily KOS,  September 22,  2017)
Behind New Obamacare Repeal Vote: 'Furious' G.O.P. Donors (New York Times, September 22, 2017)
State Dept. spokeswoman calls Russian election meddling 'clear' right after Trump called it a hoax (Daily KOS,  September 22,  2017)
Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea's leader personally before his fiery U.N. address (Los Angeles Times, September 22, 2017)
Amid new sanctions, Trump calls North Korea's leader 'madman' whose regime will face new tests (Washington Post, September 22, 2017)
Kim’s Rejoinder to Trump’s Rocket Man: 'Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard' (New York Times, September 21, 2017)
North Korea planning to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean after Donald Trump vowed to 'totally destroy' Kim Jong-un's rogue state (Daily Mail, September 21, 2017)
"North Korea is planning to test a powerful hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean."
"Threat comes after Donald Trump vowed to 'totally destroy' the rogue state."
"Kim Jong-un called Mr Trump 'mentally deranged' when he spoke at the UN."
"I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire."
"(It) could be the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb in the Pacific."
GOP gubernatorial candidate attacks rival with stolen photo of gang from El Salvador (Think Progress, September 21, 2017)

NEW: Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For (Bloomberg, September 21, 2017)
"The company’s operation in Michigan reveals how it’s dominated the industry by going into economically depressed areas with lax water laws."
Will Trump's 'Rocket Man' speech lead us to war? (Los Angeles Times, September 20,2017)
Details behind the raid on Manafort's house show that Mueller really is 'following the money' (Daily KOS, September 20, 2017)
Thresholds of catastrophe in the Earth system, by Dan Rothman of MIT, et al (Science Advances, September 20, 2017)
Neil deGrasse Tyson
on CNN: The impact of climate change  (YouTube, September 20, 2017)
For weeks, Equifax customer service has been directing victims to a fake phishing site (The Verge, September 20, 2017)
How Harvard helps its richest and most arrogant students get ahead (Washington Post, September 19, 2017)
Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees (New York Times, September 18, 2017)
Study: 5,000 'Dieselgate' deaths in Europe per year (, September 18, 2017)
'Excommunicate me from the church of social justice': an activist's plea for change (CBC, September 17, 2017)
Trump crosses yet another line on Twitter days before U.N. address (Los Angeles Times, September 17, 2017)
America’s slow-motion military coup (Boston Globe, September 16, 2017)
"Many Americans find this reassuring. They are so disgusted by the corruption and shortsightedness of our political class that they turn to soldiers as an alternative. It is a dangerous temptation."
Sedentary Lifestyle Study Called 'A Raging Dumpster Fire'; Coca-Cola wants you to ignore sugar (Ars Technica, September 16, 2017)
(Also see "Poor Diet" at Sept. 14, below.)
27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts assess President Trump's mental health (Change, September 16, 2017)
Cassini's Saturn Mission Goes Out In A Blaze Of Glory (NPR, September 15, 2017)

Equifax hired a music major as chief security officer and she has just retired (Market Watch, September 15, 2017)
The 'Antifa' group claiming they protested Red Sox game are actually right wingers (Daily KOS, September 15, 2017)
Doctors of Deception: Diploma Mills (Ask Bob Rankin, September 15, 2017)
The Internet has made a lot of things easier. But unfortunately, fraud is one of them."
Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths, global disease study reveals (Guardian, September 14, 2017)
Mystery of sonic weapon attacks at US embassy in Cuba deepens.
(Guardian, September 14, 2017)
At least some of the incidents were confined to certain rooms with laser-like specificity, and some victims now have problems recalling specific words."
After Equifax Hack, Consumers Are On Their Own. Here Are 6 Tips To Protect Your Data (NPR, September 14, 2017)

NEW: Brain-Machine Interface Isn't Sci-Fi Anymore (Wired, September 13, 2017)
NEW: Secret State; A journey into the heart of North Korea (CNN, September 13, 2017)

Solar now costs 6¢ per kilowatt-hour, beating government goal by 3 years. Cost goals met, the DOE is moving on to address grid reliability in solar.  (Ars Technica, September 13, 2017)
Why is the Media Pretending the New Census Report is so Good? Working folks are still getting screwed. Especially black and Latino families,
by Chuck Collins (The Other 98%, September 13, 2017)
NEW: A Problem Much Bigger Than Putin (New York Times, September 12, 2017)
NEW: Steve Bannon Has a Nazi Problem (Vanity Fair, September 12, 2017)
Master debater Ted Cruz blames his 'staff' for porn tweet (Daily KOS, September 12, 2017)
(Follow up by reading
Ted Cruz Doesn’t Believe You Have the Right to Masturbate, from 2016.)
NEW: Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes: Donald Trump is a "sociopath" and "a very sick individual" (Salon, September 12, 2017)
The Road to Zero Wealth; How the racial wealth divide is hollowing out America's middle class (Institute for Policy Studies, September 11, 2017)
The folly of paying Americans to live in harm's way (MetroWest Daily News, September 11, 2017)
NEW: Trump Admits President Obama Was Right About "Rising Seas" (Daily KOS, September 9, 2017)
NEW: Dragonfly malware can sting (MetroWest Daily News, September 8, 2017)
After telling FL residents not to leave because hurricanes are a climate hoax, Limbaugh evacuates FL (Daily KOS, September 8, 2017)
NEW: Maddow's breakdown on Facebook revelations and their ramifications for Jared Kushner are a must-see (Daily KOS, September 8, 2017)
NEW: The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election (New York Times, September 7, 2017)
Stephen Colbert Forces Bernie Sanders to Say Something Nice About Trump (
13 min.; YouTube, September 7, 2017)
The First White President; The foundation of Donald Trump’s presidency is the negation of Barack Obama’s legacy, by Ta-Nehisi Coates The Atlantic, September 7, 2017)
Trump and Democrats deal: What was the president thinking? (BBC News, September 7, 2017)
Trump is doing to the Dreamers what was done to him (CNN, September 6, 2017)
Dan Rather Just Gave The Perfect Response To Trump Ending DACA (Occupy Democrats, September 5, 2017)
Irma reaches 185 mph, trailing only Allen as strongest Atlantic storm. 2017 is quickly becoming a season for the record books with Harvey and now Irma. (Ars Technica, September 5, 2017)
The bad news is that fish are eating lots of plastic. Even worse, they may like it. (Washington Post, September 4,2017)
Trump's narcissism is poisoning America (The Week, August 31, 2017)
Hurricane Harvey Energy Crisis Could Be Nightmare For U.S. Economy (Forbes, August 30, 2017)
New study: We’re outpacing the most radical climate event we know of. Lots of carbon got dumped into the atmosphere 56 million years ago. (Ars Technica, August 30, 2017)
NEW: How Harvey exposes America's dangerously dilapidated infrastructure (The Week, August 29, 2017)
Breakthrough Listen Detects Repeating Fast Radio Bursts from the Distant Universe (Breakthrough Initiatives, August 29, 2017)
The Role of Finance in Our Structural-Demographic Crisis, by Peter Turchin (Cliodynamica, August 28, 2017)
Republicans are asking a horrific question: Is our president insane? (Los Angeles Times, August 28, 2017)
Top Trump Organization executive asked Putin aide for help on business deal (Washington Post, August 28, 2017)
Trump signed letter of intent for Russian tower during campaign, lawyer says (ABC News, August 28, 2017)
Mexico saved American lives after Katrina. Will Trump accept its aid after Harvey? (Washington Post, August 28, 2017)
Ted Cruz blusters when asked why he opposed Hurricane Sandy relief then, but wants Harvey relief now (Daily KOS, August 28, 2017)
How global warming likely made Harvey much worse, explained by a climatologist (Vox, August 28, 2017)
Did Climate Change Intensify Hurricane Harvey? (The Atlantic, August 27, 2017)
"The human contribution can be up to 30 percent or so of the total rainfall coming out of the storm."
I'm a black daughter of the Confederacy, and this is how we should deal with all those General Lees, by Lisa Richardson (Los Angeles Times, August 27, 2017)
"Most of the statues, as has been widely discussed, were erected long after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox. They were hoisted into view to assert white dominance at specific points in time when African Americans gained a measure of political influence - during Reconstruction and the civil rights era. With the bronzes came domestic terrorism, lynchings, bombings and cross burnings. The current uptick in neo-Nazi and white supremacist activity was entirely predictable. With clockwork precision it surged at the time of the nation’s first African American president."
Trump is shedding supporters like no other president in modern history
(Washington Post, August 27, 2017)
Why Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio isn’t like most presidential pardons (Washington Post, August 26, 2017)
Trump pardons former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
(Washington Post, August 25, 2017)
NEW: Fox’s The Five: CNN Promotes 'Leftist Agenda' By Talking Climate Change During Hurricane Harvey Coverage (Crooks and Liars, August 25, 2017))
At CIA, a watchful eye on Mike Pompeo, the president’s ardent ally (Washington Post, August 24, 2017)
Open Letter to Louise Linton About Angels and Humanity, by
Richard Eskow (Our Future, August 24, 2017)
Professor Daniel Kammen, Trump’s science envoy, quits in scathing letter with an embedded message: I-M-P-E-A-C-H (Washington Post, August 23, 2017)
Federal judge tosses out Texas voter ID law supported by Trump administration (Los Angeles Times, August 23, 2017)
Check out the photos and video of Donald Trump's pathetically small crowd in Phoenix
(Daily KOS, August 23, 2017)
As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned (Washington Post, August 23, 2017)
About That "Blacks For Trump" Guy Standing Behind Trump At The Phoenix Rally.... (Daily KOS, August 23, 2017)
'I don’t know how it got this bad': Trump supporters and protesters meet in Phoenix (Washington Post, August 23, 2017)
Growing role of artificial intelligence in our lives is 'too important to leave to men' (The Conversation, August 22, 2017)
Bannon's Breitbart tears into Trump after Afghanistan speech (Politico, August 22, 2017)
NEW: Solar Eclipse (Bangor Police Department, August 20, 20170)
"Bring a colander." (We did.)
Boston's 'Free Speech' Rally Goes Bust vs. 40,000 Protesters (Daily Beast, August 19, 2017)
Anti-racism protesters totally eclipsed Boston's right-wing Free Speech rally (Vox, August 19, 2017)
Bannon Backed By Billionaire Prepares To Go To War (Daily KOS, August 18, 2017)

Thousands Expected to Attend Boston Protests of Right-Wing Rally (NBC News, August 18, 2017)
 Don't fall for the White House spin on Stephen Bannon's ouster, by Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post, August 18, 2017)
The Week When President Trump Resigned, by Frank Bruni (New York Times, August 18, 2017)
Trump Makes Caligula Look Pretty Good, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, August 18, 2017)
A weak, incompetent president (Daily KOS, August 18, 2017)
Romney calls for Trump to apologize after Charlottesville comments (Boston Globe, August 18, 2017)
Robert E. Lee discouraged monuments. They ‘keep open the sores of war,’ he wrote. (Washington Post, August 18, 2017)
Stop telling me to get over slavery...when you can't get over monuments to slavers. (Al Jazeera, August 18, 2017))
(also see: The Myth of The Kindly General Lee (The Atlantic, June 4,2017)
James Murdoch, FOX Chairman, throws Trump under the bus (Daily KOS, August 17, 2017)
How A German City Found An Absolutely Genius Way Of Handling Neo-Nazis (Huffington Post, August 17, 2017)
If nothing else, Trump's helping lawyers, by
Ann McFeatters (Tribune News Service, August 16, 2017)
Procter and Gamble’s new anti-racism ad is roiling white America (Quartz, August 16, 2017)
White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests. Some don't like what they find (Stat, August 16, 2017)
KKK Grand Dragon Says He's 'Glad That Girl Died' During Charlottesville Rally. "I think there will be more violence like this in the future to come.” (Huffington Post, August 16, 2017)
Who was responsible for the violence in Charlottesville? Here's what witnesses say (Los Angeles Times, August 15, 2017)
Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Antifa: A Glossary of Extremist Language
(New York Times, August 15, 2017)
The New York Times Confirms Trump Is Not Only A Racist In Public, But 'In Private.' (Daily KOS, August 15, 2017)
Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost (New York Times, August 15, 2017)
Trump retweets racists, fascists, and the man who held up a 'Rape Melania' sign (Daily KOS, August 15, 2017)

Robopocalypse Not (Wired, August 15, 2017)
On July 12th, U.S. Dept. of Justice demanded 1.3-million IP addresses related to Trump resistance site (The Hill, August 14, 2017)
(also see, We Fight for the Users -, August 14, 2017)
Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War? (New Yorker, August 14, 2017)
Mines concluded that the United States faces a sixty-per-cent chance of civil war over the next ten to fifteen years. Other experts’ predictions ranged from five per cent to ninety-five per cent. The sobering consensus was thirty-five per cent. And that was five months before Charlottesville."
Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response (Southern Poverty Law Center, August 14, 2017)
A century before Charlottesville, the Ku Klux Klan was dead. The first Hollywood blockbuster revived it. (Washington Post, August 13, 2017)
Who Were the Counterprotesters in Charlottesville?
(New York Times, August 14, 2017)
A Charlottesville ER Nurse speaks after a day of decompression. (Daily KOS, August 13, 2017)
NEW: Russian Cyber Hacks on U.S. Electoral System Far Wider Than Previously Known (Bloomberg, August13, 2017)
The Hate Trump Dares Not Speak Of (New York Times, August 13, 2017)
Hate in Charlottesville: The day the Nazi called me Shlomo (JTA, August 13, 2017)
Charlottesville sorts patriots and cowards (Daily KOS, August 13, 2017)
Chaos and violence rock Charlottesville as white nationalists rally; 3 dead (Virginian-Pilot, August 12, 2017)
Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville (Pro Publica, August 12, 2017)

How James Damore went from Google employee to right-wing Internet hero (Washington Post, August 12, 2017)
'Why I Was Fired by Google.' James Damore says his good-faith effort to discuss differences between men and women in tech couldn’t be tolerated in Google's 'ideological echo chamber', by James Damore (Wall Street Journal, August 11, 2017)

Has The Secret Code for Dealing With Trump Finally Been Broken by a Giant Inflatable Chicken?
(Daily KOS, August 11, 2017)
Trump's 'legal' immigration plan would cost nearly 5 million jobs, according to his alma mater (Daily KOS, August 11, 2017)
Here's the Memo That Blew Up the NSC. Fired White House staffer argued "deep state" attacked Trump administration because the president represents a threat to cultural Marxist memes, globalists, and bankers. (Foreign Policy, August 10, 2017)
Trump Called for Acting FBI Director's Firing Hours After Manafort FBI Raid (Daily KOS, August 10, 2017)
In a new poll, half of Republicans say they would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump proposed it (Washington Post, August 10, 2017)
Ex-Russia ambassador rails against Trump over praise of Putin (The Hill, August 10, 2017)
Former Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey says Trump 'seriously sick,' 'dangerous,' should be removed from office. After 'fire and fury' comment, former US Senator asks congressional delegation to support steps to oust president (WMUR NH, August 10, 2017)
Trump Administration Seeks Further Delay in Labor Fiduciary Rule (Bloomberg, August 9, 2017)
Climate change will hit New England hard, draft U.S. report says (Boston Globe, August 9, 2017)
NEW: Russian spy plane trolls Trump with flight over D.C., New Jersey (Politico, August 9, 2017)
Why North Korea threatened Guam, the tiny U.S. territory with big military power
(Washington Post, August 9, 2017)
North Korea is fast approaching Trump's red line (Washington Post, August 8, 2017)
Slouching Toward Mar-a-Lago; The Post-Cold-War Consensus Collapses, by Andrew J. Bacevich (Tom Dispatch, August 8, 2017)
Trump's Fledgling Presidency Has Already Collapsed; BUT beware! (New York Magazine, August 7, 2017)
"Trump’s only opportunity lies in exploiting fear to demonstrate strength."
America's Whiniest 'Victim' (New York Times, August 7, 2017)
Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report (New York Times, August 7, 2017)
Protect the White Hat Hackers Who Are Just Doing Their Jobs (Wired, August 5, 2017)
NEW: So, about this Googler’s manifesto (Medium, August 5, 2017)
(And the "Manifesto" that got that Googler fired.)
WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchins could face 40 years in US prison (Telegraph, August 4, 2017)
A guide to the shrinking GOP presence in Trump’s West Wing
(Washington Post, August 4, 2017)
NEW: In Guam, the Gravest Threat Isn't North Korea. The United States
is using this Pacific colony as its own private firing range. (Foreign Policy In Focus, August 3, 2017)
To Protect Voting, Use Open-Source Software (New York Times, August 3, 2017)
"Most voting machines' software can now be easily hacked. This is in large part because the current voting systems use proprietary software based on Microsoft's operating system."
Under Trump's new immigration rule, his own grandfather likely wouldn't have gotten in (Washington Post, August 3, 2017)
Trump compares Afghanistan War to Manhattan restaurant ... and then it gets really stupid (Daily KOS, August 3, 2017)
Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears (The Atlantic, August 2, 2017)
Trump, America's Boy King: Golf and Television Won't Make America Great Again (Newsweek, August 1, 2017)
Monsanto Emails Raise Issue of Influencing Research on Roundup Weed Killer (New York Times, August 1, 2017),
and here are the now-pubic Monsanto documents.
Underground magma triggered Earth's worst mass extinction with greenhouse gases.
There are parallels between today's and past greenhouse gas-driven climate changes. (Guardian, August 1, 2017)
NEW: Special Counsel Robert Mueller Impanels Grand Jury in Russia Investigation (New York Magazine, August 1, 2017)
NEW: Scott Adams' first-draft North Korea strategy for the USA (Scott Adams' blog, July 31, 2017)
(A second draft, without starting a cyberwar with China, might just make sense. Also see August 24, below.)
Heavier Rainfall Will Increase Water Pollution in the Future. Researchers anticipate harmful nitrogen outputs to increase as a result of precipitation changes.
(National Geographic, July 29, 2017)
The Observer view on Donald Trump's unfitness for office (Guardian, July 29, 2017)
Sadly accurate and comprehensive, it drew this scathing Facebook comment by Hugh Magbie, a black Maine writer:
"We had a black president for eight years and whites couldn't stand that the country was run by an intelligent, compassionate "nigger." We have the white president that most white folks wanted, the anti-Obama, the white man's champion. The contrast between the two couldn't be more pronounced. If race is the indicator of superiority, then whites are unfit for the presidency. They aren't doing so well in Congress, either.  It's time to gerrymander whites. They don't have the temperament or intellectual capacity to be world leaders. They elect "white ghetto trash" who have no idea what to do or how to behave. It must be their upbringing, drugs and alcohol and weak family structures. That country and western culture and music has infused their kids with a love of violence, and they're lazy with low self-esteem. Their politicians are corrupt and are only interested in money. Whites care only about getting a gun and an opioid. Whites are only good for making porn and babies. (Actually, they're bad at both of those.) That's why they elected a pussy grabber and someone whose wife poses nude in soft porn. Whites have no class and are unfit for anything except getting high."
Why the Scariest Nuclear Threat May Be Coming from Inside the White House (Vanity Fair, July 29, 2017)
The Desperation of Our Diplomats (New York Times, July 28, 2017)
Trump Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus Is Out In Biggest White House Staff Shakeup Yet (NPR, July 28, 2017)
Mark this date: Donald Trump is now a lame-duck president (Washington Post, July 28, 2017)
A complete failure of Trump's leadership (CNN, July 28, 2017)
Anthony Scaramucci's wife files for divorce (New York Post, July 28, 2017)
Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon. He started by threatening to fire the entire White House communications staff. It escalated from there. (New Yorker, July 27, 2017)
Trump Is Woody Allen Without the Humor. Half his tweets show utter weakness. They are plaintive, shrill little cries, usually just after dawn.
(Wall Street Journal, July 27, 2017)
Will the Trump administration ever be held accountable for its abuses? Here's one way it might. (Washington Post, July 27, 2017)
Elizabeth Warren Tears Apart Another Trump Nominee (Vanity Fair, July 27, 2017)
Top Trump Aide Says Ethics Filings Discourage Potential Government Employees (NPR, July 27, 2017)
Trump Says Transgender People Cannot "Serve In Any Capacity" In The Military. He made the announcement on Twitter on Wednesday. (BuzzFeed, July 26, 2017)
The norms of government are collapsing before our eyes. A look at President Trump's first year in office, so far. (Washington Post, July 26, 2017)
The heroic Senator with severe cancer who interrupted treatment to vote... NO (Daily KOS, July 26, 2017)
Read John McCain's speech on his return to the Senate after his cancer diagnosis (Dayton Daily News, July 25, 2017)
McCain stood at the podium and said he would vote 'no' on the bill as it stands. Guess how he voted. (Daily KOS, July 25, 2017)
Donald Trump mistakes Boy Scout Jamboree for Trump Youth rally (Daily KOS, July 25, 2017)_
Trump's Boy Scouts speech broke with 80 years of presidential tradition (Washington Post, July 25, 2017)
Former Boy Scouts Condemn Trump Jamboree Speech (U.S. News, July 25, 2017)
(As do I; I was a Scout, Explorer, Sea Scout, BSA Camp Counselor,  and an Assistant Scoutmaster. --Dick Miller)

Brian Benczkowski, Trump’s pick to run DOJ criminal division, worked for Russia bank (Washington Post, July 25, 2017)
NEW: Bill Browder's (Sergei Magnitsky) Testimony to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee (The Atlantic, July 25, 2017)
"I hope that my story will help you understand the methods of Russian operatives in Washington and how they use U.S. enablers to achieve major foreign policy goals without disclosing those interests."
"We have the most well-documented case of human rights abuse coming out of Russia in the last 35 years."

NEW: How to Take Down Kim Jong Un, by Tom Malinowski (Politico, July 24, 2017)
"Stop saying there are no good options on North Korea. Here’s how we can end the threat once and for all - without firing a shot."

A Veteran ICE Agent, Disillusioned with the Trump Era, Speaks Out (New Yorker, July 24, 2017)
Universal health care would save $17 trillion (Daily KOS, July 23, 2017)
Trump Loses Jennifer Rubin. Torpedo in the Water. (Daily KOS, July 23, 2017)
Can the President Be Indicted? Kenneth Starr's Long-Hidden Legal Memo Says Yes (New York Times, July 22, 2017)
This presidency can't be saved. It's all downhill from here, by Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post, July 21, 2017)
Kushner still selling $500,000 visas to Chinese investors as program meant to help poor is subverted (Daily KOS, July 21, 2017)
Asking about a pardon for himself is a quintessentially Trumpian move
(Washington Post, July 21, 2017)
"'When the president does it, that means it is not illegal', Richard Nixon said during a televised interview in 1977. But Nixon understood that he could never pardon himself. President Trump may not."
A Constitutional Crisis In The Making (Daily KOS, July 21, 2017)
Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller’s Russia investigation (Washington Post, July 21, 2017)
Trump Is Considering Firing FBI Special Counselor. Bush’s Ethics Lawyer’s Response Is Brilliant (Washington Journal, July 20, 2017)
NEW: Team Trump Used Obamacare Money to Run PR Effort Against It. The administration is tasked with overseeing the health care law. Instead, it has made a major social media push to undermine it. (Daily Beast, July 20, 2017)
NEW: How Russia Mercilessly Played Trump for a Fool; He and his coterie of idiots, nihilists, and opportunists were the perfect prey for Putin's spell. (Vanity Fair, July 20, 2017)
Dakota Access developer's new pipeline rankling Ohio regulators (Boston Globe, July 20, 2017)
Democrats File 88-Point Resolution Outlining Why Trump Is Unfit For Office (Talking Points Memo, July 20,2017)
Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions revives controversial practice of police seizing suspects' assets (Los Angeles Times, July 19, 2017)
Even in Trump era, new poll shows a mixed outlook for Democrats in 2018 (Washington Post, July 19, 2017)

I'm a scientist. I'm blowing the whistle on the Trump administration. (Washington Post, July 19, 2017)
Climate scientists flock to France's call. President said 'Make Our Planet Great Again' - and researchers signed up. (Nature, July 18, 2017)
NEW: Steve Bannon Saw the 'Monster Power' of Angry Gamers While Farming Gold in World of Warcraft (New York Magazine, July 18, 2017)
The president of France just said bashing Israel is anti-Semitism by a different name. On the 75th anniversary of the 1942 roundup of Paris Jews, Macron delivered a historic speech on anti-Semitism.
(Vox, July 18, 2017)
Republican Lawmaker Who Assaulted Reporter Fights Court-Ordered Fingerprints, Photos (Huffington Post, July 18, 2017)
Let's outline Trump's achievements during his first six months in office (Dallas News, July 18, 2017)
Trump Just Fired America’s Top Cyber Security Official (Washington Journal, July 18, 2017)
Here's what we know so far about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests (Washington Post, July 18, 2017)
"Set aside Putin and follow the money": a Russia expert's theory of the Trump scandal
(Vox, July 18, 2017)
GOP rep asks NASA panel if there were ancient civilizations on Mars (The Hill, July 18, 2017)
Health Care a Mine Field for Republicans; Many Trump Voters in Denial on Russia (Public Policy Polling, July 18, 2017)
There is more evidence Russia interfered in the election. Fewer Trump supporters believe it.
(Vox, July 18, 2017)
Trump had a second, undisclosed meeting with Putin - with none of his staff present
(Vox, July 18, 2017)
The last-ditch Obamacare repeal plan looks dead in the Senate. "I did not come to Washington to hurt people."
(Vox, July 18, 2017)
Minneapolis police shot an unarmed woman in her pajamas. It took days to give an explanation. (Vox, July 18, 2017)
Unarmed white woman shot by police in Minneapolis - a reminder that police reform is for everyone (Daily KOS, July 17, 2017)
A running list of Trumpland's often-shifting stories on their Russia ties (Vox, July 17, 2017)
Our View: This is why Russia wanted to help Trump (Metrowest Daily News, July 17, 2017)
46 years of terrorist attacks in Europe, visualized (Washington Post, July 17, 2017)
Why universal basic income is gaining support, critics (San Francisco Chronicle, July 15, 2017)
Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Is the 'Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization' (Fortune, July 15, 2017)
46 Republicans Join Democrats to Slap Trump in the Face With Huge Climate Change Concession (Daily KOS, July 14, 2017)
An administration without a conscience, by Michael Gerson (Washington Post, July 13, 2017)
Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide, records show (Chicago Tribune, July 13, 2017)
NEW: Q. and A.: If Workers Are Scarce, Is It the Work or the Wages? (New York Times, July 13, 2017)
NEW: Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement
(New York Times, July 13, 2017; originally, "We Need Our Fathers’ Unions")
"Belonging to a union is a form of education that the current national political regime opposes and that states have been working to weaken so that we are unable to be fairly compensated for our work. The dangers of not being able to receive information about wages, hours and working conditions or the bargaining power that unions provide are legion."
Dan Rather's full explosive interview with Don Lemon (YouTube, July 11, 2017)

NEW: Al Franken and David Letterman take on climate change in new series of shorts (Associated Press, July 10,2017)

Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with Russian lawyer isn't another thread - it's the whole scheme unraveling (Daily KOS, July 10, 2017)
Former KGB Spy on NYT: Trump JR was told in email of Russian Effort to aid Campaign.
(YouTube, July 10, 2017)
CNN Interview: Richard Painter, Bush ethics chief, tweets "This is Treason" regarding Russia  (YouTube, July 10, 2017)
(under "Black Humor", also see Stephen Colbert's take on this!)
Today we stand up for digital rights, and that means we stand against DRM (Free Software Foundation, July 9, 2017)
Patent Trolls Are Still a Problem, But Microsoft Remains One of the Biggest Patent Trolls - Non-Practicing in Mobile (Tech Rights, July 8, 2017)
Thousands of cows die in California heat wave; disposing them becomes a problem (Los Angeles Times, July 8, 2017)
U.S. officials say Russian government hackers have penetrated energy and nuclear company business networks (Washington Post, July 8, 2017)
As Trump caves to Putin, former Director of National Intelligence issues dire 2018 election warning (Daily KOS, July 7, 2017)
Heavily revised New York Times story on Trump's Poland visit takes out a few key details
(Daily KOS, July 7, 2017)
NEW: How to handle an unhinged president, by Michael Gerson (Washington Post, July 6, 2017)
In Poland, Trump Asks Whether West Has 'Will to Survive' (New York Times, July 6, 2017)
Federal ethics chief resigns after clashes with Trump (Los Angeles Times, July 6, 2017)
Russia's Putin, North Korea to challenge Trump overseas (Washington Post, July 5, 2017)
Polish media reports say the government promised the White House cheering crowds as part of its invitation. Ruling party lawmakers and pro-government activists plan to bus in groups of people for Trump’s speech."
Microsoft boasted it had rebuilt Skype 'from the ground up'. Users slam attempt to infuse app with social media magic. (The Register, July 5, 2017)
Linux malware: Leak exposes CIA's OutlawCountry hacking toolkit (ZDNet, July 4 2017)
NEW: 'Single-Payer' Healthcare Isn't Necessary - But Single Pricing Is (Forbes, July 4, 2017)
NEW: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Philosophy of Government (Our Future, July 4, 2017)
NEW: Trump’s Pants on Fire claim that CNN ratings are 'way down' (PolitiFact, July 3, 2017)
Court rejects Pruitt's delay of Obama-era methane rule (PBS, July 3, 2017)
NEW: Trump tweets video of him body slamming and punching 'CNN' (Business Insider, July 2, 2017)
Junkie running dry. Of course Trump needs the media. (National Review,
June 30, 2017)
Playing fossil’s advocate - EPA intends to form "red team" to debate climate science (Ars Technica, June 30, 2017)
How a tiny L.A. cybersecurity firm pulled the plug on a global ransomware attack
(Los Angeles Times, June 29, 2017)
Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about) (Los Angeles Times, June 29, 2017)
(Also see "Trump's Lies" on June 23, 2017, below)
'Mr. President, please grow up': Lawmakers slam Trump’s 'vile' Mika Brzezinski tweets
(Washington Post, June 29, 2017)
Iranian city soars to record 129 degrees: Near hottest on Earth in modern measurements (Washington Post, June 29, 2017)
A Vicious Cycle of Poison and Poverty, by Lois Gibbs (Our Future, June 29, 2017)
Republicans scramble to revise health bill in 48 hours (Politico, June 28, 2017)
How the GOP Turned Against Medicaid (Politico, June 27, 2017)
Here's How Warren Buffett Thinks We Should Fix American Health Care (Inc., June 27, 2017)
(Single-payer, like other advanced countries.)
The Pentagon promised citizenship to immigrants who served. Now it might help deport them. (Washington Post, June 27, 2017)
'Petya' ransomware attack strikes companies across Europe and US (The Guardian, June 27, 2017)
(Again, Linux users are not affected.)
EU fines Google record $2.7 billion in first antitrust case (Reuters, June 27, 2017)
Elizabeth Warren Tries to Win Back Voters in Trump Country (Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2017)
Whatever happens, the GOP is bringing us a whole lot closer to single payer (Washington Post, June 27, 2017)
Mitch McConnell issues dire warning: If Trumpcare fails, Republicans might have to talk to Democrats (Daily KOS, June 27,, 2017)
Senate leaders postpone vote to overhaul Obamacare as bill faces GOP rebellion (Washington Post, June 27,2017)
Would a Berniecrat Have Won Ossoff’s Georgia Race? (Our Future, June 26, 2017)
The Congressional Budget Office says “few low-income people would purchase any plan” under GOP health bill (Vox, June 26,2017)
Trump's 'emoluments' defense argues he can violate the Constitution with impunity. That can't be right. (Los Angeles Times, June 26, 2017)
New study confirms the oceans are warming rapidly (Guardian, June 26, 2017)
Your short attention span could help fake news spread (Verge, June 26, 2017)
Trump supporters make a huge shift: "You can collude all you want with a foreign government." (Daily KOS, June 26, 2017)
Fox's Brit Hume: Even if the Trump campaign did collude with Russia, "It's not a crime." Hume also joins pro-Trump media in discrediting special counsel Robert Mueller over the lawyers he's hiring for investigation. (Media Matters, June 25, 2017)
Triump's Lies (New York Times, June 23, 2017)
"Many Americans have become accustomed to President Trump's lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office."
Russians destroyed and removed material from shuttered compounds, officials say (CBS News, June 23, 2017)
Eye-Popping WaPo Report Explains Why Obama’s Retaliation Against Putin Was So Weak (Slate, June 23, 2017)
Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault (Washington Post, June 23, 2017)
FCC grants OneWeb approval to launch over 700 satellites for 'space internet' (Verge, June 23, 2017)
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders on Threats to Democracy (76-min. video; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, June 22, 2017)
Comey wasn't alone: Trump told other intelligence chiefs to say there was no collusion (Daily KOS, June 22, 2017)
Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Illegally Destroying White House Records (Huffington Post, June 22, 2017)
CHART: Who Wins, Who Loses With Senate Health Care Bill (National Public Radio, June 22, 2017)
Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) decision shows Trump that the devil is in the details (The Hill, June 22, 2017)

Microsoft admits it disables anti-virus software in response to Kaspersky's EU complaint (The Verge, June 20, 2017)

How An Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar (Wired, June 20, 2017)
NEW: 198 million Americans hit by 'largest ever' voter records leak (ZDNet, June 19, 2017)

Democrats want to know why Jared Kushner still has security clearance (Daily KOS, June 21, 2017)
The American Empire Is Now Effectively Being Run by Generals (Alternet, June 21, 2017)
Poll: Opposition to GOP health bill is on the rise (Politico, June 21, 2017)
After four special-election losses, Democrats need more than moral victories (Los Angeles Times, June 21, 2017)
Georgia's 6th: Another district that never should have been competitive (Daily KOS, June 20, 2017)
Key Republican attack on Ossoff is—surprise!—fake (Daily KOS, June 20, 2017)
EPA just gave notice to dozens of scientific advisory board members that their time is up (Washington Post, June 20, 2017)
NEW: Rick Perry says carbon dioxide is not a primary driver of climate change (Ars Technica, June 20, 2017)
Rick Perry just denied that humans are the main cause of climate change (
Washington Post, June 19, 2017)
NEW: Trump 'simply does not care': Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS quit (Daily KOS, June 19, 2017)
In Trump’s Washington, public business increasingly handled behind closed doors (Washington Post, June 19, 2017)
Shootings Are Now the 3rd-Leading Cause of Death for US Kids (Live Science, June 19, 2017)
Supreme Court announces broad protections for Internet-surfing rights. Even for sex offenders. (Daily KOS, June 19, 2017)
GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters (Gizmodo, June 19, 2017)
Tons Of Evidence Mike Flynn Is Cooperating With FBI; "Who Knows What Trump Said To Him?" (RealClear Politics, June 19, 2017)
Zombies, Vampires and Republicans, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, June 19, 2017)
Jared Kushner Knows Nothing About Technology (Mother Jones, June 19, 2017))
Energy Secretary Rick Perry: Carbon dioxide is not 'primary' driver of climate change (The Hill, June 19, 2017)
Life gets better, punkin, by Elizabeth Warren (Fathers Day, June 18, 2017)
The Summer of Love and the Winter of National Insecurity, by Ira Chernus (Tom Dispatch, June 18, 2017)
Newt Gingrich says Trump has a 'compulsion to counterattack' (ABC News, June 18, 2017)
Did Trump Revive Failed Cold War Cuba Policy to Buy Rubio's Loyalty? (Our Future, June 18, 2017)
DeVos Rolls Back For-Profit College Regs (National Public Radio, June 17, 2017)
Trump details how he's profiting off the presidency (Think Progress, June 17, 2017)
Trump's Cuba Policy Reversal. The president announced changes meant to make it harder to travel and do business with the island. (
The Atlantic, June 16, 2017)
Beyond Blades of Grass, by Paul Bogard (New York Times, June 16, 2017)
Infighting Is Good for the Democratic Party (Our Future, June 16, 2017)
Man on a Wire: Mike Pence's Tightrope Act (Politico, June 16, 2017)
Trump Screws Himself On Twitter Once More, Making Admissions; His Attorney Must Be Fainting (Daily KOS, June 16, 2017)
One Trump Tweet Can Shake Up the Justice Department. Now it seems Rod Rosenstein will have to recuse himself, elevating conservative lawyer Rachel Brand. (Bloomberg, June 16, 2017)
Senate passes sweeping sanctions bill targeting Iran, Russia (ABC News, June 15, 2017)
The Senate's Silent and Deadly Health Care Repeal (Our Future, June 15, 2017)
Advanced CIA firmware has been infecting Wi-Fi routers for ten years (Ars Technica, June 15, 2017)
Poll shows most doubt Trump's respect for institutions (Associated Press, June 14,2017)
Trump and the Foreign Emoluments Clause (Constitutional Accountability Center, June 14, 2017)
NEW: 'What’s your end game?' Trump delegating Afghan war decisions to the Pentagon faces scrutiny (Washington Post, June 14, 2017)
NEW: Russia Hacked our Election! (So what?),by
Scott Adams (Dilbert Blog, June 13, 2017)
11 states sue Trump's DOE over stalled energy-use limits (ABC News, June 13, 2017)
Jeff Sessions personally asked Congress to let him prosecute medical-marijuana providers (Washington Post, June 13, 2017)
Rachel Maddow: The Rolling Stone Interview (Rolling Stone, June 13, 2017)
NEW: Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections (New York Times, June 13, 2017)
NEW: Elizabeth Warren: Sessions 'needs to be fired' (CNN, June 12, 2017)
Naomi Klein: Trump Is Not the Crisis -- He Is the Symptom of the Crisis (Truthout, June 12, 2017)
Wisconsin speech bill might allow students to challenge science professors (Ars Technica, June 12, 2017)
Congressman introduces the 'COVFEFE Act,' a bill requiring presidential social media to be archived (Daily KOS, June 12, 2017)
Why America still executes people. The legal reasoning behind the continued use of the death penalty. (The Economist, June 12, 2017)
The Resistance is Strong while Trump-ism is Crumbling all over the World (Daily KOS, June 12, 2017)
Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever (CNN, June 12, 2017)
When the Liar in Chief is a representative of lying culture (Daily KOS, June 12, 2017)
Republican congressman praises ISIS attack in Iran, says US should consider supporting ISIS. (Think Progress, June 11, 2017)
The Battle Lines of the Future; Trump's war against post-carbon, green-energy states, by Michael Klare (Tom Dispatch, June 11, 2017)
Testifying under oath could absolutely end Trump's presidency (Daily KOS, June 10, 2017)
On impeaching Trump (Los Angeles Times, June 10, 2017)
NEW: Congressman Ted Lieu is a Twitter BEAST who's made Trump his #1 punching bag (Daily KOS, June 9, 2017)
The Worst Thing That Happened to Donald Trump this Week (Lawfare Blog, June 9, 2017)
The Great Performance of Our Failing President (New York Times, June 9, 2017)
The Doomsday Glacier (Rolling Stone, June 9, 2017)
5 Shades of Climate Denial, All on Display in the Trump White House (Inside Climate News, June 9, 2017)
NEW: Prepare the White House for President Pence (Accuracy In Media, June 8, 2017)
Breitbart lost 90 percent of its advertisers in two months: Who's still there? (Washington Post, June 8, 2017)
There’s an Easy Test We Could Use to Assess Older Politicians' Cognitive Health. It's called the Mini-Mental State Exam, and its real power is the data it provides over time. (Slate, June 8, 2017)
Karl Rove: 'Trump lacks the focus or self-discipline to do the basic work required of a president' (The Hill, June 8, 2017)
In a credibility contest with Trump, James Comey is the obvious winner (Los Angeles Times, June 8, 2017)
Comey Testimony: Highlights of the Hearing (New York Times, June 8, 2017)
James Comey testifies: Former FBI director says he could not trust Trump to tell the truth (Washington Post, June 8, 2017)
Everything that led up to Comey’s big moment, in one visual timeline (Washington Post, June 8, 2017)
Trump Impeachment Process Set to Begin As Democrat Al Green Files Articles (Newsweek, June 7, 2017)
Watergate 'pales' compared with Trump-Russia: former U.S. intelligence head (Reuters, June 7, 2017)
NEW: Trump is making America more hostile and mentally ill: New England Journal of Medicine study (Raw Story, June 7, 2017)
Donald Trump’s presidency is an American crisis. America isn’t being made great. It's being made weak. (Vox, June 7, 2017)
James B. Comey's pre-hearing statement and analysis (Lawfare, June 7, 2017)
Drug coupons are costing us billions: Lawmakers seek end to slimy scheme. Ars Technica, June 7, 2017)
It’s a great day: Kansas legislature pulls the plug on Gov. Brownback’s failed trickle-down experiment (Washington Post, June 7, 2017)

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has said there needs to be a form of encryption developed that protects privacy, but one that authorities can access. (ZDNet, June 7, 2017)
US spy chief reverses course, will not say how many Americans caught in NSA surveillance (ZDNet, June 7, 2017)
NEW: Sanders Backers Plant Left-Wing Flag in the Massachusetts Democratic Party (In These Times, June 6, 2017)
NEW: How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business (Forbes, June 6, 2017)
New Mozilla Poll: Americans from Both Political Parties Overwhelmingly Support Net Neutrality. Our survey also reveals that a majority of Americans do not trust the government to protect Internet access. (Mozilla June 6, 2017)
NEW: Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are For Machines (Medium, June 5, 2017)
NEW: Outcry Over EpiPen Prices Hasn't Made Them Lower (New York Times, June 5, 2017)
NEW: What made Dostoevsky an early Trumpkin (American Spectator, June 5, 2017)
Support For Donald Trump's Impeachment Is Now Higher Than His Approval Rating (Newsweek, June 5, 2017)
NEW: Making Ignorance Great Again,by Paul Krugman (New York Times, June 5, 2017)
NEW: Contractor is charged with leaking top-secret document about Russian hacking (Los Angeles Times, June 5, 2017)
Top-Secret NSA Report Details Russian Hacking Effort Days Before 2016 Election (Intercept, June 5, 2017)
Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech. They thought the president would commit to the principle of collective defense. They were wrong.
(Politico, June 5, 2017)
President Trump escalates feud with London mayor after terrorist attack (Washington Post, June 5,  2017)
President Tweets Idiotic Crap This Morning After London Attack (Daily KOS, June 4, 2017)
NEW: The Myth of the Kindly General Lee. The legend of the Confederate leader's heroism and decency is based in the fiction of a person who never existed, by
Adam Serwer  (The Atlantic,, June 4, 2017)
Trump is a bully. But not for much longer. (Daily KOS, June 3, 2017)
Trump Stomps Planet Earth (New York Times, June 3, 2017
Mentally vacant Donald Trump brags about his success on a piece of legislation that doesn’t exist (Palmer Report, June 3, 2017)
NEW: Trump's Paris decision was influenced by an 'aggressive' handshake from the French president (Daily KOS, June 2, 2017)
NEW: Factcheck Shows Trump's Climate Speech Was Full of Misleading Statements. Coal, jobs, China, blackouts all misrepresented. (Scientific American, June 2, 2017)
Trump cited MIT climate data. Not so fast, researchers say (Boston Globe,June 2, 2017)
Kerry says Trump’s decision was ‘a day of craven ignorance’ (Boston Globe,June 2, 2017)
Mass. joins other states to fulfill US pledges on carbon
(Boston Globe,June 2, 2017)
Bucking Trump, These Cities, States and Companies Commit to Paris Accord (New York Times, June 1, 2017)
Trump Gratuitously Rejects the Paris Climate Accord, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, June 1, 2017)
The U.S. Is the Biggest Carbon Polluter in History. It Just Walked Away From the Paris Climate Deal. (New York Times, June 1, 2017)
Trump Will Withdraw U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement (New York Times, June 1, 2017)
NEW: Trump Pulls Out of Paris: How Much Carbon Will His Policies Add to the Air? (Scientific American, June 1, 2017)
Maybe Private Russian Hackers Meddled in Election, Putin Says (New York Times, June 1, 2017)
NEW: Kansas: Exhibit A against trickle-down tax cuts (Washington Post, June 1, 2017)
NEW: Exxon Shareholders Approve Climate Resolution: 62% Vote for Disclosure. The landmark investor vote defied Exxon's management. It requires the oil giant to begin reporting climate-related risks to its business. (Inside Climate News, May 31, 2017)
NEW: Shareholders force ExxonMobil to come clean on cost of climate change (Guardian, May 31, 2017)
NEW: Is the U.S. Education System Producing a Society of “Smart Fools”? One distinguished psychologist explains why he believes this is so and how to reverse course. (Scientific American, May 31, 2017)
If we’re laughing at ‘covfefe,’ things must not be so bad after all (Washington Post, May 31, 2017)
'Covfefe' trends on social media after Trump shares unfinished tweet with typo (The Hill, May 31, 2017)

NEW: The Loneliness of Donald Trump; On the Corrosive Privilege of the Most Mocked Man in the World, by
Rebecca Solnit (Literary Hub, May 30, 2017)

Sources: Russians discussed potentially 'derogatory' information about Trump and associates during campaign (CNN, May 30, 2017)
Is Kaspersky Anti-Virus Spying for Russia? (Ask Bob Rankin, May 30, 2017)
"Would you trust a computer security tool made in the USA more than one that comes from Russia, Romania, China or Germany?" (MMS trusts non-proprietary, open-source tools like Linux, so seldom needs anti-virus software.)
NEW: U.S. Supreme Court Curbs Patent-Holder Power to Block Resale (Bloomberg News, May 30, 2017)
NEW: A Constitutional Puzzle: Can the President Be Indicted? (New York Times, May 29, 2017)
Why are so many women dropping out of the workforce? (Los Angeles Times, May 28, 2017)
Trump’s Food Stamp Reform Would Close the Trap of Dependency (Daily Signal, May 25, 2017)
(Oh? Compare with the LA Times article, above.)
Sally Yates, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, delivers the keynote address for Harvard Law School’s 2017 Class Day ceremony (30-min. YouTube video, May 24, 2017)
Heather Rinkus, the guest reception manager at Trump's "Winter White House” and wife of a twice-convicted felon, is in Italy with Trump’s logistics team and has been outfitted with a government-issued phone and email. (BuzzFeed, May 24, 2017)
White House Denies Two-Trillion-Dollar Budget Accounting Error (BBC News, May 24, 2017)
Of Budgets and Beatitudes: The Pope Meets the Donald (Our Future, May 24, 2017)
Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana (The Guardian, May 24, 2017)
Nazi FL National Guard member arrested in bomb plot (DailyKOS, May 22, 2017)
NEW: 'Hillary Clinton letter' reflects on her election loss, by Joe Lauria (OR Books, May 22, 2017)
(The parody "letter" introduces a serious book.)
In Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump opts to keep her head bare (Associated Press, May 20, 2017)
NEW:  A Danger to the World: It's Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump (Der Spiegel, May 19, 2017)
"The Only Good Muslim Is a Dead Muslim" (New Republic, May 15, 2017)
NEW: Beyond Slogans: After the March for Science Has Passed (Public Library Of Science, May 15, 2017)

New decryptor brings hope to people hit by last week's WannaCry ransomware worm (Ars Technica, May 19, 2017)
(Wanakiwi should work if, when hit, you shut down and do NOT restart your computer!)
WannaCry FAQ: What you need to know today (Kaspersky Lab RU, May 15, 2017)
WannaCry is a Cry for VEP Reform (Mozilla Foundation, May 15, 2017)
How To Avoid Future WannaCry Style Ransomware Attacks (Greg Laden's Blog, May 15, 2017)
(The above is long and its Comments thread is argumentative, but it is packed with interesting items for the technically interested.)
Microsoft president blasts NSA for its role in 'WannaCry' computer ransom attack (Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2017)
Ransomware Attack Has Spread To Police Department, Institutions: Maharashtra Police (India NDTV, May 14, 2017)
(At last, someone mentioned Linux: When asked about the security of the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS), Singh said, "Luckily, the system we use (in CCTNS) is Linux-based, hence it was not at all affected.")
Cyber-attack threat escalating - Europol (BBC News, May 14, 2017)
WannaCry: Are you safe? (Kaspersky Lab, May 13, 2017)
Microsoft Issues WanaCrypt Patch for Windows 8, XP (Krebs On Security, May 13, 2017)
Criminals behind cyber-attack have raised just $20,000, experts say. Firm investigating illicit activity identifies three associated bitcoin addresses but can't trace individuals until funds are withdrawn. (The Guardian, May 13, 2017)
'Accidental hero' halts ransomware attack and warns: this is not over (The Guardian, May 13, 2017)
Massive ransomware infection hits Windows computers in 99 countries (BBC News, May 13, 2017)
Widespread Ransomware Infecting Thousands Linked to NSA Exploit (Bitcoin, May 13, 2017)
The ransomware causing chaos globally (BBC News, May 12, 2017)
Global ransomware attack shows why Apple wouldn't hack terrorist's iPhone (Los Angeles Times, May 12, 2017)

NSA-created cyber tool spawns global attacks - and victims include Russia. 'Cybersecurity isn't a hypothetical problem - today shows it can be life or death.' (Politico, May 12, 2017)
NSA's Leaked Malware is Being Weaponized by Criminals (Bitcoin, May 12, 2017)

NSA Brute-Force Keysearch Machine (Bruce Schneir, May 16, 2017)
NYU Accidentally Exposed Military Code-breaking Computer Project to Entire Internet (The Intercept, May 11, 2017)

The Kazakhstan Connection: Trump, Bayrock and Plenty of Questions (DCReport, May 13, 2017)
American Fascism, in 1944 and Today, by Henry Scott Wallace (New York Times, May 12, 2017)
Rick Perlstein: Trump Has Exposed the Dark Underbelly of American Conservatism (The Nation, May 12, 2017)
Trump can't stop saying things that aren't true (Washington Post, May 12, 2017)

Donald Trump's Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs and Mobsters Detailed In Explosive New Documentary from the Netherlands (AlterNet and video, May 12, 2017)
Trump's Commission on 'Election Integrity' Will Lead to Massive Voter Suppression. It will be led by Mike Pence and Kris Kobach, who have a very long history of making it harder to vote. (The Nation, May 11, 2017)

Russian Photographer in Oval Office Raises Red Flags, US Media Locked Out (PetaPixel, May 11, 2017)

After a week of self-inflicted chaos, Trump could see long-term costs to his presidency (Los Angeles Times, May 14, 2017)
As the FBI Reels, Candidates Emerge to Run Agency (Wall Street Journal, May 11, 2017)
Sources: Russia probe means President Hatch; RICO Case Against GOP (Patribotics, May 11, 2017)
Critics Say Trump Broke the Law in Firing Comey. Proving It Isn't So Easy. (New York Times, May 11, 2017)
Acting F.B.I. Chief Contradicts White House on Russia and Comey (New York Times, May 11, 2017)
NEW: Trump’s Firing of Comey (The American Conservative, May 10, 2017)
Inside Trump's anger and impatience — and his sudden decision to fire Comey (Washington Post, May 10, 2017)
Defending firing of FBI director Comey, Trump derides Democratic critics (Reuters, May 10, 2017)
Trump fires Comey: Shades of Watergate (The Brookings Institution, May 10, 2017)
Trump fires FBI Director Comey, setting off U.S. political storm (Reuters, May 10, 2017)
Donald Trump Is Lying Again, Now About James Comey, by David Leonhardt (New York Times, May 9, 2017)

EU call with Kelly buys time on laptop ban (The Guardian, May 12, 2017)
NEW: Tillerson, at Arctic meeting, signs document affirming need for action on climate change (Los Angeles Times, May 11, 2017)
Trump Wants 'Goddamned Steam,' Not Digital Catapults on Aircraft Carriers (The Atlantic, May 11, 2017)
NEW: Survey data show millions of workers are paid less than the minimum wage, at significant cost to taxpayers and state economies (Economic Policy Institute, May 10, 2017)
U.S. Considers Banning Cabin Electronics On Flights From European Airports (Huffington Post, May 10, 2017)
Snowden's Box; The human network behind the biggest leak of all (Harper's Magazine, May 2017)
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden claims 21st century political freedom and privacy is springing from open-source software. (ZDNet, May 9, 2017)
NEW: U.S. county-by-county disparities in life expectancy are large - 20 years - and growing (Ars Technica, May 9, 2017)
John Oliver Broke the FCC's Website ... Again! The comedian spent the bulk of his show on Net Neutrality — and laid into FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for his plan to destroy the open internet. (Free Press, May 8, 2017)
Eric Trump Admitted, 'We Don’t Rely on American Banks. We Have All the Funding We Need Out of Russia' (Latest, May 7,
Can Marine Le Pen Become French President?, by Peter Turchin (
Cliodynamica, May 7, 2017)
How France's Macron defeated Russian hackers with one simple trap (Resistance Report, May 7, 2017)
Top Intel Dem: Hacking of French candidate 'a nightmare scenario' (The Hill, May 6, 2017)
NEW: Trump's Crusade Against "Archaic" Government Gridlock (Foundation for Economic Education, May 6, 2017)
MSNBC host: 'No takers' after 217 GOPers invited to explain health vote (The Hill, May 6, 2017)
Vulnerable House Republicans fear political consequences after healthcare vote (Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2017)
How We Can Make House Republicans Pay For Their Health Care Vote (Our Future, May 5, 2017)

NEW: Religious Right Leaders Blast Trump's Order as a Betrayal (Investigative Fund, May 5, 2017)
NEW: Nuclear power and the collapse of society (Greenpeace, May 5, 2017)
NEW: Killer Drones in the Empire State (Expose Facts, May 4, 2017)
NEW: Facebook is hiring moderators. But is the job too gruesome to handle? (The Guardian, May 4, 2017)
All the horrific details of the GOP's new Obamacare repeal bill: A handy guide (Los Angeles Times, May 4, 2017)
How the Affordable Care Act Drove Down Personal Bankruptcy. Expanded health insurance helped cut the number of filings by half. (Consumer Reports, May 2, 2017)
NEW: Berkeley author George Lakoff says, 'Don't underestimate Trump' (Berkeleyside, May 2, 2017)
CNN refuses to air false and misleading ad from Donald Trump (Daily KOS, May 2, 2017)
Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel "worthless" (Ars Technica, May 1, 2017)

Photos: Hundreds of Thousands Mobilize for Climate Justice. Demonstrators railed against an administration that would put their futures at risk. (Bill Moyers, April 30, 2017)
The rapidly warming Atlantic sees a big boost in toxic algae (Ars Technica, April 29, 2017)
NEW: New Website - - Tracks GOP Voting Record Supporting Trump's Dangerous Policy Agenda (MoveOn, April 27, 2017)
Chomsky doubles down on statement that the Republican Party is most dangerous group in human history (Daily KOS, April 26, 2017)
The Attendance Numbers From the March for Science Are In (Resistance Report, April 22, 2017)
Scientists, Feeling Under Siege, March Against Trump Policies (New York Times, April 22, 2017)
Marches for Science Outdraw Donald Trump's Inauguration (Politicus USA, April 22, 2017)
The Planet Can't Stand This Presidency, by Bill McKibben (New York Times, April 21, 2017)

Dow Chemical is pushing Trump administration to ignore studies of toxic pesticide (Los Angeles Times, April 20, 2017)

Time to Recall a Progressive 'Truly Great' First 100 Days, by Harvey Kaye (Bill Moyers, April 30,2017)
NEW: The Whole World Is Now a Message Board (New York Magazine, April 30, 2017)
NEW: Trump's Love-Hate Relationship with the New York Times (Der Spiegel, April 28, 2017)
The First 100 Days of Resistance, by Richard Eskow (Our Future, April 27, 2017)
Justices Alarmed by Government's Hard-Line Stance in Citizenship Case (New York Times, April 26, 2017)
he government will have the opportunity to denaturalize anyone they want.")
Trump's greatest single achievement almost never gets mentioned, by E.J. Dionne Jr. (Washington Post, April 26, 2017)
Trump's Army secretary nominee wants leftists to quit smearing his good name with his own quotes (Daily KOS, April 26, 2017)
Trump Seems to Retreat on Government Shutdown, But Secret Spending Bill Still Looms (Bloomberg, April 25, 2017)
Immigration 101: What is a Sanctuary City? (America's Voice, April 25, 2017)
Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election. (New York Times, April 22, 2017)
With Jason Chaffetz bailing, Paul Ryan suddenly changes tune on Trump-Russia scandal (Palmer Report, April 22, 2017)
NEW: At Sea With Captain 'Wrong Way' Trump, by
Michael Winship (Huffington Post, April 21, 2017)
("Unpredictable. Unhinged. Dangerous.")
Key Question for Supreme Court: Will It Let Gerrymanders Stand? (New York Times, April 21, 2017)
NEW: Wayne Allyn Root: Trump Won The Popular Vote In A Landslide But Appeared To Lose Due To Massive Cheating By Democrats (Right Wing Watch, April 20, 2017)
Trump's Five Worst Tax Secrets, Revealed, by
Richard Eskow (Our Future, April 17, 2017)
NEW: Ezra Cohen-Watnick: Inside the Rise of Trump’s Invisible Man in the White House (Newsweek, April 13, 2017)
British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia (The Guardian, April 13, 2017)
Trump just crossed a line: "What I do is I authorize my military." (Daily KOS, April 13, 2017)
CNN commentator compares Donald Trump to MLK, Jr. and the response was standing ovation-worthy (Daily KOS, April 13, 2017)

Support for U.S. Air Strikes in Syria (MSNBC/Washington Post, April 12, 2017)
Finally, a breakthrough alternative to growth economics – the doughnut. Instead of growth at all costs, a new economic model allows us to thrive while saving the planet, by George Monbiot (The Guardian, April 12, 2017)
Our economy is a hellscape for consumers. The United flier is the latest victim. Supposedly we live in a service-focused paradise where you can get anything you want. It's a lie, by Jacob Silverman (Washington Post, April 12, 2017)
Internet Activists Plot 2018 Electoral Revenge Against Republican Privacy Sellouts (Vice, April 12, 2017)
Airlines Treat People Like Dirt Because the Republicans in Congress Let Them (Mother Jones, April 12, 2017)
United's CEO turns contrite as fallout spreads from passenger mistreatment (LA Times, April 11, 2017)
United Airlines Grapples With PR Crisis Over Videos of Man Being Dragged Off Plane (NY Times, April 11, 2017)
NEW VIDEO: Think Resilience Chapter 3: Population and Consumption, by Richard Heinberg (Resilience, April 10, 2017)
NEW: California Fights Back (Los Angeles Times, April 7, 2017)
If Humble People Make the Best Leaders, Why Do We Fall for Charismatic Narcissists?, by Margarita Mayo (Harvard Business Review, April 7, 2017)
What Is It With US Presidents and Tomahawk Cruise-Missile Strikes?
Typically deployed symbolically by presidents facing domestic political troubles, they rarely have significant military effect. (The Nation, April 7, 2017)
NEW: Trump Has Surrendered: Will Putin Be The Next To Surrender? (Foreign Policy Journal, April 7, 2017)
Trump Launched Missile Strikes on Syria Without Congressional Authorization. The post-9/11 war authorization is still being used to justify military actions. That’s unconstitutional. (The Nation, April 6, 2017)
NEW: Conspiracy Theorist in Chief (Los Angeles Times, April 6, 2017)
NEW: Health care in the US is an expensive mess. How does Canada do it? (Boston Globe, April 6, 2017)
NEW: Trump's War on Journalism (Los Angeles Times, April 5, 2017)
Trump Removes Stephen Bannon From National Security Council Post
(NY Times, April 5, 2017)
No, Republicans didn't just strip away your Internet privacy rights, says the new White House (Washington Post, April 4, 2017)
Trump announces U.S. won't go after Assad, Assad thanks him by gassing his own people (Daily KOS, April 4, 2017)
Fact Check: Trump, Faulting Obama on Syria, Contradicts Himself (NY Times, April 4, 2017)
NEW: Trump's Authoritarian Vision (Los Angeles Times, April 4, 2017)
The one thing these senators can agree on: They're about to do something very bad, by Dana Milbank (Washington Post, April
3, 2017)
Senate Dems reach filibuster threshold on Gorsuch setting up 'nuclear option' change (CNN, April 3, 2017)
Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel (Washingon Post, April 3, 2017)
The Unfit President (The Atlantic, April 3, 2017)
NEW: Why Trump Lies (Los Angeles Times, April 3, 2017)
NEW: Our Dishonest President (Los Angeles Times, April 2, 2017)
No good that Comey does on Trump/Russia can undo his legacy: He poisoned a presidential election (Daily KOS, April 2, 2017))
Mitch McConnell: Democrats Would Have Blocked A GOP Supreme Court Nominee Too (Huffington Post, April 2, 2017)
A dire collapse of hope (Daily KOS, April 2, 2017)
Listen, Liberal – Part I and Part II, by Peter Turchin (April 2, 2017)
Trump's approach to intel agencies shows anxiety, distrust (Associated Press, April 1, 2017)
Our Revolution's Boston Rally with Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren (YouTube, March 31, 2017)
(Video, 1 hour and 47 min.; Elizabeth at 0:39, Bernie at 1:10)
NEW: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spends his first weeks isolated from an anxious bureaucracy (Washington Post, March 30, 2017)
In Twitter attack on New York Times, Trump floats changing libel laws (Politico, March 30, 2017)
U.S. Broadband Privacy Rules: We will Fight to Protect User Privacy (Mozilla, March 30, 2017)
Congress to US citizens: Want online privacy? Pay up! (PC World, March 30, 2017)
Net Neutrality Is Trump's Next Target, Administration Says (NY Times, March 30, 2017)
Trump was right about health care for most of his life, by Fareed Zakaria
(Washington Post, March 30, 2017)
The road to single-payer health care, by Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post, March 30, 2017)
What? This Arch-Conservative and Ralph Nader agree? Read on!
Crash of Trumpcare Opens Door to Full Medicare for All, by Ralph Nader (Common Dreams, March 29, 2017)
U.S. Energy Department climate office bans use of phrase 'climate change' (Politico, March 29, 2017)
Lamar Smith claims climate scientists not following scientific method. Head of House Science Committee makes accusations he fails to back up. (Ars Technica, March 29, 2017)
Nuclear giant Westinghouse files for bankruptcy after costs skyrocketed (Ars Technica, March 29, 2017)
Trump kills Clean Power Plan, orders agencies to ignore climate change (Ars Technica, March 28, 2017)

[SHOCKER] Internet Security is Getting Worse (Ask Bob Rankin, March 29, 2017)
Three privacy tools that block your Internet provider from tracking you (PCWorld, March 29, 2017)
NEW: The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and the chump change it cost to buy them (The Verge, March 29, 2017)
Republicans Just Voted to Allow Internet Companies to Sell Your Browsing History (Time, March 28, 2017)
It's Time to Recognize a Civil Right Not to be Connected, by Andy  Updegrove (Standards Blog, March 27, 2017)
The uncrackable problem of end-to-end encryption. The government wants a backdoor into WhatsApp. But that won't happen - and it wouldn't fix the problem we have, either. (ZDNet, March 27, 2017)
The Apprentice: Donald Trump and Joe McCarthy, by Norman Pearlstine (Columbia Journal Review, March 27, 2017)
Norman Pearlstine is vice-chairman of Time Inc.
Trump Nominates 'Alligator' Clayton To Run SEC (Our Future, March 27, 2017)
(Including how Clayton and Trump hide helicopters and so much more in LLCs.)
Roger Stone's defense on everything is that he was lying the last time (Daily KOS, March 27, 2017)
House intelligence chairman reviewed surveillance documents at White House before briefing president
(Washington Post, March 27, 2017)
One of the most troubling ideas about climate change just found new evidence in its favor (Washington Post, March 27, 2017)
What the IEA Got Wrong on Its Energy Outlook
(EcoWatch, March 27, 2017)
Tillerson Wastes No Time: State Department Rewrites Climate Change Page (EcoWatch, March 27, 2017)
NEW: The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency. How Robert Mercer exploited America’s populist insurgency. (New Yorker, March 27, 2017)

From Russia, With Oil. Explosive Details in the Trump-Russia Investigation (Medium, March 26, 2017)
The Long, Twisted, and Bizarre History of the Trump-Russia Scandal. Here's the timeline you need to keep track of the controversy. (Mother Jones, March 24, 2017)
The plot to sell America's foreign policy for foreign oil _and_ steal an election in the bargain began at the Mayflower Hotel, by Seth Abramson (Twitter, March 23, 2017)

In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails (New York Times, March 24, 2017)
Donald Trump played a game of chicken with House Republicans. Then he blinked. Bigly. (Washington Post, March  24, 2017)
NEW: North Dakota Oil Spill Vastly Underestimated as Trump Approves KXL (EcoWatch, March 24, 2017)
As Trump administration grants approval for Keystone XL pipeline, an old fight is reignited (Washington Post, March 24, 2017)
Dan Rather: "Donald Trump Is A LOSER President" (Truth Examiner, March 24, 2017)
That's a well-deserved payback for Trump's, "Dan Rather's a loser" (CNN, 2007)
President Trump's cascade of false claims in Time's interview on his falsehoods (Washington Post, March 23, 2017)
Read President Trump's Interview With TIME on Truth and Falsehoods (Time Magazine, March 23, 2017)
GWB White House lawyer: "FBI uncovering evidence of treason. There is no other word for it."
(Daily KOS, March 23, 2017)
Nationalists are riding a wave of emotion (Boston Globe, March 23, 2017)
Sen. Franken's Statement on Senate Republican Vote to Kill Internet Privacy Protections (March 23, 2017)
The Devin Nunes/Trump/wiretapping controversy, explained (Vox, March 23, 2017)
Nunes's grandstanding proves he can't lead the Russia investigation (Washington Post, March 23, 2017)
Rep. Lieu statement on report of Trump associates' possible collusion with Russia (U.S. House of Representatives, March 23, 2017)
US officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians (CNN, March 23, 2017)
Ex-House intel counsel says Rep. Nunes tipping off Trump is 'breakdown in entire oversight process'
(Daily KOS, March 22, 2017)
NEW: Brace yourself, taxpayers: Trump's plutocracy doesn't come cheap (Washington Post, March 24, 2017)

The Secret Service has requested an extra $60 million for Trump family travel and protection (Daily KOS, March 22, 2017)
OPINION: Trump's Falsehoods Eroding Public Trust, At Home and Abroad (Fox News, March 22, 2017)
("... his seemingly endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods." "The President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims." And that's a conservative Wall Street Journal editorial - echoed by even more conservative Fox News!)
Merkley Blasts Trump, Conway, Bannon, Spicer and Republicans in Fiery Half-Hour Senate Speech (Daily KOS, March 22, 2017)
Unanimous Supreme Court overturns a Gorsuch decision ... in the middle of his confirmation hearing (Daily KOS, March 22, 2017)
Trump puts jobs at risk with his myopic economics (Washington Post, March 21, 2017)
Hacked text messages allegedly sent by Paul Manafort's daughter discuss 'blood money' and killings, and a Ukrainian lawyer wants him to explain (Business Insider, March 21, 2017)
'There's a Smell of Treason in the Air', by Michael Winship (Moyers and company, March 21, 2017)
The real bombshell of the House Intelligence Trump-Russia hearing happened in the hallway (Daily KOS, March 21, 2017)
Rep. Waters calls for commission, says 'Trump is a liar and FBI Director still has no credibility'
(Daily KOS, March 21, 2017)
The FBI did wiretap Trump Tower in 2013 - because it's filled with Russian mobsters (Daily KOS, March 21, 2017)

NEW: Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their John Deere Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware (Vice, March 21, 2017)
NEW: Mapping US gun murders at a micro level: new data zooms in on violence (Guardian, March 20,2017)

Read Rep. Adam Schiff's Opening Statement on Russian Meddling in the Election (Time Magazine, March 20, 2017)
Neil DeGrasse Tyson Twitter Bombs Trump - The Fastest Way To Make America Sick, Stupid & Weak... (Daily KOS, March 19, 2017)
What did I tell you about hiring Nazis? (Democratic Underground, March18, 2017)
Twitter Piles On Trump After 'Klusterfu**en' Angela Merk
el Visit (Huffington Post, March 17, 2017)
Trump administration appeals halt of travel ban (Los Angeles Times, March 17, 2017)
I spent much of this week in DC – talking w/ friends, former colleagues, pundits, and members of Congress in both parties. My verdict, by Robert Reich (Twitter, March 17, 2017)
(In above, see the "Elephant Chart" at March 17th in its Comments thread - or here.)
Trump flips science the bird with new budget. Cuts threaten US leadership in science, would result in widespread job losses. (Ars Technica, March 16, 2017)
NEW: "Morally Obscene" Trump Budget Proposal Stands to Make America Cruel Again (Common Dreams, March 16, 2017)
Portland man gathers over 300,000 signatures to 'remove healthcare subsidies' for Congress (The Oregonian, March 16, 2017)
Here's why the GOP is struggling to come up with a new healthcare plan: That wasn't the goal (Los Angeles Times, March 15, 2017)
The New Party of No. How a president and a protest movement transformed the Democrats. (New York Times, March13, 2017)

NEW: We can teach women to code, but that just creates another problem (Guardian, March 14, 2017)

NEW: California Judge Rules Against Monsanto, Allows Cancer Warning on Roundup (EcoWatch, March 11, 2017)

NEW: American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone (U.S. News, March 13, 2017)
NEW: US spies still won’t tell Congress the number of Americans caught in dragnet (Ars Technica, March 10,2017)
With WikiLeaks Claims of C.I.A. Hacking, How Vulnerable Is Your Smartphone? (New York Times, March 7, 2017)
WikiLeaks posts trove of CIA documents detailing mass hacking (CBS News, March 7, 2017)

NEW: EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming (CNBC, March 9, 2917)
To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security (Washington Post, March 7, 2017)

1990s Manifesto outlining Russia’s plans is starting to come true (, March 4, 2017)
Trump Just Implicated Himself In Russia Collusion Investigation With His Own Tweets (Occupy Democrats, March 4, 2017)
100 days of Trump claims; a running record of Our Lying President (to use his lingo) or The Emperor Trumps (to use someone else's) (Washington Post, March 3, 2017)

Presidential Economic Address (C-SPAN, February 28, 2017)
George W. Bush demands answers on Trump and Russia (ABC News, February 27, 2017)
Wilbur Ross is another Trump cabinet nominee with Russian connections (Daily KOS, February 27, 2017)
NEW: Unexpected deaths of six Russian diplomats in four months triggers conspiracy theories (Independent, February 27, 2017)
Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War (New Yorker, February 25, 2017)
Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories (Washington Post, February 24, 2017)
NEW: Trump and the 'madman theory' (Washington Post, February 23, 2017)
The Supreme Court Just Advanced A Lawsuit To Nullify The 2016 Election (OccupyDemocrats, February 23, 2017)

A Democratic Senator flies with John McCain to Munich (U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, CT, February 22, 2017)
NEW: Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast, by Michael Moore (Huffington Post, February 22, 2017)

NEW: Robots will take your job (Boston Globe, February 25, 2017)
Freaky February Heat Waves Trigger More Chills Over Climate Change. Hundreds of records have already been broken for the month.
(Huffington Post, February 24, 2017)
Tragic FDA reports of sick babies reveal toll of Hyland's homeopathic products (Ars Technica, February 21, 2017)
IBM's Watson proves useful at fighting cancer—except in Texas. Despite early success, MD Anderson ignored IT, broke protocols, spent millions. (Ars Technica, February 21, 2017)
Appeals Court Rules that Second Amendment Doesn't Protect Right to Assault Weapons (Slate, February 21, 2017)
Making a different case for guns as a public health issue. All the evidence backs up a strong connection between guns and suicide risk. (Ars Technica, February 21, 2017)
While surveys indicate the mental distress that triggers suicide is similar in all [U.S.] states, the suicide rates vary dramatically. The primary driver of this? The state's gun ownership rate. States with high rates of gun ownership average nearly seven times the suicide rate as those with low gun ownership, while non-gun suicides show no real pattern among the states. This trend has been identified in 20 different independent studies. Overall, the risk of death through suicide is estimated to be three times higher if there's a gun in the house."

What will we do when everything is automated?, by Robert Reselman (Open Source, February 20, 2017)
"When near total automation means there is no longer any work for most people to do, we need to come up with other means of survival."

Trump wasn't a real CEO. No wonder his White House is disorganized. (Washington Post, February 21, 2017)
NEW: Learning Eye-Popping Details About Mr. Slater (Talking Points Memo, February 19, 2017)
White House Staffer Leaks Disturbing Trump Mental Health Details (Bipartisan Report, February 17, 2017)
Trump's latest press-conference tantrum (Daily KOS, February 17, 2017)
How could things get worse for Trump? (W
ashington Post, February 16, 2017)
Inside Donald Trump's White House Chaos. T
he New York billionaire has witnessed the lesson of Samson: toppling the temple can be painful if you try it from the inside (Time, February 16, 2017)
(Don't miss the Time cover illustration, half-way through the above article! --Dick Miller)
In an erratic performance, President Trump shows his supporters who's boss (Washington Post, February 16, 2017)
House GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is bad news for the poor and sick (Fusion, February 17, 2017)
Gutiérrez On Being Asked To Leave ICE Meeting In Capitol By Speaker Ryan And Chairman Goodlatte (U.S. Rep. Luis Guti
érrez, February 16, 2017)
Republican Health Proposal Would Redirect Money From Poor to Rich (New York Times, February16, 2017)
Betsy DeVos's Brother Is Setting Up A Private Army For China, Sources Say (Buzzfeed, February 16, 2017)
FCC commissioner says that very high-speed internet is a 'novelty' (Daily KOS, February 16, 2017)
Pick Your Poison: Leading candidate for Trump's science advisor calls climate change a cult. Both picks support science, doubt its conclusions. (Ars Technica, February 15, 2017)
NEW: 55 Paths To Putin (The Trump Watchdog, February 14, 2017)

4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump. Trump's younger supporters know he's an incompetent joke; in fact, that's why they support him, by Dale Beran (Medium, February 14, 2017)
"We know, by this point, that Trump is funny. Even to us leftists, horrified by his every move, he is hilarious. Someone who is all brash confidence and then outrageously incompetent at everything he does is  -  from an objective standpoint  -  comedy gold. Someone who accuses his enemies of the faults he at that very moment is portraying is comedy gold. But, strangely, as the left realized after the election, pointing out Trump was a joke was not helpful. In fact, Trump's farcical nature didn't seem to be a liability; rather, to his supporters, it was an asset."
NEW, also see: The Kind of Comedy That Can Hurt Trump (New Yorker, January 27, 2017)

NEW: Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age
(CNBC, February 13, 2017)
Diehard Coders Just Rescued NASA's Earth Science Data (Wired, February 13, 2017)
NEW: A US-born NASA scientist was detained at the border until he unlocked his/NASA's phone (The Verge, February 12, 2017)

Russian Spy Ship Spotted off New York Coast, farthest a Russian spy ship has advanced up the Eastern Seaboard. (Patch, February 15, 2017)
It's bigger than Flynn. New Russia revelations widen Trump's credibility gap.
(Washington Post, February 15, 2017)
Dan Rather: Trump's Russia Scandal Could Rival Watergate (Huffington Post, February 14, 2017)

White House says Trump knew three weeks ago that Flynn misled on contacts with Russia
(Los Angeles Times, February 14, 2017)
On "The Today Show", Kellyanne Conway struggles to defend Trump and Flynn on Russia scandal (Daily KOS, February 14, 2017)
Ethics Watchdog Denounces Conway's Endorsement of Ivanka Trump Products (New York Times, February 14, 2017)
Russian spy ship patrolling off U.S. East Coast (CBS News, February 14, 2017)
Russia Deploys Missile, Violating Treaty and Challenging Trump
(New York Times, February 14, 2017)
NEW: Upheaval is now standard operating procedure inside the White House (Washington Post, February 13, 2017)
Steve Mnuchin Is No Joe Kennedy and He's Unfit for His New Gig (Our Future, February 13, 2017)
Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn resigns over contacts with Russia (Los Angeles Times, February 13, 2017)
The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins. Intelligence Community pushes back against a White House it considers leaky, untruthful and penetrated by the Kremlin. (Observer, February 12, 2017)
NEW: How the Trump regime was manufactured by a war inside the Deep State (Medium, February 10, 2017)
"A systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction."
When the Fire Comes, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, February 10, 2017)
The Tech Resistance Awakens; Silicon Valley employees are emerging as a potent group of anti-Trump activists. (Backchannel, February 9, 2017)
The Alt-Right Is A Doomsday Cult (Medum, February 10, 2017)
Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable. Trump's top adviser thinks we're in "the great Fourth Turning in American history."(Huffington Post, February 8,2017)
Der Spiegel: Trump Beheading Cover About "Defending Democracy" (Reuters, February 5, 2017)
First on the White House agenda – the collapse of the global order. Next, war?, by Jonathan Freedland (The Guardian, February 4, 2017)
Kellyanne Conway made up a fake terrorist attack to justify Trump’s "Muslim ban" (Vox, February 3, 2017)
NEW: Did President Jimmy Carter ban Iranian nationals from entering the U.S. in a manner similar to Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslims? (Snopes, June 18, 2016)

Activists call for national general strike in the US to bring down Donald Trump (Independent, February 2, 2017)
"These protests are too easily ignored and forgotten by those who wish to ignore and forget them."
At this dangerous point in our history, we must confront a bitter truth: any political system that can allow Donald Trump to come to power is not a system worth keeping."
"We refuse to shop or otherwise participate in the rigged economy that Trump presides over and is beholden to. In this way, we defy the establishment and create an opening for reconstitution."

, 115th U.S. Congress (2017-2018) - To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency, by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-FL (February 3, 2017)
Kochs put political muscle into Gorsuch fight (USA Today, February 1, 2017)
"Throughout his career, Gorsuch has argued against vague interpretations of statutes which allow federal agencies to remain unaccountable to citizens."
Unapologetic Kansas Air Patrol Officer To Legislator: "This Bitch Needs To Swing From A Tree" (Daily KOS, February 1, 2017)
Sometimes (see below), honesty doesn't help.
Politicians aiming to cut Social Security and Medicare use weasel words to hide their plans. Let's call them on it. (Los Angeles Times, February 1, 2017)
NEW: Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump (Independent, February 1, 2017)

Budweiser Just Trolled Trump With This Amazing 1-minute Super Bowl Ad (Occupy Democrats, February 1, 2017)

The Data That Turned The World Upside Down (Motherboard, January 28, 2017)
Surprise: "Pretty much every message that Trump put out was data-driven." All that flipping around was by design?
Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Alexander Nix explains how Cambridge Analytica uses Big Data and a similar psychometric tool to help propel Donald Trump to victory. (YouTube, 11 min., 2016)
No surprise: Steve Bannon was on the Board of Cambridge Analytica.

NEW: Linux and open-source leaders oppose the President's immigration policy. (ZDNet, January 31, 2017)
The Writing of "Silent Spring": Rachel Carson and the Culture-Shifting Courage to Speak Inconvenient Truth to Power, by Maria Popova (Brain Pickings, January 27, 2017)

NEW: Tesla's Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass. Three new plants in California show how lithium-ion storage is ready to power the grid. (Bloomberg, January 30, 2017)

NEW: Why Trump’s universalizing of the Holocaust matters to the Jews (JTA, January 29, 2017)

"Not all victims were Jews, but all Jews were victims." --
Elie Wiesel
"After the Holocaust took away so much from the Jews, we must not take the Holocaust itself away from the Jews." --Ron Dermer, Israel's ambassador to the U.S.

The French ponder 'joie de vivre' in a work-free future (Digital Journal, January 27, 2017)

NEW: I Was Trained for the Culture Wars in Home School, Awaiting Someone Like Mike Pence as a Messiah (Autostraddle, January 26, 2017)
I was homeschooled and my parents were part of a subculture called Quiverfull, whose aim is to outbreed everyone for Jesus. I was taught by every pastor I encountered that it was our job as Christians to outbreed the secularists (anyone not a far-right evangelical Protestant) and take over the government through sheer numbers. ... This Christofascist takeover of the US government, has been in the works for decades. When evangelical conservatism started becoming popular and more mainstream around the 1970s, the foundation was being laid for the tragedy playing out right now."

Backstabbing Republican introduces bill to give away public lands, end Forest Service (Daily KOS, January 26, 2017)

NEW: Johns Hopkins' Top Psychotherapist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis Of President Trump (Bipartisan Report,January 27,2017)
Orwell’s "1984" and Trump's America, by Adam Gopnik (New Yorker, January 27, 2017)

Kushner, Spicer, Bannon, others registered to vote in 2 states (Philadelphia Inquirer, January 26, 2017)
Inquirer Editorial: Trump's first days resemble those of a dictator (Philadelphia Inquirer, January 26
, 2017)
Donald Trump's stunning first major interview as president, annotated (Washington Post, January 26, 2017)
Trump's FBI boss, Attorney General picks reckon your encryption's getting backdoored. This isn't going to end well. (The Register, January 25, 2017)
How To Cover President Trump: 5 News Rules Of Engagement For The Press, by Lauren Stiller Rikleen (WBUR Cognoscenti, January 25, 2017)
Lies of a magnitude and scale that they not only are crashing into a wall of facts and reason, but of sanity, by Dan Rather (Facebook, January 25, 2017)

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich. Some of the wealthiest people in America - in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond - are getting ready for the crackup of civilization. (New Yorker, January 24, 2017)

Trump's Road to the White House: An investigation of how Donald Trump defied expectations to win the presidency. (1-hour PBS video; January 24, 2017)

Hill Republicans want answers. On Wednesday, Trump gave them only more questions — and fresh headaches.
(Washington Post, January 26, 2017)
The State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned (Washington Post, January 26, 2017)
Trump just made a vocal opponent of today's 'open internet' laws the next FCC boss (Business Insider, January 23, 2017)

Steve Bannon’s War on the Press (New Yorker, January 27, 2017)
Al Gore will host canceled climate change summit (The Hill, January 26, 2017)
Facing Information Crackdown, Federal Agencies Go 'Rogue' on Twitter (Common Dreams, January 26, 2017)
Trump administration tells EPA to cut climate page from website (Reuters, January 25, 2017)
The first casualty of American politics? The truth. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 24, 2017)
NEW: Foreign Payments to Trump Firms Violate Constitution, Suit Will Claim (New York Times, January 22, 2017)
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders: "This "anti-establishment" president raised at least $100 million from some of the most powerful special interests in the country for his inaugural events. Mr. Trump is not an anti-establishment president. He and his billionaire friends ARE the establishment and the American people will learn that very soon."
(Elite Daily, January 22, 2017)
Trump "alternative facts": The press has never seen anything like this before, by Dan Rather (Facebook, January 22, 2017)
Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times More People Than Trump’s Inauguration (New York Times, January 22, 2017)

Proposed: Scientists' March on Washington; the responsible application of science to government (Scientists' March on Washington, January 21, 2017)

I Was at Trump’s Inauguration. It Was Tiny. (The Nation, January 23, 2017)
The Science Of Trump's Inaugural Address. It was written on an 8th-grade level. But there's a lot more going on. (Politico, January 21, 2017)
Trump Lays Down His Law. In a terrifying speech, the new president made clear that freedom and justice are not his concern.
(Slate, January 20, 2017)
Small Inauguration turn-out (Slate,
January 20, 2017)
 I'm Sorry That You No Longer Want to be My Friend (DailyKOS, January 20, 2017)

Donald Trump’s full Inauguration Speech transcript, annotated (Washington Post, January 20, 2017)
Donald Trump Inauguration: Protests Break Out in Downtown Washington (New York Times, January 20, 2017)
Donald Trump’s through-the-looking-glass presidency starts today
(Washington Post, January 20, 2017)
After helping deliver Trump victory, the prize comes at a high price
(Washington Post, January 20, 2017)
NEW: The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump The Election Is In Plain Sight (Huffington Post, January 18, 2017)

Feds sue nation's largest student loan servicer, accusing it of cheating borrowers (Los Angeles Times, January 18, 2017)

NEW: Betsy DeVos Wants to Use America's Schools to Build "God's Kingdom". Trump's education secretary pick has spent a lifetime working to end public education as we know it. (Mother Jones, January 17, 2017)

The decline of trust in America (Metrowest Daily News, January 16, 2017)

NEW: The 16 countries with the world's best healthcare systems (Business Insider, January 13, 2017)

Parker: Did we really elect Donald Trump? (Washington Post, January 13, 2017)
How Reality TV Builds Narrative Is Crucial to Understanding Trump (Vulture, January 12, 2016)
Congresswoman Barbara Lee to Boycott Inauguration of Donald Trump (Congresswoman Barbara Lee, January 12, 2017)

The REINS Act, The Most Dangerous Bill You've Never Heard of, Just Passed the House (Buzzflash, January 11, 2017)

Meryl Streep Just Slammed Trump in the Best Acceptance Speech Ever (Occupy Democrats, January 9, 2017)
Trump Just Responded to Meryl Streep’s Acceptance Speech With A Tantrum
(Occupy Democrats, January 9, 2017)
NEW: If Obama is a Muslim, is Trump a Russian spy? (Washington Post, January 8, 2017)
Keith Olbermann Finally Said About Trump What Nobody Has The Guts To
(Occupy Democrats, January 8, 2017)

NEW: Society Could Collapse In A Decade, Predicts Math Historian (Huffington Post, January 6, 2017)

Election Connections: Russia (Daily KOS, January 8, 2017)
Trump, Putin, and the Big Hack (The New Yorker, January 6, 2017)
NEW: Declassified report says Putin ‘ordered’ effort to undermine faith in U.S. election and help Trump (Washington Post, January 6, 2017)
NEW: The US intelligence community report on Russian activities in the 2016 election (Washington Post, January 6, 2017)
NEW: U.S. intercepts capture senior Russian officials celebrating Trump win (Washington Post, January 5, 2017)
Joint DHS, ODNI, FBI Statement on Russian Malicious Cyber Activity (U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, December 29, 2016)
Also see:

How to Hack an Election: Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. (Bloomberg, March 31, 2016)
"My job was to do actions of dirty war and psychological operations, black propaganda, rumors—the whole dark side of politics that nobody knows exists but everyone can see."
"When I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality, I discovered that I had the power to make people believe almost anything."

NEW: Tanzanian Farmers Face 12 Years In Prison For Selling Seeds As They've Done For Generations (Techdirt, January 3, 2017)

NEW: India’s Call-Center Talents Put to a Criminal Use: Swindling Americans (New York Times, January 3, 2017)

NEW: 'Church Militant' Theology Is Put to New and Politicized Use (New York Times, December 30, 2016)
A Russian Analyst Just Revealed The Chilling Truth About Putin and Trump (Occupy Democrats, December 24, 2016)
Trump National Security Adviser Met With Leader Of Party Founded By Nazis (Huffington Post, December 20, 2016)
Trump's budget director wants the government to stop funding scientific research (Daily KOS, December 19, 2016)
Two Trump Companies Discovered In Cyprus, EU's Russian Off-Shore Banking Haven (Huffington Post, December 19, 2016)

Is Donald Trump Mentally Ill? 3 Professors Of Psychiatry Ask President Obama To Conduct 'A Full Medical And Neuropsychiatric Evaluation' (Huffington Post, Deccember 20, 2017)

How Liberals Got the Electoral College Wrong (Slate, December 19, 2016)

NEW: OxyContin opiod goes global - "We’re only just getting started." (Los Angeles Times, December 18, 2016)

NEW: More than 1 million OxyContin pills ended up in the hands of criminals and addicts. What the drugmaker knew
. (Los Angeles Times, July 10, 2016)
NEW: "You want a description of hell?" OxyContin’s 12-hour problem
(Los Angeles Times, May 5, 2016)
NEW: Abuse-resistant OxyContin will be only version available: FDA (Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2013)
Barack Obama’s presidency will be defined by his failure to face down Assad. The US president’s indifference to chemical warfare led to the trail of violence that reached as far as Europe (The Guadian, December 18, 2016)

Trump using abuser playbook to manipulate the country (Daily KOS, December 17, 2016)

The Rise of the Alt-Center. Why did establishment liberals fall in love with a deranged Twitter thread? It’s time for some game theory, by Sam Kriss (Slate, December 16, 2016)

Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt (New York Times, December 16, 2016)

Nine Ways to Oppose Donald Trump (New Yorker, December 16, 2016)

Bernie Sanders In A Candid Conversation With Sarah Silverman (YouTube, December 16, 2016)

NEW: The Crowdsourced Guide to Fighting Trump’s Agenda (New Yorker, December 16th, 2016)
Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda (December 14, 2016)

NEW: Solar Just Became the World’s Cheapest Form of Electricity Out of Nowhere (Fortune, December 15, 2016)
NEW: The Great A.I. Awakening: How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services - and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself. (New York Times, December 14, 2017)
NEW: Bill Gates joins $170bn climate change investment club (The Register, December 13, 2016)

Here’s The Evidence Russia Hacked The Democratic National Committee (Time, December 13, 2016)

Trump shuns scientists, taps 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant to oversee nuclear weapons (Daily KOS, December 13, 2016)

New York should seize Trump Tower, by Catherine Rampell (
Washington Post, December 12, 2016)

Trump, CIA on collision course over Russia’s role in U.S. election (Washington Post, December 10, 2016)

Stung by criticism, Trump goes after local union leader (Rachel Maddow Show, December 8, 2016)
Trump's Carrier jobs triumph looks more like a sham every day (Los  Angeles Times, December 7, 2016)

Thank you, Trump voters, for this wonderful joke, by Garrison Keillor (Washington Post, December 6, 2016)
Pulling the Lever for Doomsday; Or How Donald Trump Changed Everything (2016-2020), by John Feffer, author of Splinterlands (TomDispatch, December 6, 2016)

Snowden: Petraeus disclosed more 'highly classified' information than I did (The Hill, December 4, 2016)

This is the most dangerous time for our planet, by Stephen Hawking (The Guardian, December 1, 2016)
NEW: Frightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it, by George Monbiot (The Guardian, November 30, 2016)

The Most Dangerous Country on Earth, by Tom Engelhardt (TomDispatch, December 1, 2016).

House Energy and Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Security of Internet of Things (National Law Review, December 1, 2016)

Even The Internet Archive Is Moving To Canada Because Of Trump (Gothamist, November 30, 2016)

She phubbs me, she phubbs me not: Smartphones could be ruining your love life (The Conversation, November 28, 2016)

NEW: The Enduring Scandal of Trump University (New Yorker, November 20, 2016)

I had a health crisis in France. I’m here to tell you that 'socialized medicine' is terrific (Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2016)

America’s Top Spy Talks Snowden Leaks and Our Ominous Future (Wired, November 17, 2016)

US Military Plans to Dump 20,000 Tons of Heavy Metals and Explosives Into the Oceans (Truth-out, November 15, 2016)

NEW: The Electoral College is the Fail-Safe for our Country, by Elector Bret Chiafalo (Hamilton Electors, November 28, 2016)
NEW: Trump’s lies have a purpose. They are an assault on democracy. Donald Trump is winning the war on reality. Welcome to the age of nightmares, by Nick Resnikoff (ThinkProgress, November 27, 2016)
Coping with Chaos in the White House - Narcissistic Personality Disorder and the President-Elect, by N. Ziehl (Medium, November 27, 2016)
Education, Not Income, Predicted Who Would Vote For Trump, by Nate Silver (FiveThirtyEight, November 24, 2016)
Outraged by the election? It could be because you moralize rationality. (Ars Technica, November 23, 2016)
Persuasion versus Populism (Scott Adams' Blog, November 21, 2016)
Get Over It! (Esther Makower, November 21, 2016)
NEW: The presidential election, illness as indicator. Local health outcomes predict Trumpward swings (Economist, November 19, 2016)
NEW: Q&A: Electors almost always follow the vote in their state, by Bill Barrow (Associated Press, November 19, 2016)
Demagogue defined (
One 'crazy' hiring decision, by
(MetroWest Daily News, November 19, 2016)
Trump’s big infrastructure plan? It’s a trap, by Ronald A. Klain (Washington Post, November 18, 2016)
Donald Trump’s Plan to Purge the Nation (New York Times, November 18, 2016)
What Student Protests Tell Us About America Under Trump (Our Future, November 18, 2016)
NEW: Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump, hypocrisy in America (CBS This Morning, November 17, 2016)
"Did Not Vote" won the election last week, by John Hudson (MetroWest Daily News, November 17, 2016)
10 stocks that had double digit gains on Trump’s win that are terrifying (Bullshitist, November 17, 2016)
Facebook fake-news writer: 'I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me'
(Washington Post, November 17, 2016)
437 acts of hatred and harassment in week since Donald Trump's win (Daily KOS, November 17, 2016)
Washington GOPer Proposes Charging Protesters With 'Economic Terrorism' (Talking Points Memo, November 17, 2016)
Brooklyn Professor Forced Into Psych Ward for 'Threatening' White People on Twitter (Williamsburg Patch, November 16, 2016)
NSA chief: 'Nation state' intervened in presidential election 'to achieve a specific effect' (Daily KOS, November 16, 2016)
NEW: A new era: our elections now will be decided by hackers and leaked data (The Guardian, November 16, 2016)
NEW: Ethnic Votes Stolen in Crucial States Helped Fix US Election For Trump, Reveals Greg Palast (London Economic, November 16, 2016)
The forecasts were wrong. Trump won. What happened? (Daily KOS, November 16, 2016)
Did Steve Bannon make Trump an offer he couldn't refuse? (Daily KOS, November 16, 2016)
This Is How Steve Bannon Sees The Entire World. The soon-to-be White House chief strategist laid out a global vision in a rare 2014 talk. (BuzzFeed, November 15, 2016)
NEW: Blame Trump’s Victory on College-Educated Whites, Not the Working Class. Reporters seeking to understand his voters should head to the suburbs. (New Republic, November 15, 2016)
NEW: Trump owes us his tax returns now more than ever (Washington Post, November 15, 2016)

NEW: Companies To Avoid If You Don’t Want To Fund The Apocalypse (Huffington Post, November 15, 2016)
This Post-Election Pain Is Good, At Least for Art (Vulture, November 14, 2016)
Democrats Need a Tea Party of the Left (New Republic, November 14, 2016)
"A grassroots insurrection successfully transformed the Republican Party. Progressives need to emulate it."
How to Break an Illusion (Scott Adams' Blog, November 14, 2016)
12 Notes From a Political Autopsy, by Richard Eskow (Our Future, November 13, 2016)
'We're called redneck, ignorant, racist. That's not true': Trump supporters explain why they voted for him (Los Angeles Times, November 13, 2016)
What Now?, by Sean Patrick Hughes (Chartwell West, November 12, 2016)
Donald Trump Will Absolutely HATE Being President, And Citizens Will Suffer For It (Daily KOS, November 13, 2016)
NEW: Thanks, Trump! What he got right about American democracy, by Kevin Baker (New Republic, November 11, 2016)
NEW: Trump will have vast powers. He can thank Democrats for them, by Glenn Greenwald (November 11, 2016)
NEW: President-Elect Donald Trump, by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (Medium, November 10, 2016)
NEW: An American Tragedy (The New Yorker, November 9, 2016)
Donald Trump Prepares for White House Move, but His Tower May Still Beckon (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
A List of Pro-Women, Pro-Immigrant, Pro-Earth, Anti-Bigotry Organizations That Need Your Support (Jezebel, November 9, 2016)

NEW: White and wealthy voters gave victory to Donald Trump, exit polls show (Guardian, November 9, 2016)
TRUMP TRIUMPHS (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
Donald Trump Is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
World Awakes to Shock and Uncertainty at Trump’s Victory (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
Donald Trump’s Victory Promises to Upend the International Order (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
How Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
Voters Find Long Lines and a Range of Irritants, but No Outright Disruption (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
Many people are happy that Massachusetts just legalized recreational marijuana. 'Thank Christ. Looks like we'll need it.' (Boston Globe, November 9, 2016)
Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. The people we elect aren't the ones calling the shots, says Tufts University’s Michael Glennon (Boston Globe, November 9, 2016)
Donald Trump’s Shocking Success, by Frank Bruni (New York Times, November 9, 2016)
Donald Trump’s Revolt (New York Times, November 9, 2016)

Trump may not get the chance to destroy our Constitution - but Ted Cruz just might (Daily KOS, November 6, 2016)
"The Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania was once the largest country in Europe by territory, and in the 18th century had a voting franchise that was one of the most democratic in the West at that time. Yet it got literally carved up by its neighbors. Why? Because its government ceased to function."

The Democrats' Fight Over Finance (New Yorker, November 7, 2016)
NEW: Elon Musk: Robots will take your jobs, government will have to pay your wage (CNBC, November 4, 2016)
Behind the Job Numbers, Millions Are Being Left Behind (Daily KOS, November 4, 2016)
Trump supporters vastly overestimate unemployment — and they blame politicians for it (Washington Post, November 2, 2016)
Why Is Washington Still Pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership? (The Nation, November 3, 2016)
NEW: El Salvador Ruling Offers a Reminder of Why the TPP Must Be Defeated (The Nation, October 19, 2016)
Sometimes, your trade deficit is thrust upon you (Washington Post, October 31, 2016)
"The U.S. winners from globalization have failed not only to compensate those hurt by it. They have also taken their winnings and, in our heavily money-driven political system, used them to buy policy changes — tax cuts, less government, deregulation — that further hurt those already hit by trade."
Infrastructure: Can We Finally Think Big? (American Prospect, October 31, 2016)
Obamacare’s Biggest Problem is Profit, Not Government (Campaign for America's Future, October 31, 2016)

Hillary Clinton's Bad Promise on Debt (New York Times, October 30, 2016)
Richer but Not Better Off (New York Times, October 29, 2016)
"Underbanked" Report Shows Need For Postal Bankiner embvg (Campaign for America's Future, October 27, 2016)
Grassroots Victory: Second-Biggest County in U.S. Raises Minimum Wage (Campaign for America's Future, October 26, 2016)
What Does It Take to Survive Where You Live? (Campaign for America's Future, October 26, 2016)

Time to Move the Standing Rock Pipeline (New York Times, November 3, 2016)
The Dakota Access pipeline would carry some of the dirtiest oil on the planet across four states, putting at risk farms, native land, critical water sources, and our fight against climate change. Hillary Clinton said only that both sides need to come together to find a solution. That's not good enough. (Our Revolution, October 30, 2016)
Jury acquits leaders of Malheur wildlife-refuge standoff (Associated Press, October 28, 2016)
Upstate-NY nuke plants bailout among biggest in NY history (Poughkeepsie Journal, October 27, 2016)
Shots reportedly fired, 141 arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline protests. (Seattle Times, October 27, 2016)
"What good is oil to North Dakota if we can’t send it somewhere? What do we want to get it from the Arabs? We see how many problems that gave us." Right; and Global Climate Change must be a hoax.
Labor boss slams ‘bottom-feeding’ unions opposing pipeline (The Hill, October 26, 2016)
Al Gore opposes Dakota Access Pipeline; Jesse Jackson to join DAP protest (Washington Post, October 25, 2016)
83 arrested at Standing Rock yesterday, Dakota Access Pipeline wants war. Native drones shot down! (Daily KOS, October 23, 2016)
NEW: Dakota pipeline showdown at Standing Rock: When a powerful corporate chief is resisted by defenders of Native American ceremonial grounds, by Jim Hightower (Salon, October 23, 2016)

Damn those dress codes! Young feminists are taking a stand. (Daily KOS, October 23, 2016)

Election maps are telling you big lies about small things (Washington Post, November 1, 2016)
Hate our electoral system? Here's who could have been president under other setups. (Washington Post, November 1, 2016)
The Dangers of Donald Trump (New York Times, October 29, 2016)
The Dangers of Hillary Clinton (New York Times, October 22, 2016)

Let’s Not Do This Again, by David Brooks (New York Times, November 8, 2016)
What Happened on Election Day (New York Times, November 8, 2016)
Donald Trump Cannot Be President of the United States (Rolling Stone, November 7, 2016)
"The time has come for voters to decide what it truly means to be an American."
The Real Voter Fraud (New York Times, November 8, 2016)
How to Rig an Election, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, November 7, 2016)
We are never going to see Donald Trump's taxes (Daily KOS, November 7, 2016)
Comey: Three wrongs just make it wronger (Daily KOS, November 7, 2016)
A Texas-sized toss up (Daily KOS, November 6, 2016)
NEW: US elections: a 'referendum on bigotry' (Avaaz, November 6, 2016)
Inside Donald Trump’s Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance (New York Times,, November 6, 2016)
Trump Rolls Out Anti-Semitic Closing Ad (Talking Points Memo, November 5, 2016)
Republicans are now vowing Total War. And the consequences could be immense. (Washington Post, November 3, 2016)
An apolitical 'relentlessly fair' FBI was always a fiction (Daily KOS, November 3, 2016)
Donald Trump’s Income Isn’t Always What He Says It Is, Records Suggest (New York Times, November 3, 2016)
A Trump Tower Goes Bust in Canada (Politico, November 3, 2016)
My journey to the center of the Alt-Right (Huffington Post, November 3, 2016)
White nationalists plot Election Day show of force (Politico, November 2, 2016)
Trump’s Links to Russia Are Real (Commentary, November 1, 2016)
Trump campaign denies report of Trump Organization tie to Russian bank (The Guardian, November 1, 2016)
FBI Making Inquiry Into Ex-Trump Campaign Manager's Foreign Ties (NBC News, November 1, 2016)
A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump (Mother Jones, October 31,2016)
What Trump's Tax Returns Could Tell Us About His Dealings with Russia (Politico, October 31,2016)
Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia? (Slate, October 31, 2016)
Donald Trump is refusing to pay his campaign pollster three-quarters of a million dollars (Washington Post, October 31, 2016)
Donald Trump Used Legally Dubious Method to Avoid Paying Taxes (New York Times, October 31, 2016)
Donald Trump's Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders (Newsweek,October 31, 2016)
NEW: Open Letter from the Social Media Director of the Stein/Baraka Campaign (Jill2016, October 31, 2016)
Poll: Comey’s bombshell changes few votes (Politico, October 31, 2016)
Who is the power behind the Manchurian Candidate? (Daily KOS, October 31, 2016)
U.S. Senator Harry Reid to FBI Director James Comey: Now, about Trump's Russian links? (U.S. Senate, October 30, 2016)
On Clinton Emails, Did the F.B.I. Director Abuse His Power? (New York Times, October 30, 2016)
James Comey is damaging our democracy (Washington Post, October 29, 2016)
Comey, Clinton and This Steaming Mess (New York Times, October 29, 2016)
Exclusive: FBI still does not have warrant to review new Abedin emails linked to Clinton probe (Yahoo News, October 29, 2016)
Justice Dept. Strongly Discouraged Comey on Move in Clinton Email Case (New York Times, October 29, 2016)
NEW: Does James Comey Have Ties To Donald Trump? Trump Has Criticized Comey In The Past (Romper, October 28, 2016)
Can the FBI Sway an Election? (The Atlantic, October 28, 2016)
'This Changes Everything': Donald Trump Exults as Hillary Clinton’s Team Scrambles (New York Times, October 28, 2016)
Emails in Anthony Weiner Inquiry Jolt Hillary Clinton’s Campaign (New York Times, October 28, 2016)
Why is Chelsea Clinton still having her henchmen run smear pieces against Jill Stein? (Inquisitr, October 27, 2016)
Jill Stein Responds to Daily Beast Smear Attack By Calling for Disclosure of Chelsea Clinton's Role as Director of Beast’s Parent Corporation (Jill2016, October 27, 2016)
Behind the retreat of the Koch brothers' operation (Politico, October 27, 2016)
Money Flows Down Ballot as Donald Trump Is Abandoned by Big Donors; Even Himself (New York Times, October 27, 2016)
Trump boasts about his philanthropy. But his giving falls short of his words. (Washington Post, October 29,2016)
Donald Trump Has Nickel And Dimed Local Governments On Taxes, Too (Huffington Post, October 26,2016)
DNC Launches Broad Legal Attack On RNC Over Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Crusade (Talking Points Memo, October 26, 2016)
Hostility Awaits Clinton (American Prospect, October 26, 2016)
The Yale Record Does Not Endorse Hillary Clinton (Yale Record, October 26, 2016)
Hillary Clinton’s Resounding Mandate (New York Times, October 26, 2016)
Senior House Republicans fighting for their lives (The Hill, October 26, 2016)
Watch the Persuasion Battle (Scott Adams' Blog, October 26, 2016)
NEW: Michael Moore: People will vote for Donald Trump as a giant "F**k you" -- and he’ll win
(Salon, October 26, 2016)
How White Nationalists Learned To Love Donald Trump (Politico, October 25, 2016)
Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular Politician in America (Mother Jones, October 25, 2016)
Can Zephyr Teachout's radical optimism prevail in the Hudson Valley? (The Nation, October 25, 2016)
Warren's power on the rise (The Hill, October 26, 2016)
Warren wing wants Clinton to crack down on Apple, Google and Amazon (Politico, October 25, 2016)
Liberals Hope Elizabeth Warren Will Serve as Clinton’s Scrutinizer in Chief (New York Times, October 24, 2016)
How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul (The Atlantic, October 24, 2016)
The 282 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List (New York Times, October 23, 2016)
Prominent First Amendment Attorneys Offer to Defend Trump Accusers for Free (Law Newz, October 23, 2016)
The New Yorker Endorses Hillary Clinton (New Yorker magazine, October 23, 2016)
Hating Hillary: America’s probable next president is deeply reviled. Why? (The Economist, October 22, 2016)
The Media's Moment of Truth (New York Times, October 22, 2016)
In historic Gettysburg, Lincoln spoke of unity; Trump complained of a 'totally rigged' system (Washington Post, October 22, 2016)
Also see its Gettyburg/"Honest Don" parodies, in Black Humor link.
NEW: "Michael Moore in TrumpLand": A film whose surprising healing power is needed now more than ever (Salon, October 22, 2016)

NEW: How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul. In the 1970s, a new wave of post-Watergate liberals stopped fighting monopoly power. The result is an increasingly dangerous political system, by Matt Stoller (The Atlantic, October 24, 2016)

The Inevitability of Being Hacked (The Atlantic, October 28, 2016)
Your DVR Didn’t Take Down the Internet—Yet (Wired, October 25, 2016)
How to Hack a Presidential Election, by Andy Updegrove (Consortium Info, October 22, 2016)
Mirai-Fueled IoT Botnet Behind DDoS Attacks on DNS Providers (
ThreatPost, October 22, 2016)
Dyn Confirms DDoS Attack Affecting Twitter, Github, Many Others (ThreatPost, October 21, 2016)

Most states have no laws about guns in polling places. Some election officials think that could be a problem. (Washington Post, October 21, 2016)

WikiLeaks poisons Hillary's relationship with left (Politico, October 21, 2016)

NEW: Ken Burns: Trump is using Nazi playbook (CNN 2-min. video, October 20, 2016)
NEW: A Trump Debate Moment Which Destroys a Tenet of Republican Philosophy (Daily KOS, October 20, 2016)
Trailing with time running out, Trump has a new (old) proposal (Rachel Maddow Show, October 19, 2016)
Tuesday Trump Dump: More witnesses, more conspiracies, and one more deeply icky debate (Daily KOS, October 18, 2016)
NEW: Teaching Seventh Graders in a ‘Total Mess’ of an Election Season (New York Times, October 18, 2016)
Also see The Trump Effect: The impact of the presidential campaign on our nation’s schools (Teaching Tolerance; a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center)
NEW: 'Please God don't give this man the nuclear codes': 'Ghostwriter' of Donald Trump's 'The Art of the Deal' warns that Trump could cause atomic Armageddon - but says The Donald 'has given up' on winning election. (Daily Mail, October 16, 2016)

NEW: The white flight of Derek Black (Washington Post, October 15, 2016)

NEW: Monetary policy has an enormous impact on politics. It's time for a radical rethink (Positive Money), by Fran Boait (The Guardian, October 12, 2016)

Benghazi Middleman Tied To Unaoil Bribery Scandal, Source Told FBI. (Huffington Post, October 11, 2016)
This is the Benghazi investigation you should actually read.

The Era of Women (Scott Adams' Blog, October 13, 2016)
NEW: First Lady Michelle Obama took the podium in New Hampshire in a moment of clarity, by Dan Rather (Facebook, October 13, 2016)
NEW: The Illuminating but Unsurprising Content of Clinton's Paid Speeches (New Yorker, October 12, 2016)
How the Washington Post killed Bernie Sanders' candidacy (New York Post, October 12, 2016)
How One 19-Year-Old Illinois Man Is Distorting National Polling Averages (New York Times, October 12, 2016
Trumpism After Trump (New York Times, October 11, 2016)
Trump Supporters Are Threatening To Overthrow The Government If Hillary Clinton Wins (PoliticusUSA, October 11, 2016)
Trump campaign CEO wanted to destroy Ryan (The Hill, October 11, 2016)
With the 'shackles' off, Trump takes aim at Paul Ryan (MSNBC, October 11, 2016)
With new vigor, Trump pushes for Clinton's imprisonment (MSNBC, October 11, 2016)
Donald Trump, Putin's puppet (Washington Post editorial, October 10, 2016)
Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal, by Kurt Eichenwald (Newsweek, October 10, 2016)
A lie travels from Russian intelligence to Trump's lips in less than one day.
Remember when Republicans were hysterical about daughters and wives being groped in bathrooms? (Daily KOS, October 10, 2016)
Some Tax Facts for Donald Trump, by Warren E. Buffet (Business Wire, October 10, 2016)
Trump's Most Disturbing Debate Moment was his Threat to our Democracy. Updtd: Trump's Inner Dictator (Daily KOS, October 10, 2016)
A dark debate: Trump and Clinton spend 90 minutes on the attack (Washington Post, October 10, 2016)
Two post-Debate posts by Dan Rather (October 10, 2016)
Hillary Clinton Fact Check: Did She Try To Close The Carried Interest Loophole? Donald Trump Says She Didn't (International Business Times,
October 10, 2016)
GOP Strategist says Clinton will be president and then excoriates the intellectual rot in his party (Daily KOS, October 9, 2016)
Angry Trump Declares War On GOP (Huffington Post, October 9, 2016)
Editor's note: "Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims - 1.6 billion members of an entire religion - from entering the U.S."
And the "deplorables" ask, "What's not to like?"
Level of Outrage Over Donald Trump Tape Is Linked to Another Issue: Race (New York Times, October 9, 2016)
The Most Disturbing Aspect Of The Trump Video Is One That Many Men Won't Appreciate (Daily KOS, October 9, 2016)
Paul Ryan's Statement About Trump Was Just As Misogynistic As Trump Himself (Daily KOS, October 9, 2016)
A Donald Trump presidency is among the greatest threats facing America, and the Republican standard-bearer is the worst major-party candidate for the job in U.S. history - the Editors (Foreign Policy magazine, October 9, 2016)
"In the nearly half-century history of Foreign Policy, the editors of this publication have never endorsed a candidate for political office.
EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton is our choice for commander in chief (Enid Oklahoma News & Eagle, October 8, 2016)
"Ours is not the only conservative newspaper editorial board with a tradition of supporting GOP candidates to now endorse Clinton. The Arizona Republic, Cincinnati Enquirer, Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle and San Diego Union-Tribune have endorsed her, as well."
NEW: What You Need to Believe, by Sean Patrick Hughes (Chartwell West, October 8, 2016)
NEW: Clinton was late to find her opposition to carried interest (Politico Wrongometer,
October 8, 2016)
Trump's Republican Defectors Are Already Trying to Steal the Election From Hillary (New Republic, October 8, 2016)
RNC halts Victory project work for Trump (Politico, October 8, 2016)
Trump's website pulled down Mike Pence's entire campaign schedule as Pence tries to hide (Daily KOS, October 8, 2016)
Trump Video Demolishes GOP Unity as Party Fears Easy Clinton Win (Bloomberg, October 8, 2016)
An Open Letter to My Mother, Who "Might" Vote for Donald Trump (Human Development Project, October 8, 2016)

How to Move Beyond the Two-Party System, by Howard Dean (New York Times, October 7, 2016)

Groups accuse ALEC, Exxon of tax violations (The Hill, October 6, 2016)

NEW: What Yahoo's NSA Surveillance Means for Email Privacy (ProtonMail, October 6, 2016)
NEW: Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence (Reuters, October 4,2016)
When Donald Trump Went to Washington and Got Himself a Tax Break (New York Times, October 6, 2016)
The most shocking part of Donald Trump's tax records isn't the $916 million loss everyone's talking about (Washington Post, October 2, 2016)
Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades (New York Times, October 1, 2016)

NEW: I Listened to a Trump Supporter (ExtraNewsFeed, October 2, 2016)
Wanted by the FBI: YOU (or maybe just your face) (Bob Rankin, September 29, 2016)

Greenland's receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear Project Iceworm (The Guardian, September 27, 2016)
Melting ice sheet could release frozen Cold War-era waste (American Geophysical Union, August 4, 2016)

Russian-born oil magnate gives big to Trump Victory (Open Secrets, September 26, 2016)

High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history (The Guardian, September 25, 2016)

Clinton's debate performance spoke to every woman who has had to humor an incompetent man (Vox, September 28, 2016)
Fact Check: Trump And Clinton Debate For The First Time (National Public Radio, September 26, 2016)
We Need a Real People's Debate, Not the "Fight of the Century" (Campaign for America's Future, September 26, 2016)
Donald Trump's Week of Misrepresentations, Exaggerations and Half-Truths (Politico, September 25, 2016)
A Week of Whoppers From Donald Trump (New York Times, September 24, 2016)
How to Cover a Charlatan Like Trump (New York Times, September 24, 2016)

Larry Lessig takes his plan to Congress (Open Secrets, September 23, 2016)

Trump is headed for a win, says professor who has predicted 30 years of presidential outcomes correctly (Washington Post, September 23, 2016)
A conservative intellectual, Samuel Goldman, explains why the GOP has fallen to Donald Trump (Vox, September 22, 2016)
An 'education gap' is emerging in the polls, and it's massive (Daily KOS, September 22, 2016)
Why Do People Who Need Help From the Government Hate It So Much? (New York Times, September 19, 2016)

What every New Yorker knows about Donald Trump, by Garrison Keillor (Washington Post, September 21, 2016)

Officials are Scrambling to Protect the Election from Hackers (Wired, September 21, 2016)
The digital threats to voting systems are real. More than half of states use some type of electronic voting-in the case of Alaska all voting is digital-and much of the equipment and software in use is old, buggy, and unpatched. Researchers have shown that attacks are possible both on election day when a hacker could go into the voting booth and use portable hardware to vote more than once, or after voting when data travels unencrypted to a central location for further audits and counting. And federal agencies are aware of those dangers.

1,200 archeologists denounce desecration of Standing Rock burial grounds by Dakota Access Pipeline, UN agrees (Navajo American Netroots, September 23, 2016)

Secret trove reveals bold 'crusade' to make OxyContin a blockbuster (STAT News, September 22, 2016)

Wells Fargo Sued Over Firings for Missed Account Quotas (Bloomberg, September 23, 2016)

Elizabeth Warren Just Gave Hillary Clinton a Big Warning: Warren is ready to fight any Wall Street-linked cabinet members in a Clinton administration (The Nation, September 21, 2016).
The Wells Fargo Scandal: What You Need to Know (The Ric Edelman Show, September 17, 2016)
Senator Elizabeth Warren had some rather pointed questions for Wells Fargo's CEO in the wake of his bank's scandal (Huffington Post, September 16, 2016)
Warren Wants FBI Transparency About Financial Crisis (Roll Call, September 15, 2016)

Edward Snowden is the perfect candidate for a presidential pardon (Washington Post, September 20, 2016)
Pardon Edward Snowden (New York Times, September 15, 2016)
Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones (The Intercept, September 15, 2016)
The Feds Will Soon Be Able to Legally Hack Almost Anyone (Wired, September 14, 2016)

Obama To Create First National Monument In The Atlantic Ocean. (BuzzFeed, September 15, 2016)
The vast marine preserve off the coast of New England is designed to protect the underwater ecosystem, despite opposition from several lawmakers and fishers.
15 percent of UK wildlife on verge of extinction (AccuWeather, September 14, 2016)

NEW: All the excuses Trump has given for why he won’t release his tax returns (Washington Post, September 15, 2016)
How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security (Newsweek, September 14, 2016)

How a bite from a stray dog shows the sick state of U.S. healthcare (LA Times, September 14, 2016)

NEW: In Maine, Dr. Jill Stein Praises Statewide Ranked-Choice Voting Initiative as Model for the Nation (Jill Stein 2016, September 14, 2016)

NEW: I Spent 5 Years With Some of Trump's Biggest Fans. Here's What They Won't Tell You. (Mother Jones, September-October 2016)
The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support (Psychology Today, September 13, 2016)
We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People: Saving the Soul of Democracy, by Bill Moyers (TomDispatch, September 11, 2016; Campaign for America's Future, September 12, 2016)

15 Years Later, Physics Journal Concludes: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due to Controlled Demolition (The Mind Unleashed, September 11, 2016)
15 Years Later: On The Physics Of High-rise Building Collapses (Europhysics news Vol.47/No.4, September 11, 2016)

Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun (NY Times, September 4, 2016)

Hiroshima, by John Hersey (The New Yorker, August 31, 1946)
His first-anniversary reminder of August 14th, 1946 - revisited, seventy years later.

Former Models for Donald Trump's Agency Say They Violated Immigration Rules and Worked Illegally. (Mother Jones, August 30, 2016)
"It's like modern-day slavery."
What Donald Trump Knew About Undocumented Workers at His Signature Tower (Time, August 25, 2016)

The Shadow Courts That Rule Global Trade: How Secret Tribunals Have Shifted the Balance of Global Trade Power (WhoWhatWhy, September 2, 2016)
CEO Of Giant Corporation Tells US Government He's The Boss Of Them (Campaign for America's Future, August 23, 2016)

NEW: U.S. Healthcare is a Global Outlier, and Not in a Good Way (Visual Capitalist, August 17, 2016)

Dilbert's Scott Adams: Robert Cialdini Likely "Godzilla" Advising Hillary Clinton (Breitbart, August 16, 2016)
Trump is Self-Sabotaging His Campaign Because He Never Really Wanted the Job in the First Place, by Michael Moore (August 16, 2016)
Also see this
prior poster. (Coincidence, you say?? I think not!)

We're under attack from climate change-and our only hope is to mobilize like we did in WWII, by Bill McKibben (New Republic, August 15, 2016)

The Real Scandal of Hillary Clinton's E-Mails (The New Yorker, August 12, 2016)

Trump: Fish Or Cut Bait, by major Trump supporter Bob Lonsberry (WHAM Radio, August 15, 2016)
What We Learned About Trump's Supporters This Week (The New Yorker, August 13, 2016)
The Trump Files: Donald Has One Piece of Advice for Citizen Kane (Mother Jones, August 12, 2016)
Watch Donald Trump Contradict Himself on Every Major Campaign Issue (Mother Jones, August 9, 2016)
The Incredible Shrinking Populist: Donald Trump's Tiny Economic Vision (Campaign for America's Future, August 9, 2016)
Donald Trump Adopts G.O.P. Tax Cuts, but Balks at Trade Pacts (New York Times, August 8, 2016)
50 G.O.P. Officials Warn Donald Trump Would Put Nation's Security 'at Risk' (New York Times, August 8, 2016)

Trump adviser Roger Stone getting ready to 'create a constitutional crisis' (Daily KOS, August 5, 2016)
America's Electronic Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets (Wired, August 2,  2016)

Harvard Republican Club Refuses to Endorse Donald Trump (August 4, 2016)
Donald Trump's Many Business Failures, Explained (Newsweek, August 2, 2016)
NEW: Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet (New York Times, August 1, 2016)
Populism Even Republicans Can Get Behind, by Jim Hightower (Common Cause, August 1, 2016)
Hillary, "You're Screwing it Up": An Open Letter From a Bernie Delegate (Common Cause, August 1, 2016)

President Obama Signed This Confusing GMO-Labeling Bill (Fortune, July 31, 2016)
What are our top 10 environmental problems? (Tuscaloosa News, July 30, 2016)

Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges, Indefinite Solitary Confinement Related to Suicide Attempt (ACLU, July 28, 2016)

Jane Sanders: Why Bernie Voters Shouldn't Get Over It (Rolling Stone, July 28, 2016)
In Clinton's March to Nomination, Many Democrats Changed Their Minds (Pew Research Center, July 25, 2016)
Thanks, but we'd prefer not to arrest you: Reporter's journal from the Democratic National Convention (Los Angeles Times, July 26, 2016)
Bernie Sanders' speech at the Democratic National Convention: "Together, together my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America and that revolution - Our Revolution - continues." (NPR, July 25, 2016)
Sanders Closes A Night Of Disunity By Encouraging Support For Clinton (NPR, July 25, 2016)
As Democratic National Convention Begins, Many Sanders Supporters Not Ready To Get On Board For Clinton (NPR, July 25, 2016)

Edward Snowden at the MIT Media Lab (MIT video; July 25, 2016)

Stolen NSA-Linked 'Cyberweapons', and Snowden's theory (Wired, August 16, 2016)
The Hacking of the 2016 Election - Did I Write the Script?, by Andy Updegrove (Consortium Info, July 29, 2016)
By November, Russian hackers could target voting machines, by Bruce Schneier (Washington Post, July 27, 2016)
Putin is giving aid and comfort to Trump. Today we found out why. (Daily KOS, July 27, 2016)
Why would Russia interfere in the U.S. election? Because it sometimes works.
And America is no stranger to the tactic.
(Washington Post, July 26, 2016)
NEW: 'DNC Hacker' Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say (Daily Beast, July 26, 2017)
What is Old, and New, and Scary in Russia's Probable DNC Hack (Lawfare, July 25, 2016)
The Trump-Putin Fallacy (New York Review of Books, July 26, 2016)
Trump's Putin love is starting to look like a defining aspect of his presidential run (Daily KOS, July 25, 2016)
Donald Trump's and Vladimir Putin's Shared Agenda Should Alarm Anyone Concerned About Democracy (Esquire, July 24, 2016)
Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing, by Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo, July 23, 2016)
Putin's Puppet. If the Russian president could design a candidate to undermine American interests-and advance his own-he'd look a lot like Donald Trump. (Slate, July 21, 2016)

5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win (, July 21, 2016)
Also see this review of it

Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Resign D.N.C. Post (NY Times, July 24, 2016)
Sanders calls on Dem party boss to step down following email leaks (The Hill, July 24, 2016)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Served Class Action Lawsuit for Rigging Primaries (Bients, July 23, 2016)
Leaked Emails Suggest DNC Was Conspiring Against Bernie Sanders. Looks like Sanders supporters weren't just being paranoid after all. (Huffington Post, July 23, 2016)
Julian Assange: My Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary's Arrest (Bients, July 24, 2016)
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says his next leak will virtually guarantee an indictment of Hillary Clinton. (Silence Is Consent, July 22, 2016)

Constitution vs. Citizens United: A 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United is within our reach, and Hillary Clinton could make it a reality. (U.S. News, July 22, 2016)
Kaine Is Not "Safe" Pick - Hillary Is Going For A Rout (Daily KOS, July 22, 2016)

Trump's Terrifying Pitch: It Was Better Than You Think (Campaign for America's Future, July 22, 2016)
"A good con man mixes truth with lies for the same reason an assassin mixes sugar with strychnine: The poison goes down easier that way."

Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and the death of democracy. The problem with traditional conservatives is that they're too anti-government to fulfill Thiel's vision. Fortunately for him, Trump is no traditional conservative. (The Guardian, July 21, 2016)

Trump Advisor Makes 2nd Call For Execution of Clinton. But Wait. There's More. (Daily KOS, July 20, 2016)

Newt's Plan to Defeat ISIS (Scott Adams' blog, July 20, 2016)
Newt Gingrich borrows a hypothetical plan from a cartoonist - and hypnotist.

What Rudy Giuliani Did For New York Would Make America More Unsafe (Campaign for America's Future, July 19, 2016)

'The Art Of The Deal' Writer: Trump Isn't Nearly As Smart As People Think. I put lipstick on a pig. (Huffington Post, July 18, 2016)

The H-Bombs in Turkey (The New Yorker, July 17, 2016)

Bernie Sanders is right; the economy is rigged. He's dead wrong about why. (Vox, updated July 15, 2016)
The Great Republican Crack-Up (ProPublica, July 15, 2016)
NEW: What Mass Killers Really Have in Common (The Cut, July 15, 2016)

With 4 Days Left, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Larry Lessig, And Barbara Van Schewick Beg Europe To Close Net Neutrality Loopholes (TechDirt, July 14, 2016)

Being Honest About Trump (The New Yorker, July 14, 2016)
Bernie's backers have every right to cry (Boston Globe, July 13, 2016)
NEW: Made for each other - And heading into their conventions (Worcester Telegram, July 13, 2016)

How Technology Disrupted the Truth (Slashdot, July 12, 2016)

Portsmouth Organizing Event with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Speech by Bernie Sanders (July 12, 2016)

Jill Stein Appeared on Fox News, Made Their Heads Explode (15-min. video; The Humanist Report, July 12, 2016)
Don't Stop the Revolution: The Sanders Movement After Orlando (Campaign for America's Future, July 11, 2016)

I'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing (Vox, July 7, 2016)

The Noose Around Privacy is Tightening (Ask Bob Rankin, July 6, 2016)

NEW: F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on Email (New York Times, July 5, 2016)

A look back at the Bikini nuclear tests, 70 years later. Operation Crossroads resulted in what a leading scientist called "the world's first nuclear disaster." (Ars Technica, July 5, 2016)

UK government faces pre-emptive legal action over Brexit decision; law firm says Article 50 cannot be triggered without full debate and vote by parliament. (The Guardian, July 4, 2016)
German politicians propose offering young Britons dual citizenship (The Guardian, July 3, 2016)

Celebrate the Fourth and reject nationalism (Portland, Maine Press Herald, July 4, 2016)
Put Away the Fireworks... You Don't Live in a Democracy Anymore (Common Dreams, July 4, 2016)
Democrats' Refusal to Challenge Capitalism Undermines the Fight for Economic and Racial Justice (Common Dreams, July 4, 2016)
Are You Ready for Some Hard Truths About the Birth of Our Nation? Brace Yourself (AlterNet, July 3, 2016)

BUSTED: Hillary Clinton Caught Hoarding 99 Percent of Funds Raised for State Parties (PoliticsBreaking, July 3, 2016)

Brexit (phd comics, July 1, 2016)

Paris climate agreement plans don't match Paris agreement goals; Paris Agreement aims for under 2°C warming, but we're headed north of that (Ars Technica, June 30, 2016)

It Depends On The Meaning Of "Quo" (The Baffler, June 29, 2016)

How Donald Trump Keeps Changing His Mind on Abortion, Torture and Banning Muslims (NY Times, June 29, 2016)
Trump's favorite new trade experts say he's full of it on globalization (Washington Post, June 29, 2016)

Donald Trump Vows to Rip Up Trade Deals and Confront China (NY Times, June 28, 2016)
Bernie Sanders: Democrats Need to Wake Up, by Bernie Sanders (NY Times, June 28, 2016)

NEW: Get Ready to See This Globalization 'Elephant Chart' Over and Over Again. The non-winners in globalization are the Western World's middle classes. (Bloomberg, June 27, 2016)

The Clinton Campaign Is Obstructing Change to the Democratic Platform, by Bill McKibben (Politico, June 27, 2016)
Democratic Party Platform Committee Undermines Clinton On TPP (Campaign for America's Future, June 27, 2016)
Burning Issues: Explaining The 'Revolt' Against the TPP (with video; Campaign for America's Future, June 27, 2016)

DNC: To Be or Not to Be? That is the Question, by Donna Smith (Common Dreams, June 26, 2016)

Prominent GOP Neoconservative to Fundraise for Hillary Clinton (Foreign Policy, June 23, 2016)

U.S. Federal Court: The Fourth Amendment Does Not Protect Your Home Computer (Electronic Frontier Foundation, June 23, 2016)

The Great Public Land Heist Has Begun (Outside, June 22, 2016)

NEW: How the Carried Interest Loophole Makes the Super-Rich Super-Richer (Capital and Main, June 21, 2016)

United Nations Is Petitioned To Investigate Democratic Election Fraud (Your News Wire, June 21, 2016)

Clinton's Wall Street Donors Revolt After Warren Emerges as VP Contender (Common Dreams, June 20, 2016)

Let's be honest, Bernie and Hillary don't represent the same class, by Devin Reynolds (Medium Corporation, June 20, 2016)

Think You've Got It Locked, Hillary? Meet the Green Party's Jill Stein. (Politico, June 19, 2016)

How to Un-Hypnotize a Rabid Anti-Trumper (Scott Adams' Blog, June 19, 2016)

Open access: All human knowledge is there-so why can't everybody access it?, by Glyn Moody (Ars Technica, June 17, 2016)
We paid for the research with taxes, and Internet sharing is easy. What's the hold-up?

No Lesser Evil, Not this Time, by Andrew Smolski (CounterPunch, June 17, 2016)
Democrats Are The Real Party Of War (The Baffler, June 16, 2016)
An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser-Evil Voting), by John Halle and Noam Chomsky (, June 15, 2016)

What Will Bernie Do? (Campaign for America's Future, June 15, 2016)

Net neutrality victory: DC court backs full rules, Big Telco loses critical legal battle (The Register, June 14, 2016)

Is Orlando Massacre the end of the United States?, by Gwynne Dyer (Bangor News, June 13, 2016)

The Two Democratic Victors, and How the Unions Can Bring Them Together (The American Prospect, June 9, 2016)
Bernie is in the House! The White House! Updated w/Bernie's meeting remarks & Obama's UNITY Video. (Daily KOS, June 9, 2016)

'It was just chaos': Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls leave some wondering whether their ballots will count (Los Angeles Times, June 7, 2016)
L.A. Primary Mired in Voting Problems (Huffington Post, June 7, 2016)
Where are the Missing California Primary Votes? (Dissident Voice, June 8, 2016)

Clinton Makes History; For Sanders "The Struggle Continues" (Campaign for America's Future, June 8, 2016)
US Presidential Primary vote returns from June 7, 2016.

Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution. For better and for worse, Sanders made all the big decisions. (Politico, June 8, 2016)

Next for Democrats: A delicate dance to broker peace between Clinton and Sanders (The Washington Post, June 8, 2016)
Clinton may take the nomination, but Sanders has won the debate (The Washington Post, June 7, 2016)

If Bernie runs independently, what % of voters will Bernie get?, by Paul (Sea Shepherd) Watson (June 7, 2016)

BUSTED: AP & Clinton Caught Colluding For "Secret Win" (The Ralph Retort, June 7, 2016)

Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Super-Delegates Declare Winner Through Media, by Glenn Greenwald (The Intercept, June 7, 2016)

How Bad Is Burr-Feinstein Anti-Encryption Legislation? (eSecurity Planet, June 6, 2016)

The dangerous new age of global autarky (Washington Post, June 6, 2016)

John Oliver buys and forgives $15m worth of medical debt (The Guardian, June 6, 2016)

Green Party's Jill Stein Tells Californians, 'Please Vote For Bernie' If Able (Inquisitr, June 5, 2016)

Bernie Sanders Urges Clinton And Trump To Stop Bickering: 'You Know What? People Are Hurting,' Focus On Issues (Inquisitr, June 4, 2016)

Bernie's Candidacy Exposes "Nader Bluff" (Progressive Army, June 3, 2016)

Trump's war on facts continues (Leaf-Chronicle, June 1, 2016)

Common Sense on the Democratic Presidential Race (Campaign for America's Future, May31, 2016)

Establishment Democrats Courting Disaster (Common Dreams, May 30, 2016)

Cruise Ships In The Arctic Take Titanic Risks (Daily Beast, May 29, 2016)

Wait a sec everyone - you got us Bernie supporters all wrong (Daily KOS, May 28, 2016)

Beware Zero Ratings, the new threat to Net Neutrality (InfoWorld, May 27, 2016)

Student Abandons Economics Major at George Mason Over Koch 'Donations' (EcoWatch, May 27, 2016)

Trump Would Be a Climate Killer (Campaign for America's Future, May 27, 2016)
View Trump's "Bakken Forward" speech.

Trump Humiliates Himself By Claiming That There Is No Drought In California (Politicus USA, May 27, 2016)

A Dialogue With a 22-Year-Old Donald Trump Supporter (The Atlantic, May 27, 2016)

Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders: Confusion reigns over possible debate - as Hillary Clinton ducks scheduled debate (The Guardian, May 26, 2016)

My Day At A Hillary Clinton Rally -- 5/25/2016 (Weebly, May 25, 2016)

US State Department report delivers scathing criticisms of Hillary Clinton's email practices (International Business Times, May 25, 2016)

Microsoft has ruined my day, and possibly my life. An unwanted software update has moved my files, broken my printer and stopped the sound on iPlayer. (The Guardian, May 23, 2016)

In shocking poll, Sanders leads Trump in Georgia (The Hill,, May 18, 2016)

NEW: This is how fascism comes to America, by Robert Kagan (Washington Post, May 18, 2016)

NEW: Democracies end when they are too democratic. And right now, America is a breeding ground for tyranny, by Andrew Sullivan (New York Magazine, May 2, 2016)
The Donald Can Happen Here: Trumpenstein's Neo-Weimar Creators, by Paul Street (CounterPunch, March 11, 2016)

It's trivially easy to identify you based on records of your calls and texts (Daily Dot, May 17, 2016)

Developer of anonymous Tor software dodges FBI, leaves US (CNN, May 17, 2016)

Welcome to 1984, a Ralph Nader interview by Chris Hedges (TruthDig, May 17, 2016)

Noam Chomsky: Climate Change & Nuclear Proliferation Pose the Worst Threat Ever Faced by Humans (Democracy Now!, May 16, 2016)

Trump's Asymmetric Warfare (The New York Times, May 16, 2016)

Who Really Controls the World? (Outsider Club, May 15, 2016?)

NEW: We overanalyze Trump. He is what he appears to be. There is no correct Theory of Trump. (Vox, May 12, 2017)

GOP Pulls Off Corporate Takeover of the Democratic National Convention (Thom Hartmann Program, May 12, 2016)

The Rise Of Partisanship In The U.S. House Of Representatives, an animated graphic (Business Insider, May 11, 2016)

Numbers Prove Sanders Has Earned a Path to White House. Will the superdelegates, or a high-powered contingent of them, realize that, for the future of the Democratic Party, they need to convince Hillary Clinton to step aside? (OpEd News, May 11, 2016)

NEW: The Model American. Melania Trump is the exception to her husband’s nativist politics. (New Yorker, May 9, 2016)
“The least experienced and the least prepared First Lady in history.”

Six-year-old patched Stuxnet hole still the web's biggest killer (The Register, May 9, 2016)

Researcher arrested after reporting pwnage hole in elections site (The Register, May 9, 2016)

Privacy and the New Math, by Doc Searls and T.Rob Wyatt (Linux Journal, May 09, 2016)

The Political Revolution Will Continue Long After Bernie Sanders' Campaign. Here's How (In These Times, May 8, 2016)

NEW: The Making of an Ignoramus, by Paul Krugman (New York Times, May 9, 2016)
NEW: Donald Trump’s Idea to Cut National Debt: Get Creditors to Accept Less (New York Times, May 6, 2016)

Do You Own What You Own? Not So Much Anymore, Thanks To Copyright (TechDirt, May 6, 2016)

Who Says Crime Doesn't Pay?, by Jim Hightower (Common Cause, May 4, 2016)

NEW: The Mythology Of Trump’s ‘Working Class’ Support. His voters are better off economically compared with most Americans, by Nate Silver (538, May 3, 2016)

Indiana's Carrier Factory Cuts Focused The "Trade" Election Issue (Campaign for America's Future, May 3, 2016)

5 Years On: Why The Occupations of 2011 Changed The World (, April 29, 2016)

How Does ATM Skimming Work? (Bob Rankin, April 29, 2016)

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows (Washington Post, April 26, 2016)

Bernie Sanders is profoundly changing how millennials think about politics, poll shows (Washington Post, April 25, 2016)

How tax falsehoods flourish, by Jared Bernstein (Washington Post, April 25, 2016)

NEW: Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years, by Udo Gollub (Facebook, April 22, 2016)

Is Donald Trump Running a False Flag Campaign to Help Hillary Clinton? (Gawker, April 21, 2016)

How innocent people 'of no security interest' are mere keystrokes away in UK's spy databases. Blighty's classified manuals on mass snooping revealed. (The Register, April 21, 2016)

FBI's PRISM slurping is 'unconstitutional' - and America's secret spy court is OK with that. How about an appeal? Nope (The Register, April 20, 2016)

Anti-innovation: EU excludes Open Source from new tech standards (Ars Technica UK, April 20, 2016)

Kinder Morgan shelves $3 billion pipeline project (Boston Globe, April 20, 2016)

Against Fortress Liberalism - For forty years, liberals have accepted defeat and called it "incremental progress." Bernie Sanders offers a different way forward. (Jacobin Magazine, April 18, 2016)

NEW: Ted Cruz Doesn’t Believe You Have the Right to Masturbate (Vanity Fair, April 14, 2016)

Bernie joins Verizon employees at the picket line; Hillary joins Verizon execs at the buffet line (Daily Kos, April 13, 2016)

Wall Street's Fraud of the Week Club (Campaign for America's Future, April 13, 2016)
A $5.1 billion fraud settlement from Goldman Sachs, a $1.2 billion fraud agreement with Wells Fargo - and that's just from the past week. Over the last several years banks have paid an estimated $200 billion in fraud fines and settlements. (Donations to Presidential candidates Clinton and Cruz; taxpayers to underwrite over half.) How many settlements, how many billions, will it take to convince some fact-resistant pundits and politicians that there is an epidemic of fraud on Wall Street?

What Hiking Does To The Brain Is Pretty Amazing (, April 11, 2016)

NEW: Seven-in-a-Row Sanders Celebrates 'Momentum' After Double-Digit Wyoming Win (Common Dreams, April 9, 2016)
Susan Sarandon appears in new Sanders ad (The Hill, April 7, 2016)
Susan Sarandon: Trump Might Be Better for America Than Hillary Clinton (Daily Beast, March 31, 2016)

Panama Papers Expose Another Way Our Trade Agreements Fail Us (Campaign for America's Future, April 7, 2016)
Panama Papers (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists).
Panama Papers: Leaks spur global investigations (BBC News, April 4, 2016)

NEW: How to Hack an Election: Andrés Sepúlveda rigged elections throughout Latin America for almost a decade. (Bloomberg, March 31, 2016)
"My job was to do actions of dirty war and psychological operations, black propaganda, rumors—the whole dark side of politics that nobody knows exists but everyone can see."
"When I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality, I discovered that I had the power to make people believe almost anything."

Salute to a Communist, by John McCain (New York Times, March 24, 2016)

The Limits of Absurdity, by Robert Zaretsky (Los Angeles Review of Books, March 23, 2016 - about Albert Camus)

The OODA loop, A Fighter-Jock Doctrine That Explains Why Trump Is Winning (Politico, March 23, 2016). Also see:
How to Spot a Wizard (like Donald Trump), by Scott Adams (Dilbert, Sept. 6, 2015)

Global Warming's Terrifying New Chemistry; Our leaders thought fracking would save our climate, by Bill McKibben (The Nation, March 23, 2016)

The Presidential Race: The West Weighs In (Campaign for America's Future, March 23, 2016)

Myths About Election Irregularities and Suppression in Arizona (Daily KOS, March 23, 2016))
There's no good reason voting remains so inaccessible for so many Americans - in Texas, Louisiana and more (The Guardian, March 22, 2016)

From Ehrlichmann: Nixon Aide Reportedly Admitted Drug War Was Meant To Target the Anti-War Left and Black People (Huffington Post, March 22, 2016)
Legalize It All; How to win the war on drugs, by Dan Baum (Harper's Magazine, April Issue, March 22, 2016)

Elizabeth Warren Just Went Straight Savage On Donald Trump And It's Everything We've Ever Wanted (Daily KOS, March 21, 2016)
Let’s be honest – Donald Trump is a loser. (Elizabeth Warren, March 21, 2016)

How the Democratic Party Establishment Suffocates Progressive Change
March 21, 2016 (Campaign for America's Future, March 21, 2016)

It is urgent that she's stopped: Hillary Clinton's nightmare neoliberalism and American exceptionalism makes the world a dangerous place (Salon, March 20, 2016)

Obama: No Garland vote would show system 'beyond repair' (Washington Examiner, March 19, 2016)

US government pushed tech firms to hand over source code. Obtaining a company's source code makes it radically easier to find security flaws and vulnerabilities for surveillance and intelligence-gathering operations. (ZDNet, March 17, 2016)

Inside Apple CEO Tim Cook's Fight With the FBI (Time, March 17, 2016)

Hillary Clinton Email Archive (U.S. State Department, searchable by Wikileaks; March 16, 2016)

Trump's Reign of Error, by Rep. Alan Grayson, U.S. Congressman FL (Alan Grayson's Emails, March 16, 2016)

Presidential Primary 2.0 Is About to Begin, by Rep. Alan Grayson, U.S. Congressman FL (Huffington Post, March 14, 2016)

Donald Trump's Ideology of Violence (Portside, March 13, 2016)

The Times Are A-Changing (Popular Resistance, March 12, 2016)

Five "Truths" about the US Political Circus Non-Americans Should Question (Common Dreams, March 11, 2016)

Reconstructed: Hillary's Wall Street Speeches (The Bootleg Tapes), by Les Leopold (Common Dreams, March 11, 2016)

Bernie Sanders Best For Economy, Says The Real Wall Street 'Gordon Gekko' (Inquisitr, March 10, 2016)

Party elites and MSNBC can't prop  up Hillary after Bernie's Michigan miracle, by Bill Curry (Salon, March 9, 2016)

Billions of Dollars in the Red, Louisiana Has Been Destroyed by (Republican) Bobby Jindal (PoliticusUSA, March 9, 2016)

In 16 hours, the Washington Post published 16 articles slamming Bernie Sanders-kinda remarkable (Daily KOS, March 8, 2016)

Antonin Scalia's Corporate Favors (The New Yorker, March 7, 2016)

How List Prices Lost Their Meaning (New York Times, March 6, 2016)

How the FBI will lose its iPhone fight with Apple, thanks to 'West Coast Law'; Uncle Sam can't argue against science (The Register, March 4, 2016)

NEW: Hugh Hefner's son calls on fellow millennials to stop Trump: 'He doesn’t care about the American public' (Raw Story, March 2, 2016)

Sen. Al Franken gives hilarious retort to Republican SCOTUS obstruction (Daily KOS, March 2, 2016)

Open Letter on Donald Trump from GOP National Security Leaders (War On The Rocks, March 2, 2016)
The Rise Of American Authoritarianism - A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what's driving Donald Trump's ascent. What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016, by Amanda Taub (Vox, March 1, 2016)

NEW: Here’s what demagogues like Trump do to their countries when they take power. The Donald has all the traits of his political forebears, and he'll present all the same dangers. (Washington Post, February 29, 2016)

How Billionaires Use Non-Profits to Bypass Governments and Force Their Agendas on Humanity. As wealth becomes concentrated in fewer hands, so does political and social power via foundations and non-profits. (AlterNet, February 29, 2016)

Hillary's newfound disdain for single payer (The Hill, February 29, 2016)

Bankruptcy Filing Shows Arch Coal Funding for Climate Denial Legal Group (Center for Media and Democracy, February 24, 2016)

How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable. He's no ordinary con man. He's way above average - and the American political system is his easiest mark ever, by Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone, February 24, 2016)

Unless the Democrats Run Sanders, A Trump Nomination Means A Trump Presidency (Current Affairs, February 23, 2016)

"It's the corruption, stupid": Hillary's too compromised to see what Donald Trump understands. (Salon, February 23, 2016)
The key 2016 issue is outrage over a rigged system by special interests. There's a reason Hillary doesn't get it.

Bernie Sanders, the Foreign-Policy Realist of 2016 (The Nation, February 19, 2016)

In The Fight Between Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton, Even Elite Economists Are Throwing Punches (Huffington Post, February 19, 2016)
Meet the Man Who Says Bernie Sanders Can Deliver 5.3% Economic Growth (Fortune Magazine, February 18, 2016)

Our Climate Is Unravelling (Daily Kos, February 18, 2016); and remember
How Hillary Clinton's State Department Sold Fracking to the World (Mother Jones, September 2014)

Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court (The New Yorker, February 18, 2016)

The Encryption War just got real (Ask Bob Rankin, February 18, 2016)
"Apple and Google (and every security expert not on a government payroll) agree that any backdoor available to law enforcement would inevitably be jimmied by hackers. Any system designed to be breachable, for any reason, is unacceptably insecure."

Racial Gerrymandering in North Carolina (New York Times, February 18, 2016)

Lobbyist Superdelegates Tip Nomination Toward Hillary Clinton (The Intercept, February 17, 2016)

The U.S. Government's case against Cliven Bundy, Part 2 (February 16, 2016)

US military burn pits built on chemical weapons facilities tied to soldiers' illness (The Guardian, February 16, 2016)

Why John McCain Is Wrong About Silicon Valley's Role in War on Terror (eWeek, February 14, 2016)
"When privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy.

When Hillary Clinton Killed Feminism (New York Times Sunday Review, February 14, 2016)

The Simply Breathtaking Consequences Of Justice Scalia's Death (ThinkProgress, February 13, 2016)
After Antonin Scalia's Death, What's Next for the Supreme Court? (CommonDreams, February 13, 2016)

What has Bernie ever accomplished? (Daily Kos, February 12, 2016)

The U.S. Government's case against Cliven Bundy, Part 1 (February 11, 2016)

The rise of Donald Trump is a terrifying moment in American politics (Vox, February 10, 2016)

The DNC Just Screwed Over Bernie Sanders and Spit in Voters' Faces (U.S. Uncut, February 10, 2016)
Why did all the other reports of the NH Primary election ignore this outrage?
Well, here's a further explanation:
After Sanders' Big Win in New Hampshire, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates. Here's Why It's Bullshit (Paste, February 10, 2016)
That said, it's a national disgrace; like
Gerrymandering, one more way that this duocratic political system subverts "One person, one vote." Never forget how Green-Party candidate Jill Stein was arrested and handcuffed for eight hours during a 2012 Presidential Debate - with President Obama not batting an eye.

It's Been 20 Years Since John Perry Barlow Declared Cyberspace Independence (Wired, February 8, 2016)

A massive private profit ($18-quadrillion!!) export pipeline is ginning up a dubious case for "eminent domain", claiming an energy crisis in the Northeast (Daily Kos, February 8, 2016)

Appetite for destruction: Biology, psychology, socialization, and the Republican mind (Daily Kos, February 7, 2016)

Even Stoned And 16, I Couldn't Have Imagined This Dystopian Election, by P.J. O'Rourke (The Daily Beast, February 6, 2016)

Hillary Clinton's self-satisfied privilege: Her Goldman Sachs problem helps explain the popularity of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (Salon, February 5, 2016)

Hillary's humility moment: A rabbi walks into a Town Hall and asks a question you'd never hear in the GOP debates (Salon, February 4, 2016)

Goldman Sachs chief: Sanders's criticism is 'dangerous' (The Hill, February 3, 2016)
(Egad! What would it take to be "far out of line"?)

How Sanders caught fire in Iowa and turned the Clinton coronation into a real race (The Washington Post, February 2, 2016)

Donald Trump is a fraud: Report confirms the billionaire's presidential bid is a long and calculated con job (Salon, February 1, 2016)

A Political-Spectrum Chart of the US Primary Candidates 2016 (The Political Compass, January 27, 2016)

Hillary and Bernie: The Credibility Gap, by Robert Borosage (Campaign for America's Future, January 22, 2016)

The Contempt That Poisoned Flint's Water (The New Yorker, January 22, 2016)

Goldman Sachs And Election 2016: Presidential Candidates Linked To Bank Despite Attacks On Financial Sector (International Business Times, January 21, 2016)

170 Economists Endorse Bernie Sanders' Plan To Reform Wall St. And Rein In Greed (PoliticusUSA, January 14, 2016)

NEW: A no-strings basic income? If it works for the royal family, it can work for us all. (The Guardian, January 7, 2016)

The Lawyer Who Became DuPont's Worst Nightmare (NY Times, January 6, 2016)

The West must defeat a far worse enemy than radical Islam, by Darius Guppy (The Spectator, January 5, 2016)

Just How Much Would Bernie Sanders Tax Me? (Datatition, January 3, 2016)

NEW: Donald Trump’s Strongest Supporters: A Certain Kind of Democrat (New York Times, December 31, 2015)

Mapping U.S. Police Violence (, December 30, 2015)
Also see interview and database.

NEW: Dutch city plans to pay citizens a ‘basic income’, and Greens say it could work in the UK (The Guardian, December 26, 2015)

Sued Over Old Debt, and Blocked From Suing Back (NY Times, December 22, 2015)

The Siege of Miami; As temperatures climb, so, too, will sea levels (The New Yorker, December 21, 2015)

A 12-year-old Sikh boy is the latest victim of racist terrorism paranoia (Salon, December 18, 2015)

Pete Seeger's FBI File Reveals How the Folk Legend First Became a Target of the Feds (Mother Jones, December 18, 2015)

Lawmakers Have Snuck CISA Into a Bill That Is Guaranteed to Become a Law (Motherboard, December 16, 2015)

Risk Management; Trump Persuasion Series (Scott Adams' Blog, December 8, 2015)

WTO Orders Sanctions Unless U.S. Cuts Consumer Labels, Disproving Obama TPP Claims (Huffington Post, December 8, 2015)

An unspoken option if climate talks fail: Geoengineering (, December 5, 2015)

DOJ Pretty Sure The Problem With The Criminal Justice System Is Everyone Else (TechDirt, December 4, 2015)

Where is the world's most polluted city? (The Guardian, December 2, 2015)

How Economic Inequality Makes Terror Attacks More Likely (Huffington Post, December 1, 2015)

NASA Carbon Map Shows Which Countries are Polluting the World (EcoWatch, November 19, 2015)

Two in Three Adults Worldwide Are Financially Illiterate (, November 18, 2015)

NASA chief: Government climate scientists won't be intimidated (Ars Technica, November 18, 2015)

U.S. Senate Votes to Block Obama's Climate Change Rules (NY Times, November 18, 2015)

Living with Denmark's Democratic Socialism (Daily Kos, November 11, 2015)

U.S. Federal Judge bars broad national security surveillance (Judge's ruling, November 9, 2015)

Analysis Of Kentucky Election Results Indicates Fraud (Addicting Info, November 8, 2015)

Mapping Choices: Carbon, Climate, and Rising Seas; Our Global Legacy - and, the map (, November 2015)

Bill Gates: "We Need an Energy Miracle" (The Atlantic, November 2015)

Meet the 80 Billionaires Who Own as Much as Half of Humanity (U.S. Uncut, October 30, 2015)

A court ruled that a college couldn't rename itself after a billionaire, so the school lost a $20 million donation (Business Insider, October 23, 2015)

Apple's EULA Gives It License to Invade Your Privacy, Government Claims (Electronic Freedom Foundation, October 23, 2015)

awmakers move to outlaw security research (Ars Technica, October 20, 2015)

Wealth therapy tackles woes of the rich: 'It's really isolating to have lots of money' (The Guardian, October 17, 2015)

The Secret History of American Surveillance (Center for Investigative Reporting, October 15, 2015)

NEW: President Carter First To Use Solar Panels On The White House In 1979 - Guess Who Took Them Down? (October 9, 2015)

How Did the Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich? (NY Times, October 7, 2015)

The Hypocrisy of 'Helping' the Poor, by Paul Theroux (NY Times, October 2, 2015)

Most Americans don't realize it's this easy for police to take your cash (Washington Post, October 1, 2015)

NEW: The Dark Truth Of John Boehner's Resignation (Daily KOS, September 26, 2015)
"What is important here is not that Republicans object to the limits of their power, but that Republicans apparently cannot accept that such limits even exist."

Donald Trump Is Saving Our Democracy (New York Magazine, September 20, 2015)

The Movement Lives On: 4 Years Later, Occupy Has Succeeded in Spite of Its Failures (September 17, 2015)

NEW: Obama points to Trump and Bush support in calling for end to tax break (Washington Post, September 16, 2015)

Hitler's world may not be so far away, by Timothy Snyder (The Guardian, September 16, 2015)

Monsanto's Sealed Documents Reveal the Truth behind Roundup's Toxicological Dangers (September 14th, 2015)

NEW: So, Mr. Trump, exactly when was America great? (Daily KOS, September 7, 2015)