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Who are we? Miller Microcomputer Services is a partnership, owned by

A. Richard Miller---                                                                                                       --and Jill (Andrist) Miller

Dick and Jill Miller.

In 1977, Dick and Jill and their associates brought mainframe and minicomputer skills to the then-new Radio Shack TRS-80 to bring big-computer power to the office desk. In 1981, they adopted the new IBM Personal Computer, and have continued to support PC-compatible microcomputers ever since.

General and custom MMS solutions have been used worldwide, starting with the MMSFORTH total software environment and MMSFORTH application modules including FORTHCOM, FORTHWRITE, and DATAHANDLER-PLUS. The big brother of DH+ is RapidFile, which many remember fondly as Ashton-Tate's answer to bulky and slow database software. (See the RapidFile front screen for its MMSFORTH licensing information.) Sadly, we must report that Borland International bought out Ashton-Tate and deep-sixed RapidFile, back when it was still v1.2, vintage 1987. In 1998, Borland became Inprise Corporation (until 2001) and apparently discontinued even the ability to download its old RapidFile patches; our searches there no longer find "RapidFile". MMS can convert old RapidFile applications to MS-Access and other database programs.

Nowadays, MMS delivers computer hardware selection, home and small-office networking, Internet and web design and general support, plus standard/custom software solutions using Microsoft Windows and Linux, MS-Access and Open Office/LibreOffice, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, Fotoxx and many copasetic programs. We support via e-mail and telephone worldwide, and offer effective office and home visits in eastern Massachusetts. MMS changes computers from problems to solutions.

MMS is designed from the ground up to help its consulting clients while also helping the community in which we live. We work from home, minimize travel, and think Green. We donate our flexible time to volunteer activities including environmental projects (Dick is Vice Chair of the Cochituate State Park Advisory Committee, was Executive Director of the Lake Cochituate Watershed Association and founded/led other groups), alternate transportation solutions (Dick serves on the Mass. Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board), the Natick Garden Club (Jill also owns Woman's Touch Gardening), English for speakers of other languages (ESOL), and of course we spread our knowledge and joy of computers and of Linux and other free, open-source software (FOSS). Monthly, we lead a free FOSS User Group at the Natick Community/Senior Center.

Most MMS work is done on a consulting basis. However, you do not have to be a client to subscribe to MMS Client Messages. These are for the personal use of subscribers, and offer Windows/PC-based advice, flag money-saving opportunities at computer-chain store sales (typically, Best Buy, Microcenter, Office Depot, Staples) and more. Non-clients are welcome to subscribe for $25 through next June; it may save you hundreds of dollars, or your valuable data.

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