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Lake Cochituate     Welcome to MMS, on Lake Cochituate in Natick, Massachusetts! We use Free, Open-Source Software (FOSS, including the Ubuntu flavor of GNU/Linux) to empower our clients and the community in which we live. If you live near us, we invite you to visit the monthly FOSS User Group that we lead in Natick. Or drop in on-line, at

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Who are we?
"MMS, Forth, Linux, and Fotoxx" (October 2011 talk)
MMS offers cost-effective alternative Software Solutions for your needs
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Techie links from Miller Microcomputer Services:
Who are we? Including MMSFORTH, DATAHANDLER-PLUS and RapidFile
"MMS, Forth, Linux, and Fotoxx" (October 2011 MIT talk to Boston Linux & Unix User Group; 0:00-0:30 MMS and computer history; 0:34 FOSS User Group; 0:37 Fotoxx design and use)
MMS offers cost-effective alternative Software Solutions for your needs, in Windows, Linux, and both. Datamation's Ultimate List of Open Source Software
Why GNU/Linux/FOSS? WinXP > Linux (A.R.Miller, 2014), NEW: Mark Shuttleworth interview re Ubuntu (Tech Republic, 2017),  Linux desktop operating system: A beginner's guide (Jack Wallen, 2017), A Beginners Guide To Linux (Gary Newell), What is Linux?, Still Running WinXP? (Ubuntu poster), Intro to Linux and How to Learn Linux as a Newbie, Get GNU/Linux!, The Story of Linux (video, 4 min.), Linux: The Era of Open Innovation (IBM, US$1B in 2001), The Code: Story of Linux documentary (video, 59 min.), Linux Foundation Brochure, Nine Reasons for Using Open Source Software (Datamation, 2015), 10 easy steps from proprietary to open source, Achieving IT independence through open-source (in Bangladesh, 2016), MIT Media Lab Changes Software Default to FLOSS (MIT, 2016), What is copyleft? (, 2016), TED Talk: Linus Torvalds about Linux and Git (22-min. video,, 2016), What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds (Jim Zemlin, TedX video, 18 min.), “Revolution OS” documentary film  traces the twenty-year history of GNU, Linux, open source, and the free software movement (85 min. video, 2001),  Distributed Genius: $5B value added by Linux Foundation collaborative projects (2015), How Linux Is Built (video, 3 min.), The Ubuntu Difference (inclusive, user-friendly, complete, various flavors): "Enterprise Linux Showdown: Ubuntu Linux", by Carla Schroder (, 2016), Ubuntu Is Everywhere! (2016), The Ubuntu Story, Where would we be without Ubuntu?, Four Out Of Five Developers Now Use Open Source (2014), 78% of companies say they run operations on open source (2015), Linux Laptops On The International Space Station (2015), Linux and IBM, Who's writing Linux today? Capitalists (2015), Not Just for Computer Nerds: 5 Reasons Linux is a Growing Business Trend, Why Is The Market Pricing Red Hat So Richly? (2015), As Open Source Goes Mainstream, Institutions Collaborate Differently (2014), Goodbye, Microsoft, Windows vs Linux: The 2015 Version, Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so (2013), Close Windows, Open Doors, An introduction to Linux for Windows users (2015), My Government Is Software-Stupid, Teaching teachers to teach open source (2016), Avoid Microsoft, The Halloween Documents: Microsoft Unmasked (Eric S. Raymond, 1998), Why Linux Is Better, Ten Reasons For Businesses To Dump Windows And Use Linux, Differences Between Linux and Windows Hosting, Linux Grabs More Than 2% of Desktop Market Share (2016), Dear parents: Let your kids use open source software (2015), Using FOSS to Empower Students - “Together these problems create a costly chain of vendor software lock-in and student learning lock-out. How do we break free?” (Charlie Reisinger on TEDx, 2016), Was ​Apple the first major open-source company? Not even close (ZDNet, 2015), Open Source and Android: A History of Google's Linux-Based Mobile OS (2016), Does Linux Still Need Windows Support? (Datamation, 2016), Dear Computer Makers: I Want an Ubuntu Notebook!, Life after Windows XP: How a Business can Move to Linux (2013), Security: Linux, OS X, Unix and Malware (Viruses), SchNEWS intro to GNU/Linux, Why A Devout Capitalist Loves Free Software, Using Linux is Like Having a Beard and a Pipe, IBM's Billion-Dollar Bet (2001), The Impact of Open Source on Business and Social Good, Jim Zemlin to Wall Street: Why open source will lead the way (2014), Open Source Software in Government: Challenges and Opportunities (US Homeland Security, 2013), IP protection hurting, not helping, US and UK (Matt Asay, 2013), Lobbying for open source and Linux in schools, Open source in higher education: how far have we come?, FOSS & Education: It's Deeper than Ones and Zeros (Ken Starks, 2015), After The Software Wars (free book download), Who Uses Linux?94 Percent of the World's Top 500 Supercomputers Run Linux, The Cathedral and the Bazaar (Eric Raymond, 1997), The Hacker Spirit at MIT (Richard Stallman, 1999), Open Source And Economics, Math professor makes the case for free and open educational resources (2018), Family Guide to Digital Freedom, Linux Base (2005), Unix As Literature, Why Open Source misses the point of Free Software (Richard Stallman. 2007), Interview with Linus Torvalds (2008), Interview with Linus Torvalds (2011), Interview with Linus Torvalds (2014), Interview with Linux Torvalds (2015; Bloomberg, "Torvalds may be the most influential individual economic force of the past 20 years"), No highs, no lows: Linus Torvalds on 25 years of Linux (2016), The Kernel of the Argument: Fast, flexible and free, Linux is taking over the online world. But there is growing unease about security weaknesses. (Washington Post, 2015) and rebuttals 1 (IT World, 2015) and 2 (IT Wire, 2015), Interview with Richard Stallman (2011), Collaboration, Innovation, and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (Bob Young, founder of Red Hat Linux, 2011), Taking Open Source Beyond the Data Center (Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, 2016), Why (and How) Google's Corporate Desktops Use Ubuntu Linux (2012), Why your company should contribute to open source, Mozilla "Get Involved!" video, UK Government Service Design Manual prefers Open-Source Software (2013), Microsoft features Linux, as UK Cabinet Office Prioritizes ODF (2015), Microsoft built its own Linux because everyone else did (Wired, 2015), Microsoft's Linux OS & Open Source Credibility (Christine Hall, 2015), Thoughts on Open Innovation (Openforum Academy e-Book, 2013), Teaser for SoftwareWars, Why the Windows software system is slower than others (2014), Microsoft’s Patent Attacks on Free Software Intensify as Microsoft’s Mobile Ambitions Officially Dead and Vista 10 Failing (2015), How Microsoft is now embracing Linux and open-source software (for its Azure, while keeping Linux poison pills in normal Windows), Linus Torvalds wins the desktop; Chromebooks outsell Macbooks (CIO, 2016), Linus Torvalds Explains How Linux Still Surprises and Motivates Him (2017), My Linux Desktop - Hither and Yawn (Ken Starks, 2016).
Linux/Unix/FOSS Resources: Four Things a New Linux User Should Know (Christine Hall), A Beginners Guide To Linux (Gary Newell), Linux (Wikipedia), 100 Essential Free Apps, Meet Ubuntu Linux, 29 Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation, 30 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu, How to maintain a “clean” Ubuntu (HowtoForge, 2016), Future Ubuntu on Tablet, Phone, TV (Mark Shuttleworth, 6-min. video), Fix Ubuntu (search privacy), Why is Ubuntu Popular? End Users Share their Opinions, Ubuntu Insights (Your source for Ubuntu news, articles, tutorials, e-books and everything else in-between), Best Linux Keyboard Shortcuts (Carla Schroeder), Firefox/New Features, LibreOffice/New Features, Designing with LibreOffice, LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice, Open source tools enable professional photography, History of FOSS, 40 Years of UNIX, The Unix Time-Sharing System (Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, Bell Laboratories, 1974), The GNU Project, The GNU Manifesto turns thirty (New Yorker, 2015), Richard Stallman and Gnu: toward the post-scarcity world (2013), The Fight For Freedom (2015), A Technical History of Linux, Memorable Linux Milestones, The early days of Linux, The "Who Wrote Linux" Kerfuffle (Andrew Tannenbaum, 2004), Who Writes Linux (2012 report by The Linux Foundation), The Strange Birth and Long Life of Unix (Warren Toomey, 2011), GNU/Linux  Distribution Timeline, How the 9 major tenets of the Linux philosophy affect you, Getting started with open source code and communities, Unix Quotes, Linux Quotes, UNIX Tutorial for Beginners, What's In A Linux Name?, Learn Linux, 101 (IBM), An introduction to Linux filesystems (David Both), Unix and Linux Search Tool, Ubuntu Search Tool, Cheat Sheets, The Complete Beginners Guide To Ubuntu (Lifewire), Ubuntu Manual (Softpedia), The Complete Beginners Guide To Ubuntu (About Tech), Linux From Scratch, Beyond Linux From Scratch, Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu’s future is more exciting than space travel (The Next Web, 2015), Getting Started With Ubuntu 16.04, TuxArena's Introduction to Linux and Ubuntu 14.04, Intro to Ubuntu Unity 12.10 (and Dream Studio; 10-min. video), NEW: Full Circle Magazine (Ubuntu Linux),, NEW: GetDeb (repository for independent Ubuntu apps), NEW: Handy Tutorial (apps for Ubuntu and Win7), Easy Linux Tips Project, Psychocat's Ubuntu Linux Resources, How to Avoid Breaking Ubuntu, How to Install Linux on a Windows Machine With UEFI Secure Boot - or use rEFInd, A brief history of Linux malware, Linux Malware And Antivirus, Linux Malware vs Phishing Schemes, Ubuntu for Developers, Encourage PC vendors to distribute a usable free operating system (Consumers International, 2012), Linux System Administration, LPI Certification Level 1 manual, GrokLaw, Standards and Open-Source Software, Linux Cheat Sheet, the Linux Command Line, Everything you need to know about Linux Commands, Linux Commands - Overview and Examples, Bash Scripting for Ubuntu Beginners, The Art of Command Line, 100 ways to master the command line, Mastering the Linux Shell, Evolution of shells in Linux, Linux Group Tests, NEW: LXer Linux News, Linux Weather Forecast, NEW: Introducing: The Linux Hardware Guide, NEW: (, NEW: GitHub, NEW: FOSS Podcasts (on-line radio), NEW: Tech-related Conferences, Free Linux Books, Free Programming Books, The Art of Unix Programming (Eric S. Raymond), NEW: FLOSS Manuals (Free Manuals for Free Software), A Free, Libre and Open Glossary
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MMS FOSS (Free, Open-Source Software) talk (This .odp file can be read with LibreOffice et al). MMS can present to your group!
FOSS User Group at Natick Community/Senior Center (with Dick and Jill Miller of MMS) and Archive
On-Line Tour of Ubuntu Linux
MMS offers Custom Applications in MS-Access (Windows) and MySQL (Windows and Linux).
MMS offers Website design and development. (See sample site).
MMS offers cost-effective PC Hardware selection and maintenance; Which Linux Computer? (Dick Miller, MMS)
MMS Client Messages - Killer shopping deals and more, for $25/year.
MMSFORTH and Forth books, Forth Links for programmers
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Internet Resources and Threats: Is It Down Right Now?; Hosting Facts: Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet, Google investigators find hackers swipe nearly 250,000 passwords a week (2017), Top 10 Cracking Techniques (2017), NEW: Phone Hackers (series of Motherboard articles, 2018), Scams, Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Their Busters (Bob Rankin), Latest Ransomware Threats (2017), This Indian Cop Took Down a Massive IRS Call-Center Scam, Digital Citizens, Let’s Talk About Internet Health (Mozilla, 2017), What Yahoo's NSA Surveillance Means for Email Privacy (ProtonMail, 2016), Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence (Reuters, 2016), The Grand Tor: How to Go Anonymous Online (Wired, 2017), Five EFF Tools to Help You Protect Yourself On-Line (Electronic Freedom Foundation (2016), Surveillance Self-Defense (Electronic Freedom Foundation (2016), Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities of 2016 (Bob Rankin), Internet Security is Getting Worse (Bob Rankin, 2017), NEW: An Obscure App Flaw Creates Backdoors In Millions of Smartphones (2017), NEW: How Hackers Hijacked a Bank’s Entire Online Operation (Wired, 2017), The impossible task of creating a "Best VPNs" list today (Ars Technica, 2016), The Glass Room - Looking Into Your Online Life (NYC Dec. 2016 and online), NEW:, DuckDuckGo, DuckDuckGo (May 2014 redesign) Compared to Google, Bing, Yandex, Evi, Blekko, Wolfram-Alpha, The Wayback Machine, Tineye Reverse Image Search, Tools To Trace an Email (Bob Rankin), Email Header Analyzer (MXtoolbox), GeoIP Tool (MaxMind), Google Ultimate Interface, Google Search alternatives (and more alternatives), You can run the same programs on 16 different OpenStack clouds, Edward Snowden at the MIT Media Lab (2016), Snowden’s Box; The human network behind the biggest leak of all, by Dale Maharidge and Jessica Bruder (Harper's Magazine, 2017), 10 Things You Need To Know About 'Wikileaks CIA Leak' (Hacker News, 2017), Wikileaks Reveals CIA Malware that Hacks & Spies On Linux (Hacker News, 2017), Chatbot lawyer overturns 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York (DoNotPay, 2016), Newer, sophisticated junk emails elude filters to con you (AARP, 2016), 4 Things Never to Do On Public Wi-Fi. Technology breeds crime (AARP), Keep Out Those Wi-Fi Hackers. Don't fall prey to digital intruders (AARP), Get Smart on the Web (Mozilla Foundation, 2016), Fix Ubuntu (search privacy), You’re being followed! How to block Web tracking (2013), But do NOT hide your wireless SSID (Steve Riley, 2007), Do Not Track, Verizon to pay $7.4 Million for tracking 2-million customers for marketers since 2012 (FCC, 2014), Verizon Injecting Perma-Cookies to Track Mobile Customers, Bypassing Privacy Controls (EFF, 2014), Surreptitious cross-device tracking: ads use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC (Ars Technica, 2015), Why it's a good idea to cover up your webcam (2016), Frequent password changes are the enemy of security, FTC technologist says (2016), Radio Hack Steals Keystrokes from Millions of Wireless Keyboards (2016), Adobe will track you across all your devices with new co-op project. Everyone loves flinging their data into our marketing machine, says firm (The Register, 2016), Is encrypted e-mail a must in the Trump presidential era? ProtonMail makes a strong case, but there's a difference between privacy and secrecy. (ZDNet, 2016), Low-cost Security Key may be the world’s best hope against account takeovers (2016), Email Self-Defense (FSF, 2014), Email Header Analyzer (MX Toolbox), GeoIP2 City Database (MaxMind), Add-ons that help browsers block Web trackers, Smart Online Shopping (Bob Rankin), Free Wi-Fi Hotspots, Municipal Broadband Networks (Bob Rankin, 2015), A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community, Better than Cyber Utopia: How the Internet Helped Us Create the Sharing Economy, The Giant Zero, by Doc Searls (Linux Journal, 2016), Why is the Internet slow and costly in the U.S.? (2015), The End of the Internet?, The End of the Internet Dream (Jennifer Granick, 2015), Dream of Internet Freedom ‘Dying’ (Threatpost, 2015), Identity: Our Last Stand, by Doc Searls (Linux Journal, 2016), How Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia Harnessed the Web as a Force for Good, Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality, by Tim Berners-Lee (Scientific American, 2010), The real reasons why you should NOT use Facebook (2010), How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism (NY Times, 2014), Facebook Should Pay All of Us (New Yorker, 2015), I’m finally free of all social media services (2016), Holding Broadband Providers to Account: A Consumer Advocacy Manual (Consumers International, 2012; free eBook), Capping the Nation’s Broadband Future? Dwindling competition fuels rise of costly and restrictive Internet usage caps, Big Deal, Big Money (Common Cause and Symbolia, 2013), Yahoo Mail Tried to Block Ad Blockers (Fortune, 2015), Why the government should provide internet access (Mar. 2014), Why - and when - net neutrality is important (Woody Leonhard, 2014), How a former lobbyist became the broadband industry’s worst nightmare; Tom Wheeler tells Ars why he turned on the cable and wireless industries (Ars Technica, 2016), Internet Public Library, NEW: RefDeskGoogle Guide, Alexa Top 500 Global Web SitesISPs, Privacy, Test your IPv6 connectivity, Slowest Link, Internet Speed Test (RCN, "Connect directly to cable modem."), Internet Speed Test (, Internet, Internet Speed Test (AuditMyPC), Internet Speed Test (, Is My Blog Working?,, Internet Web Server Monitoring Tool, TCP/IP Optimization Test, ShieldsUp! Probes Your Internet Firewall, DNS Propagation Checker, Google Search-Patterns Report, Traffic Report (world Internet health), Traffic Report (US Internet health), Akamai's State of the Internet Report (and a 2015 out-take), Why the Internet hiccuped (ZDNet, 2014), The Clock Is Running Out On IPv4; Time for IPv6 (ZDNet, 2015), Tested: How Flash destroys your browser's performance (PCWorld, 2015), Adobe Flash - The Last Straw? (Bob Rankin, 2016), Majority of websites have serious, unfixed vulnerabilities (CSO, 2015), Rarely Patched Software Bugs in Home Routers Cripple Security (Wall Street Journal, 2016), Attacking the Internet is Now Child’s Play (Ask Bob Rankin, 2016), Breach at US Office of Personnel Management Harms 4M Federal Employees and Exposes Agency's Systemic Security Woes (2015), Security: Linux, OS X, Unix and Malware (Viruses), Vulnerability Exposes 900M Android Devices with Qualcomm Drivers—and Fixing Them Won’t Be Easy (2016), Readily-available tools crack WiFi passwords, The Value of a Hacked Email Account, Password Reuse (xkcd), How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell (2016),, IP Number Space Animation, Internet Topology, Atlas of Cyberspaces, Spam Report, Spyware, Crimeware and Phishing Map, IPViking Attacks Map, Attacks Report, Internet Storm Center, McAfee Virus Info, ZombieMeterTrends in Badware 2007, Botnets: The Ramnit Example (2015), Thousands of hacked CCTV devices used in DDoS attacks (2016), Over 100 DDoS botnets built using Linux malware for embedded devices (2016), Addressing the Internet of Things Security Problem (2016), Your DVR Didn’t Take Down the Internet—Yet (Wired, 2016), The Inevitability of Being Hacked (The Atlantic, 2016), The Best of Strangers: Context Dependent Willingness to Divulge Personal Information, ‘We’re From Microsoft and We’ve Been Remotely Watching Your Computer’ (2016), Children's data exposed in VTech toy company hack (2015), High-tech Barbie stokes privacy fears (2015), Seven Deadly Sins That Get Users Hacked, Snapchat Can’t Stop the Parasite Apps That Screw Its Users (Wired, 2014), Scammed on Craigslist!, Phishers Going the Long Way Round to Avoid Filtering Systems (Threatpost, 2015),, Microsoft admits to being hacked, too, A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace (John Perry Barlow, 1996), New Breed of Banking Malware Hijacks Text Messages (2013), The Web Cookie Is Dying. Here's The Creepier Technology That Comes Next ("Fingerprinting"; Forbes, 2013), BIOS Rootkit Implant Debuts at CanSecWest (Threatpost, 2015), The Year Data Went Worldwide (Tim Berners-Lee, 2010), The Open-Data Handbook, Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality (Tim Berners-Lee, 2010), Freedom on the Net (2011), Beware Online Filter Bubbles (Eli Pariser, TED Talk, 2011), The Trolls Among Us (NY Times Magazine, 2008), Scams, Hoaxes, Myths and Their Busters (Bob Rankin, 2016), A new era: our elections now will be decided by hackers and leaked data (The Guardian, 2016), Click Like You Give a Damn; Clicking is a Public Act! by Sally Kohn (BrainPickings and TED, 2014), Internet Privacy: Resist the Temptations of the Cloud! (Richard Stallman, 2011), FBI seizes Web hosting company's servers (2011), The SPI Show (U.S. Dept. of Defense), Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery (Nicole Perlroth, NY Times, 2012), Don't be a Petraeus: A Tutorial on Anonymous Email Accounts (EFF, 2012), Inside Strongbox, the Hyper-Secure Inbox Built by Aaron Swartz (2014), Surveillance Self-Defense (EFF), How to Surf the Web Anonymously (How Stuff Works), How Google Dominates Us (2011), The Personal Computer Is Dead (Jonathan Zittrain, 2011), Learning, Freedom and the Web (Mozilla eBook, 2012), Lawmakers Release Information About How Data Brokers Handle Consumers’ Personal Information (US Rep. Ed Markey et al, 2012), The Net Closes Around Us (Matthew Harwood and Catherine Crump; Tomgram, 2014), The Real Story of Stuxnet (IEEE Spectrum, 2013), Stuxnet's Secret Twin (2013), The Internet Is A Surveillance State (Bruce Schneier, 2013), The Devil’s in the Cloud: Our Headlong Rush into Ultimate Cybersecurity Vulnerability, by Andy Updegrove (2013), Is Computer Security an Illusion? (Bob Rankin, 2015), Major Data Breaches of 2015; Malware menaces poison ads as Google, Yahoo! look away (The Register, 2015), Do Cloud Right: What Not To Trust (, 2013), Don't Put Your Trust in the Cloud; Canada doesn't (2014), Skype with care - Microsoft is reading everything you write (2013), Surveillance Self-Defense (Electronic Frontier Foundation), U.S., British intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program (The Washington Post, 2013), Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian, 2013), Silent War (Vanity Fair, 2013), The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center, So Watch What You Say (Wired, 2012), What the NSA can do with “big data” (Ars Technica, 2013), How the NSA Scours Internet Traffic in the U.S. (Wall Street Journal, 2013), The US government has betrayed the internet ("We need to take it back. The NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. We engineers built the internet – and now we have to fix it.", Bruce Schneier, 2013), How the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers (Glenn Greenwald, 2014), NSA Hacking Tools Leaked (Bob Rankin, Summer 2016), N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens (NY Times, 2013), AT&T Helped U.S. Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale (NY Times, August 15, 2015), How to remain secure against NSA surveillance (Bruce Schneier, 2013), NSA Hacker Chief Explains How to Keep Him Out of Your System (2016), A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering - and how the RSA pseudo-random number generator was compromised by NSA in 2006 (Matthew Green, 2013), How the FBI will lose its iPhone fight with Apple, thanks to 'West Coast Law' - Uncle Sam can't argue against science (The Register, 2016), NSA and GCHQ target Tor network that protects anonymity of web users (Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian, 2013), NSA targets the privacy-conscious via Tor (DasErste, 2014), Less-Independence Day 2014 (Dick Miller), Why should you trust Google, Facebook more than the NSA?, Big Brother Needs Your Help Tagging People in Facebook pics! (Bob Rankin, 2013), Our Government Has Weaponized the Internet. Here’s How They Did It (Wired, 2013), Everything we know about how the FBI hacks people (Wired, 2016), The Feds Will Soon Be Able To Legally Hack Almost Anyone (Wired, 2016), Apple and Other Tech Companies Tangle With U.S. Over Data Access (NY Times, 2015), The Agency; Russian trolls disinform the Internet (NY Times Magazine, 2015), Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit (Spiegel Online, 2013), This Week, Mass Surveillance Wins (NY Times, 2013), Edward Snowden, after months of NSA revelations, says his mission’s accomplished (Washington Post, 2013), Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower (NY Times Editorial Board, 2014), The NSA is Making Us All Less Safe (EFF, 2013), Cracked Credibility (Economist, 2013), NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption (Washington Post, 2014), What The Intelligence Community Doesn't Get: Backdoor For 'The Good Guys' Is Always A Backdoor For The 'Bad Guys' As Well (Techdirt, 2014), How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet (Wired, 2014),  Ten Myths About the NSA, Debunked. You can't opt out. (Nation, 2014), Meet the shadowy tech brokers that deliver your data to the NSA (ZDNet, 2014), Full Disclosure; The Internet Dark Age (2014), How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware (The Intercept, 2014), Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computer (Wired, 2014), A Close Look at Quantum, the NSA’s Most Powerful Internet Attack Tool (Wired, 2014), An online Magna Carta: Berners-Lee calls for bill of rights for web (TheGuardian, 2014), A Google Site Meant to Protect You Is Helping Hackers Attack You (Wired, 2014), Ed Snowden: Here's how we take back the Internet (TEDtalk, 2014), The Promise of a New Internet (The Atlantic, 2014); World War Zero: How Hackers Fight to Steal Your Secrets (Time, 2014), Meet Executive Order 12333: The Reagan rule that lets the NSA spy on Americans (Washington Post, 2014), FBI's crypto backdoor plans require them to win the war on general purpose computing (Cory Doctorow, 2015), XKEYSCORE: NSA’s Google for the World’s Private Communications  (TheGuardian, 2015), Global spy system ECHELON confirmed at last (The Register, 2015), The Most Dangerous People on the Internet Right Now (Wired, 2015), Breaking the Internet won't stop terrorism (Oli Warner, 2015), The mere idea of regaining privacy sends law enforcement into a tizzy (ZDNet, 2015), Soon, feds will snoop on your social networks before granting security clearance (ZDNet, 2016), Lawmakers move to outlaw security research (Ars Technica, 2015), With WikiLeaks Claims of C.I.A. Hacking, How Vulnerable Is Your Smartphone? (NY Times, 2017), No One Is Making a Profit When Pirate Websites Are Raided (European Commission paper, 2015); How did Syria cut off the entire country from the Internet? (Washington Post, 2013); Turkey Moves to Crimp Internet (NY Times, 2014); China makes Internet shut-downs official with new security law (2015).
NSA-Optimized Windows 10: MMS introduces this section; Microsoft and the NSA (Techrights); Secure Boot snafu: Microsoft leaks backdoor key, firmware flung wide open (Ars Technica); Is Windows 10 good enough? (Windows Secrets); A week of pain with Lincoln Spector (Windows Secrets); 20 fixes for a Windows 10 update meltdown, by Woody Leonhard (Network World); Win10 Scam; Broken Windows Theory: Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a privacy nightmare, here’s how to protect yourself (Slate); Even in remotest Africa, Windows 10 nagware ruins your day: Update burns satellite link cash, lives could have been put at risk by pushy upgrade (The Register); Windows 10 automatically spies on your children and sends you a dossier of their activity (BoingBoing); Why Windows 10 wants your feedback and diagnostics, and how to control them. You don't have to tell Microsoft what you think, but unfortunately it can still peer over your shoulder (PC World); Tweak Your Microsoft and Google Privacy Settings (Bob Rankin); Adjusting Windows 10 Privacy Settings (Ask Leo!); Why is Windows 10 being downloaded to my machine? And how do I stop it? (Ask Leo!); The Windows 10 future: Imagine a boot stamping on an upgrade treadmill forever. Windows-as-a-service will require more frequent testing of everything you run. (The Register); Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY; Microsoft has ruined my day, and possibly my life. An unwanted software update has moved my files, broken my printer and stopped the sound on iPlayer. (The Guardian); Windows 10 Behaves Like Malware (Ask Leo!); How Microsoft's tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading. Microsoft's new trick to coax users into upgrading to Windows 10 relies on changing behaviors the pop-up's instilled since December. (PCWorld); 30 Ways Win10 phones home to Microsoft! (How-To Geek); Microsoft accused of adding spy features to Windows 7, 8 (Ars Technica); Moscow lawyers report Windows 10 data privacy risks to Prosecutor General; Chinese backlash over Windows 10 upgrade push; Microsoft will explain only 'significant' Windows 10 updates (The Register); Windows poison pill for Linux? (Techrights); Windows 10 marks the end of 'pay once, use forever' software; Vista 10 Reality Log (Techrights); Microsoft is Embracing, Extending, Extinguishing GNU/Linux, Hopes to Do the Same to Android (Techrights), Next year's Windows 10 auto-upgrade is MSFT's worst idea since Vista. Do you want virus outbreaks? Because that's how you get 'em. (The Register); PC tech support tell customers to avoid Windows 10 (ZD Net), Sneaky Microsoft renamed its data slurper before sticking it back in Windows 10 (The Register), Microsoft's most recent tweak to its Windows support policies may affect business users' PC purchasing and migration plans (ZD Net), Microsoft moves to dominate the games industry ecosystem with its aggressive new UWP initiative (The Guardian), Microsoft herds biz users to Windows 10 by denying support for Win 7 and 8 on new CPUs (The Register); Not that older Windows was much better - 20 epic M$ meltdowns (InfoWorld), How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest (The Register), Microsoft won't back down from Windows 10 nagware 'trick' (The Register), Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage (The Register), Would You Recommend Updating To Windows 10? (Slashdot), Microsoft’s Charm Offensive Against GNU/Linux Uses the Same Media Strategy Donald Trump Uses (Techrights), 'We love Linux' purrs Microsoft as Red Hat, Azure go on honeymoon (The Register), Why I’m Unlikely to Ever Return Microsoft’s Love (FOSS Force), Windows 10 a failure by Microsoft's own metric – it won't hit one billion devices by mid-2018. All that nagware hasn't worked. (The Register), Windows 10 collects too much user data, lacks security says French watchdog, Cortana: The spy in Windows 10 (ComputerWorld), Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate. Support for older systems less than satisfactory. (The Register), Windows 10 Anniversary Update causing crashes and system freezes, Linux Users Reporting Windows 10 Anniversary Update Hoses Their Dual Boot Partitions, Partition disappears in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Anniversary Update on SSD freezes if apps & data on different storage media, Microsoft: Sorry Windows 10 Anniversary Update killed your webcam, Microsoft's new business model for Windows 10: Pay to play.
The following article thoroughly studies half the problem and concludes Win10 is reliable (while ignoring future mishaps and the Linux alternatives to this risk): Attempting to answer whether MS is snooping (Susan Bradley, Windows Secrets); later, she changes her mind with Suggestions for a more dependable Windows 10.
The Register, and the Comments thread that follows, are less forgiving: Pitchfork time after Redmond force-feeds upgrade.
Offering equal time (and adopting the next author's strategy :-), we present this typical click-bait FUD (and its Comments thread): Is Windows 10's Privacy Issue Reason Enough to Move to Linux? The short answer is no; the long answer is still no (Softpedia). Really? What would it take for him to say yes? I don't know - but finally, in Feb. 2016, the very Windows-centric Kim Komando website admitted that it might make sense to bail:
Windows 10's secret tracking is worse than we thought (Kim Komando).
In May 2016, The New York Times attempted to minimize Win10 issues; ComputerWorld set the record straight with:
(Not) Upgrading to Windows 10 and questioning The New York Times.
And Other Threatening Computer Technologies: Growing role of artificial intelligence in our lives is 'too important to leave to men', Can Humans and Computers Mate and Have Babies? (Scott Adams), A Deep Flaw in Your Car Lets Hackers Shut Down Safety Features (2017), Malware Encoded Into DNA Hacks The Computer That Reads It (2017), The Sad Story of Softbank’s Aldebaran Robotics and its Emotionally Intelligent Robot (2014), Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? (Atlantic, 2017), Privacy SOS, The Linux Foundation: Not a Friend of Desktop Linux, the GPL, or Openness (2017), The little black book of scams (Australia, 2016), Ten Stupid Things You Can Do To Mess Up Your Computer (Ask Bob Rankin, 2016), How to Securely Share Information About Scientific Integrity Abuses (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2017), How to Hack a Presidential Election (Andy Updegrove, 2016), Voting-Machine Vulnerability Map (Verified Voting), How to Turn Off Smart TV Snooping Features (2017), How Not to Be Alone (Jonathan Safran Foer, 2013), Elon Musk: Humans must merge with machines or become irrelevant in AI age (2017), Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Is the 'Greatest Risk We Face as a Civilization' (Fortune, 2017), The rise of data and the death of politics, by Evgeny Morozov (The Guardian, 2014), Artificial Intelligence: Rise of the Machines (Economist, 2015), Machine Bias (Pro Publica series, 2015-), Princeton researchers discover why AI become racist and sexist. Study of language bias has implications for AI as well as human cognition. (Ars Technica, 2017), Microsoft Created a Twitter Bot to Learn From Users. It Quickly Became a Racist Jerk. (New York Times, 2016), Artificial Intelligence And The King Midas Problem (Huffington Post, 2016), Adobe buddies up with Microsoft for new ways to mine your data (The Register, 2017), Google’s neural networks invent their own encryption (New Scientist, 2016), China sets up first unmanned factory; all processes are operated by robots (2015), Self-Driving Cars Just Around the Corner: 1958, 1969 and 2016, Software Code Base Abandonment (IEEE, 2013), 'Unikernels will send us back to the DOS era' (2016), Google's Vint Cerf warns of 'digital Dark Age' (BBC, 2015), Intel & its Management Engine, and why we should get rid of ME, by Joshua Gay (Free Software Foundation, 2016), "Active Management Technology": The obscure remote control in some Intel hardware (2014), The AMT hijacking flaw that lurked in Intel chips is worse than anyone thought (Ars Technica, 2017), Stallman’s One Mistake: Open-Source Hardware (2016), Smart homes have often caused more bother than they’re worth (Economist, 2016), TV anchor says live on-air 'Alexa, order me a dollhouse' – guess what happens next (2017), Out-Of-Box Exploitation: A Security Analysis Of OEM Updaters (Duo Security, 2016), Office Depot Stores "Found Malware" on New Windows Computers (Foss Force, 2016), Privacy Is Personal (Doc Searls, 2015), Privacy Is Still Personal (Doc Searls, 2018), Know Your Digital Rights (EFF), How Sony, Microsoft, and Other Gadget Makers Violate Federal Warranty Law (2016), Who Has Your Back? (EFF, 2015), Destroying The Right To Be Left Alone (ACLU, 2013), Be the friction - Our Response to the New Lords of the Ring (Shoshana Zuboff, 2013), Open letter to CEO of Google Inc. from CEO of Axel Springer, Germany's largest publisher (2013), Targeted Advertising Considered Harmful (Don Marti, 2013), What We Can Do with Ad Blocking's Leverage, by Doc Searls (Linux Journal, 2016), Make Money By Suing Telemarketers? (Bob Rankin, 2016),, Access To Knowledge (A2K) In The Age Of Intellectual Property (MIT Press, 2010; free eBook), Radical Librarianship: Ensuring Patrons' Electronic Privacy (Popular Resistance, 2014), Moving toward a sustainable ecological science: don't let data go to waste! (Ideas in Ecology and Evolution, 2013), Over-writing won't sanitize your hard drive, Readily-available tools crack WiFi passwords, 10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased (2010), The Sony Rootkit, U.S. judge rules phone surveillance program is likely unlawful (Reuters, 2013, and the actual Klayman vs. Obama ruling), A Police Gadget Tracks Phones? Shhh! Stingray Is A Secret (NY Times, 2015), DEA Discloses Bulk Surveillance of Americans’ International Phone Calls (ACLU, 2015), Is Someone Listening to Your Calls? (Bob Rankin, 2016), Trump's FBI boss, Attorney General picks reckon your encryption's getting backdoored. This isn't going to end well (The Register, 2017), Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones (Intercept, 2016), Malware Lets a Drone Steal Data by Watching a Computer’s Blinking LED (Wired, 2017), It's trivially easy to identify you based on records of your calls and texts (2016), Wickedly Clever USB Stick Installs a Backdoor on Locked PCs (Wired, 2016), Meet KeySweeper, the $10 USB charger that steals MS keyboard strokes (2015), An alarming new way to steal your passwords (2015), Thousands of gamers’ passwords easily cracked in 3 minutes (2016), Google's creepy plan to kill the password (Engadget, 2016), New ways your smartwatch (and phone) may be spying on you (2016), Are Ultrasonic Beacons Tracking You? (Bob Rankin, 2017), How Does ATM Skimming Work? (Bob Rankin, 2016), Reverse Engineering a Discovered ATM Skimmer (Trust Foundry, 2016), Rethinking the use of Social Security numbers (2015), Your Relative’s DNA Could Turn You Into a Suspect (Wired, 2015), Georgia: ‘Clerical error’ in State data breach involving 6 million voters (2015), Samsung Ad Injections Perfectly Illustrate Why I Want My 'Smart' TV To Be As Dumb As Possible (2015), Is Your Smart TV Spying On You? (Bob Rankin, 2015), Spy-Proofing Your Mobile Devices (Bob Rankin, 2014), Securing Your Internet of Things (Bob Rankin, 2016), Garage Door Opener Company Bricks Customer Hardware After Negative Review, U.S. Embedded Spyware Overseas, Report Claims (NY Times, 2015), Test for Verizon's Privacy-Killing Perma-Cookie (Wired, 2014), Digital Privacy at the U.S Border: A New How-To Guide from EFF (2017), Government Surveillance in Massachusetts (ACLUM, 2010), I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling (2013), A few security lessons from the Target breach (Windows Secrets, 2014), Five Ways the Government Spies on You (2011), Secret code in color printers enables government tracking (Net Security, 2015), NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show (2013), Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement, Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government?, The Government is Profiling You: William Binney, former NSA (MIT, 2012), Stallman: How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand? (Wired, 2013), Hard to Crack: The Government’s Encryption Conundrum (New Yorker, 2013), Experts ‘Outraged’ by Warrant Demanding Fingerprints to Unlock Smartphones (2016), Japan researchers warn of fingerprint theft from photos (2017), Encryption: A New Video (Mozilla Foundation, 2016), US to renegotiate rules on exporting “intrusion software” - Inter-agency panel decides just fixing US implementation of export controls isn't enough (Ars Technica, 2016), Privacy under attack: the NSA files revealed new threats to democracy (Eben Moglen in Guardian, 2014), A UN Privacy Watchdog? (2015), A Machine for Keeping Secrets? (Linux Journal, 2015), Are Drones Watching You?, New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time, Time To Worry About Facial Recognition? (Bob Rankin, 2015), AI Can Recognize Your Face Even If You’re Pixelated (Wired, 2016), Wanted by the FBI: YOU (or maybe just your face) (Bob Rankin, 2016), Computer program replicates your handwriting (Engadget, 2016), Citizens Looking To Safely Record Interactions With Law Enforcement Have A Couple Of New Options To Consider (Techdirt, 2015), Ruling on sharper satellite images poses a privacy problem we can no longer ignore (Directions Magazine, 2014), Are Bluetooth Beacons Tracking You? (Bob Rankin, 2015), Stratfor emails reveal secret, widespread TrapWire surveillance system, Intel finds Memory Sinkhole vulnerability in 1995-2010 Pentium Pro CPUs (2015), NSA Backdoors In Open Source and Open Standards: What Are the Odds? (Slashdot, June 2013), The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say), N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers (NY Times, 2014), Denying domestic spying & dossiers on Americans: Does NSA Chief play word games?, Judge disarms Patriot Act proviso (2004), You May Not Like Weev, But Your Online Freedom Depends on His Appeal (2013), ISP Would Shield Users From Government Surveillance, The Surveillance-Marketing Complex, Coming Soon to a Computer Near You, Who's Tracking Your Reading Habits? An E-Book Buyer's Guide to Privacy, 2012 Edition, 1 million iOS device IDs leaked after alleged FBI laptop hack; hackers claim they have 11M more, Eavesdropping Antennas Can Steal Your Smart Phone's Secrets, Mysterious Phony Cell Towers Could Be Intercepting Your Calls (Popular Science, 2014), US reviews use of cellphone spying technology (Network World, 2015), The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters (and Cell Towers), Smart Meter Attack Scenarios, Hackers Gain "Full Control" of Critical SCADA Systems (Slashdot, 2014), Is Your Car Vulnerable to Hackers? (2015), Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway (Wired, 2015), 100 million Volkswagen vehicles can be unlocked wirelessly by hacker thieves (Digital Trends, 2016), Travelling Internationally with Encrypted Data, Don't Break the Internet (Stanford Law Review, Dec. 2011) and the preceding "Napolitano letter" (Sandia National Laboratories, Nov. 2011), Encryption backdoors by law? (Netherlands and) France says 'non' (ZDNet, 2016), NSA suspected in Juniper firewall backdoor mystery, but questions remain (ZDNet, 2016), 3 Ways Facebook Plans to Exploit Users (Feb. 2012), Why I'm quitting Facebook (2013), Lockdown: The Coming War on General-Purpose Computing (Cory Doctorow, 2012), Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary (Ars Technica, 2013), Microsoft makes it hard with UEFI/"Secure Boot", Coreboot: the Solution to the UEFI/"Secure Boot" Fiasco, Secure Boot and Restricted Boot, Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so (2013), Re-examining Dropbox and its alternatives, U.S. Patent Office helps Apple force Google, Samsung to downgrade Galaxy Nexus, Through the Looking Glass with Microsoft’s Anti-Linux Patent Assertions (Andy Updegrove, 2007), The Case Against Patents (Research Division, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 2012), Professors’ Letter in Support of Patent Reform Legislation (2013), Microsoft’s Patent Blackmail Against Samsung Part of a Strategy of Divide and Conquer Against Android (2017), IAM Magazine is Very Blatantly Promoting Patent Trolls and Their Agenda (2017), Our single market is crying out for copyright reform, by Neelie Kroes (Information Influx International Conference, Amsterdam; 2014), He says he invented e-mail. Dispute him at your own risk (by Hiawatha Bray, 2017), Microsoft Extortion Against Android OEMs (Even Chinese Companies) Continues (2016), Here’s why Obama trade negotiators push the interests of Hollywood and drug companies (Washington Post, 2013), Court Rules Standards Incorporated by Reference into Laws Need not be Free (2017), Meet the nice-guy lawyers who want $1,000 per worker for using scanners, The patent troll problem is not a new one (Red Hat, 2015), Sony Filed a Copyright Claim Against the Stock Video I Licensed to Them, Is This the End of Anonymity? (Google Glass), MIT releases open-source software that reveals invisible motion and detail in video (Eulerian Video Magnification/EVM), "Wi-Vi" uses low-power Wi-Fi signal to track moving humans behind walls, Awesome 3D Printers for Everyone, The Era of the Open Source Gun, UK reports 70 drone near-misses at Heathrow in 2016. The number of near-misses keeps growing every year, My Phone Is Mocking Me (Chuck Lorre), Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary; Android is open—except for all the good parts, Google tells EFF: Android 4.3's privacy tool was a MISTAKE, we've yanked it. Rights warriors enraged by ad giant's 180-degree spin on permissions filter, What happens with digital rights management in the real world? DRM is one of the most salient, and least understood, facts about technology in the contemporary world (Cory Doctorow, 2014), DRM in HTML5 takes its next step toward standardization (Ars Technica, 2017), Lightbulb DRM: Philips Locks Purchasers Out Of Third-Party Bulbs With Firmware Update (2015), Tractor DRM: Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their John Deere Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware (Vice, 2017), Microsoft Edge and Netflix - testing new restrictions by locking out competing browsers? (Defective By Design, 2016); Just As Open Competitor To Elsevier's SSRN Launches, SSRN Accused Of Copyright Crackdown (TechDirt, 2016), It's Time to Recognize a Civil Right Not to be Connected (Andy Updegrove, 2017), Air traffic control for drones is coming. Here's how it could work. (2017).
And Other Cool Computer Technologies: The Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks and the Nature of the Universe - and Us, Love in the Time of Robots (Wired, 2017), Brain-Machine Interface Isn't Sei-Fi Anymore (Wired, 2017), Open education is about improving lives, not taking tests, Clive Thompson on the Cyborg Advantage (Wired, 2010), Cyborg jobs are here to stay, Bitcoin and digital currencies, A Bitcoin Believer’s Crisis of Faith (NY Times, 2016), Amoeba-inspired computing system outperforms conventional optimization methods, Why Deep Learning Is Suddenly Changing Your Life (Fortune, 2016), The fourth industrial revolution: a primer on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial intelligence positioned to be a game-changer (60 Minutes, 2016), What is deep learning, and why should you care about it?, The First Person to Hack the iPhone Built a Self-Driving Car. In His Garage. George Hotz is taking on Google and Tesla by himself. (Bloomberg, 2015), Smallest Transistor Ever, Data Storage on DNA Can Keep It Safe for Centuries, Carl Zimmer's Game of Genomes.
Computer History: How spaceman Shuttleworth found earthly riches with Ubuntu Linux, The Origins of the Open Internet and Net Neutrality, , Vannevar Bush's Differential Analyzer, A History of the Personal Computer - The People and the Technology (book by Roy A. Allen), The UNIX cult (Peter Collinson, 1986), Hack, Hackers, and Hacking, Free as in Freedom 2.0 - Richard Stallman and the Free Software Revolution (book by Sam Williams), The Antikythera Mechanism: An Ancient Device Too Advanced to Be Real Gives Up Its Secrets at Last (with videos; 2016), The history-making Radio Shack TRS-80 microcomputer (Dick Miller on its 25th Anniversary: August 3rd, 2002), The Internet Archive Blog, Star Trek Tech We Use Today (Almost; 2009), 1960s Star Trek computers vs. ours in 2015, PCjs: The Original IBM PC in Your Browser, History of Computing (Centre for Computing History), All About Slide Rules (book),Computer History Timeline, I've been Linuxing since before you were born (Carla Schroder), The Man Who Tried to Redeem the World with Logic - Walter Pitts rose from the streets to MIT, but couldn’t escape himself, 50 Years of Moore's Law (IEEE Spectrum, 2015), Augmenting Human Intellect (1962), Gary Kildall’s CP/M paved the way for affordable personal computers (IEEE, 2014), The Space-Cadet Keyboard, How One Hacker's Mistake Fashioned the Internet You Use Today, Microsoft: "Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish", The Halloween Documents: Microsoft Unmasked (Eric Raymond, 1998), A History of the GUI (2005), Remember Backing Up to Diskettes?, The Story of Touch (An Interactive Timeline), Before the World-Wide Web there was Gopher (MinnPost, 2016), History of FOSS, BSD Unix: Power to the people, from the code. How Berkeley hackers built the Net's most fabled free operating system on the ashes of the '60s -- and then lost the lead to Linux (Salon, 2000), The origin of the name POSIX (Richard Stallman, 2011), The Origins of Linux (Linus Torvalds, 2001, 85-min. video), How Linux was born on August 25, 1991, Rise of Linux – a hacker’s history (Richard Hillesley, 2014), How Linux got to be Linux: Test driving 1993-2003 distros, Ian Murdock (the Ian in Debian Linux) interviewed in 2006, Linux Infographic, 1992 vs. 2010, The Meme Hustler; Tim O’Reilly’s crazy talk (Evgeny Morozov, 2013), The GNU Project, The LAMP Stack Switches on Large-Scale Web Development (eWEEK, 2014), 30 Years of PC Operating Systems (2011), Richard Sapper, designer of the 1992 IBM ThinkPad, has died (2016), Platform Wars, A History Of Personal Computing (The Economist daily chart, 2012), The Spinmaster Behind Silicon Valley As You Know It (Wired, 2018), Meet the 1985 ARM1, grandfather of today's mobile and tablet CPUs – watch it crunch code live in a browser (The Register, 2015), Windows has fallen behind Apple iOS and Google Android (2012; with graphs), Internet Trends (Mary Meeker slideshow, 2012), Firefox @10: How Mozilla Succeeded and Why it has now Failed (2014), Spacewar; Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Space Bums (Steward Brand, Rolling Stone, 1972), The Origin of Spacewar (J.M.Graetz 1981), Willy Crowther's original Adventure game, ASCII Art (Bob Rankin, 2016).
Computer Programming Languages: MMSForth, The MMSForth Newsletter (MMS, 1983), MMS-HASH Coding (1981), Plotter Drivers as an Exercise in Forth Wordset Design (A. Richard Miller and Thomas B. Dowling, MMS, 1985), Thinking Forth, A Language and Philosophy for Solving Problems, by Leo Brodie, Easiest Programming is TurtleArt (it's in the Ubuntu Software Center), Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, by Allen B. Downey, Codecademy (learn to code interactively, for free), Stack Overflow (free coding support), Old Unix source code finally opened for study (2017).
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It’s a matter of simple science, Are We Falling Off the Climate Precipice? Scientists Consider Extinction (Dahr Jamail, Tom Dispatch, 2013), Reversing climate change even more difficult than it might sound. A thousand years might not be enough time to completely undo all the changes. (2013), The New Climate "Normal": Abrupt Sea Level Rise and Predictions of Civilization Collapse (2015), Coal Rush in India Could Tip Balance on Climate Change (NY Times, 2014), The Discovery of Global Warming (American Institute of Physics, 2014), The Kingpins of Carbon and Their War on Democracy, The Future of Planet Earth. Are We the Last Surviving Generations? Radioactivity and the Gradual Extinction of Life (Rosalie Bertell, 2010), 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima (Michael Snyder; Global Research, 2013), Fukushima - A Global Threat That Requires a Global Response (2013), The Really Big One: An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest; the question is when (Kathryn Schulz; The New Yorker, 2015), US Military Plans to Dump 20,000 Tons of Heavy Metals and Explosives Into the Oceans (Truth-out, 2016)
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Folk Songs: Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads, Mudcat Cafe/Digital Tradition, NEW Alan Lomax Sound Recordings (and NPR article), Sing Out!, The Contemplator's Folk Music Site (and more!)Folk Music Index, Taylor's Traditional Tunebook, Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads review, The Traditional Ballad Index, Traditional Music Library, Music of the American Revolution, Musica International, NEFFADavid Ingle Obituary
Classical Music:, WGBH/Boston's NPR, WCRB/Boston, Wikipedia:Sound/list, Silent Monks Sing Hallelujah.
Back When: The Wayback Machine, Retronaut, "Remember When"
General Look-Up: Boston TV News (WCVB-TV, Ch.5), 100 Best Things to do in Massachusetts, RefDesk, Number Conversion, Newspapers, Wikipedia, The Internet Archive, Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia of the Earth, Global Views on Morality, How Stuff Works, Life Hacks, Stack Exchange, Open Culture, Khan Academy, edX free university courses, Sample Ballot Lookup (Ballotpedia), U.S. Declaration of Independence (General Congress, United States of America, 1776), The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948; poster),  A Basic Explanation of Intellectual Property Law, The Jewish Encyclopedia (USA, 1906), 100 Most Jewish Foods, 25 of America's worst charities, and how to avoid getting scammed, Car License Plate (free to confirm plate-number vs. make&model), Know your airliners.
Nature: The Last Wild Place (NW Hawaiian Islands), Nature drug commercial, Internet Bird Collection (IBC), All About Birds (Cornell U.), Bird Song Hero, Bird SongsBird Watching in Massachusetts, The Crows Project, Hawk Watch (including Mount Wachusett), The Butterfly, the Ant and the Oregano (NY Times), Bryozoa, Chipmunk Patrol, Giant CockroachesKettle Ponds, Walden and Thoreau, Yes, the Earth Does Quake in New England! (Alan Kafka, Weston Observatory), Knowing Our Place (Ron McAdow). Ice Flowers
Opinion: NEW: Money Is Not Wealth, NEW: TED Talks, NEW: Brain Pickings, NEW: Progressing Secular Humanist, How a 94-Year-Old Genius May Save the Planet. John Goodenough has defied the American tech industry’s prejudice that says old people can’t innovate.Bernie Sanders: How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections (2017), 10 Learnings from 10 Years of Brain Pickings; Fluid reflections on keeping a solid center, NEW: Your first thought is rarely your best thought, The greatest trick the satanists ever pulled: They may be truer to the words of Jesus than most Christians (Salon), Damn those dress codes! Young feminists are taking a stand, Cultural Evolution of Pants, by Peter Turchin (also  see Slate and The Atlantic), Aaron Swartz, The Three-Day Miller Work Week (Dick Miller), 46 Trillion Reasons To Evolve Society Right Now, (a TED Talk), Senseless Census 2010 (Dick Miller),, The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense, Snow Removal, We're Monkeys, Cooking Up Bigger Brains (Richard Wrangham, 2008), The Coming Technological Singularity; How To Survive In The Post-Human Era (Vernor Vinge, 1993), A Singularity In Time (Peter Russell, 2006), Eco-Apocalypse: A Class Act (Michael Parenti, 1996), Why The Future Doesn't Need Us (Bill Joy; Wired, April 2000), Corporate Personhood, The Three Tasks: YHWH’s Answer To Environmentalist Critics? (Ferren MacIntyre, 1998); Church of the Pristine Rock: Genesis (Buzz Bloom, 2003), On Believing (and Science) (Paul Lutus, 2005), Zeitgeist: The Movie (Peter Joseph, 2007), The Symmetry Principle (Paul Lutus, 2008), GNP Does Not Measure Progress (including remarks by Robert Kennedy, 1968),  The Eve of Destruction, by Noam Chomsky (, 2013), This is fascism, and we should say it clearly ... while we can (Daily Kos, 2015), A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945, Bush knew Saddam had no weapons of Mass destruction. Two former CIA officers say the president squelched top-secret intelligence, and a briefing by George Tenet, months before invading Iraq. (Salon, 2007), Beyond Conspiracy Theory: Patterns of High Crime in American Government (Lance deHaven-Smith; American Behavioral Scientist, 2010),, Slavery By Another Name (90-min. video, PBS, 2012), The South Is Holding America Hostage (Michael Lind; Salon, 2013), How the racists of the South have ruled this nation from the very beginning (Susan Grigsby, 2014), Without Slavery, Would The U.S. Be The Leading Economic Power? (Boston University Radio, 2014), August 22nd Should Be a National Holiday Celebrating Black Revolution (U.S. Uncut, 2015), The Nine Nations of North America (9 nations, Joel Garreau, 1981), Albion's Seed (4 nations, David Hackett Fischer, 1989), Electoral college reform: fifty states with equal population (Neil Freeman, 2012), Up in Arms: the battle lines of today's debates over gun control, stand-your-ground laws, and other violence-related issues were drawn centuries ago by America's early settlers (Colin Woodard, Tufts Magazine, 2013), Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State: Why Americans Vote The Way They Do (Andrew Gelman, Columbia Univ., 2009), Pull The Plug (Aviel Rubin, Forbes, 2006), Pull The Plug On E-Voting (Bruce O'Dell, 2006), The Triumph Of Ignorance (George Monbiot. 2008), The Baloney Detection Kit: Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting and Critical Thinking (Maria Popova, 2014), On Newspapers and Google (Groklaw, 2009), Is American Nonviolence Possible? (NY Times, 2013), How to Determine If Your Religious Liberty Is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions, How to Occupy the Noosphere (Ian MacKenzie, TEDx-Vancouver, 2013), Towards A Philosophy Of Love (Mary Scriver/"PrairieMary", 2010), How ‘Deprogramming’ Kids From How to ‘Do School’ Could Improve Learning, Promises to myself: ten philosophical resolutions (Philosophy for Change, 2013), On Refusing Noah As an Instrument of God's Will (, 2014), Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life (Erik Andrulis, 2011), America's Deficit Attention Disorder (David Korten, 2012), Crime and Privacy (Scott Adams, 2013), Little Brother Is Watching You (Maria Bustillos, 2013); The Scheduled Death of God, by John Michael Greer (The Archdruid Report, 2013), How We Wage War Now, by Gene Epstein (Barron's, 2013), Without Fair Elections and a Viable Legislative Process at Federal and State Levels, The Republic No Longer Exists, by Michael Ventura (The Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2014); GOP voter ID law gets crushed: Why Judge Richard Posner’s new opinion is so amazing (Salon, 2014)
Language: Esperanto, The Challenge of Esperanto, Nostalgia for World Culture: A New History of Esperanto (2016), Libera Esperanto-Libro (Free Esperanto Book), Komputeko (Computer Terminology Collection), duoLingo, English-Esperanto dictionary (, English-French dictionary (, French-English Dictionary (, Learn French, Phrasebooks, ibiblio's "Page Not Found", Google Translate (word, text, URL), BabelFish Translator, Morse Code Translator, Medieval Writing, Shakespeare’s plays with their original English accent, Omniglot (writing systems and languages of the world), Strunk's "The Elements Of Style", How To Write Good (, The Economist's Style Guide, Grammarist, Rewordify.comCommon English-Language Usage Misconceptions, The language rules we know - but don’t know we know (BBC), You think English is easy?, OneLook Dictionary Search, The Word Detective (with humor), Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Wiktionary, On-line Etymology Dictionary, Internet Acronyms Dictionary, Slang in the Dictionary, The alt.usage.english FAQ, Urban Dictionary, Wordnik, Why the green great dragon can't exist, Internet Anagram Server, North American English Dialects, U.S. Dialects Distribution Maps, How to Use a Memory Palace to Boost Your Vocabulary, Opacity of Foreign Languages (BuzzFeed), Family Matters: A Look at the Indo-European Languages (YouTube, 44 min.).
The Printed Word: Poems (A. Richard Miller), Spread of world's first writing systems, We Used To Have 6 More Letters In Our Alphabet, Typography Primer, Web Design Is 95% Typography, 1001 Fonts, US Library of Congress, The British Library, A Million Stunning Antique Illustrations (The British Library), Fairy tale origins thousands of years old (full paper), The Devil's Dictionary, The Notebooks of Lazarus Long (from Time Enough For Love, 1973, by Robert Heinlein), R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots, 1923 play by Karel Čapek; script, Act 1/33 min., Act 2/41 min., Act 3/35 min.), href="">Digital Comic Books, Rudyard Kipling, Zarathushtra (Ardeshir Mehta; free eBook), Incunabula, Sacred Texts, The Skeptic's Annotated Bible, Open Library, World Digital Library, NEW: RefDesk, 50 Core Documents That Tell America's History,, Project Gutenberg, "On Tyranny" posters.
Data Visualization: Edward Tufte, To Build A Better Ballot; an interactive guide to alternative voting systems (2016), A guide to the shrinking GOP presence in Trump’s West Wing (August 2017), Gun Violence Archive, Flowing Data, Web Designer Depot, Learning from Mark Lombardi, A Striking Perspective on New York City Property Values, Cartogram: Housing Value of Every County in the U.S., Temperature Anomalies in World's 191 Countries, 1900-2016, Surging Seas (Climate Central, 2016), Climate Ready Boston Map Explorer, Free Printable USGS PDF TOPO Maps, QGIS Map Showcase, Historic Maps (Stanford U.'s David Rumsey Map Center).
The Camera's Eye: Fotoxx, Nikon's Learn & Explore, New England Light Painters, Nikkor lenses (history, technology, philosopy and more), PetaPixel, Liquid Mountains from Bored Panda, Free Stock Photography, Video and Illustration Websites, Glass Half (3-min. video by Blender Insititute; FOSS), The Old New World (early-1900s New York City) and other Animations by Alexei Zakharov, 99 Remarkable Photographer’s Portfolios, 170,000 Incredible Photos of Depression-Era America (Yale Univ.), Boston Landscape Transformation Animations, WonderWall, NASA's Astronaut Photography of Earth, How to Pan-sharpen Landsat Imagery (NASA Earth Observatory), U.S. Nuclear Bomb Test Footage, Gallery images from the International Space Station, Photographing a Color Run Will Destroy Your Camera Gear–Don’t Do It!, How to Read a Licensing Contract as a Photographer

Arts and Crafts: Jill Knits, Animated Knots by Grog, Brain Pickings, by Maria Popova, The Image-Maker's Handbook, by Matt Mahurin.
Fun and Games: JigZone, NY Times Crossword Puzzle
Political Comics (also see, Techie Comics and Black Humor): Dilbert, The Modern World (by Tom Tomorrow), KOS Comics

Other Humor: Nature drug commercial, Intelligent Designer Laments Lapse in Intelligence
History: Maps of Ancient Earth; Human Population Through Time (6-min. video; American Museum of Natural History), U.S. History, A Timeline of Earth's Average Temperature Since The Last Ice Age Glaciation (, Charting Culture (5-min. video), Natick Praying Indians, Old landmarks and historic personages of Boston, by Samuel Adams Drake (1873), The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes: 315 years, 20,528 voyages, millions of lives (Slate, 2015; allow, The Book of Boston, by Robert Shackleton (1916), Curbed Boston Pocket Guide, A History of Shoppers' World, MassMoments, A Bold Stroke: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court and Gay Rights, by Emily Bazelon (Legal Affairs, 2004), 1,000 Years of European Border Changes (3-min. video), 'Lost' Roads of Ancient Rome Discovered with 3D Laser Scanners, This 3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew About the Roots of Western Civilization (2017), U.S. Army in WW II (HyperWar), World War II From Space (90-min.), A People's History Of The United States (Howard Zinn), September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor; A documentary by Massimo Mazzucco
Science: Scientists Are Pro-Testing, Boston-Area Science Lectures, 5 NASA photos that changed the world, Peering through the Sands of Time: Searching for the Origins of Space Archaeology (NASA, 2017), Science has a New Explanation for Homosexuality, Mandelbrot Fractals, The Best Mind Since Einstein (Richard Feynman Physics Lectures and Videos), Why we think there’s a Multiverse, not just our Universe, Gravitational Waves Exist: The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Them (New Yorker, February 11, 2016), A Scale Model of the Solar System, The Universe of Aristotle and Ptolemy (and the Epicycle), History of Earth as a 24-Hour Clock, Scarily Plausible Doomsday Scenarios For Dystopian Fans (Cary NcNeal, 2014), The Oil We Eat; Following the food chain back to IraqThermodynamics of the Corn-Ethanol Biofuel Cycle (Tad Patzek, 2005), The Imminent Crash Of The Oil Supply, We're still on the slippery slope to peak oil, Peak, What Peak? (Tad Patzek, 2012), Oil Rush in America (Michael Klare, 2014), The Great Food Crisis of 2011 (Les Brown), How The Human Population Explosion Defies Nature (Gail Tverberg, 2012), Cellular ‘Cheaters’ Give Rise to Cancer (NY Times, 2015); Bees Can Learn to Play “Soccer.” Score One for Insect Intelligence (Smithsonian, 2017), Bees learned to use tools they would never find in nature (Ars Technica, 2017), How Evolution Works - in animated graphics (Brain Pickings), Common MythConceptions (2014), Is Sugar Toxic?, A Fuller Explanation, There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom (Richard Feynman, 1959), Nanotechnology: Engines of CreationThe Engines of Our IngenuityLavender Mist II, Lakes and Oceans (xkcd), Ocean Trench, Gravity Wells (xkcd), Sunday’s Falcon 9 launch/re-landing could be the start of a miraculous 2017 for SpaceX, Mission To Mars, Is There Life on Mars?, NASA’s Voyagers: 40 years of inspiration (2017), One Day There Will Be No More Total Solar Eclipses, Space Image of the Day, NASA's Year in Review 2016, ScienceHeathen, Public Library of Science (PLOS), CRISPR.

Health: Single-payer would drastically change health care in America. Here’s how it works (2017). The Best Health Care System in the World (NY Times, 2017), Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? (Atlantic, 2017), Bacteria Living in Our Gut Are Hijacking And Controlling Our Genes, Best Exercise for Aging Muscles, The 16 countries with the world's best healthcare systems, Don't Trust Chiropracters, The Money You Get From ATMs is Disgusting. The list of things found on our dollars includes DNA from our pets, traces of drugs, and bacteria and viruses that cause disease, Lone Star Tick spreading in the US gives people meat allergies, Gustatory Rhinorrhea, A Sneeze After Dinner, Five Ways to Optimize How You Hear (5-min. video), Dear Kids: If I Die, Please DON’T be a Sh** headAnatomy of a Brain Freeze, What do we know about the effects of medical marijuana?, Nature drug commercial, Will the high-tech cities of the future be utterly lonely? (The Week, 2017), Why a walk in the woods really does help your body and your soul, What Hiking Does To The Brain Is Pretty Amazing, On Reaching the End of the Trail (AMC), Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song ("Weightless") Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent, The Health Benefits of Knitting; Concentrate on your food; The MIND diet: 10 foods that fight Alzheimer's and 5 to avoid (2015), Cheese is as addictive as drugs, New York Academy of Medicine Lectures (1950s), Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919, Latin American Doctors Suggest Monsanto-Linked Larvicide Cause of Microcephaly, Not Zika Virus (Ecowatch, 2016), GMOs, Herbicides, and Public Health, by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charles Benbrook, Ph.D. (New England Journal of Medicine, 2015), PFOA health  effects (PFCs in fire-fighting foam; Testimony by Dr. Robert A. Michaels, 2016), Growing Doubt: a Scientist’s Experience of GMOs, by Jonathan R. Latham, PhD (Independent Science News, 2015), The Most Dangerous Place in the World, How Safe is Your Local Hospital? (map), The Obamacare We Deserve, by Michael Moore (NY Times, 2014), I had a health crisis in France. I’m here to tell you that"socialized medicine" is terrific (LATimes, 2016), 'Single-Payer' Healthcare Isn't Necessary - But Single Pricing Is (Forbes, 2017), Changing These 4 Beliefs Will Make You Surprisingly Happy, The Effects of Exercise on the Brain, Religious Trauma Syndrome: How some organized religion leads to mental health problems (RawStory, 2015), New Year’s Resolutions the Buddha Might Have Made (Psychology Today), Graphs For Introverts, The Most Important Question of Your Life (Mark Manson, 2013), A Simple, Helpful Guide to Overcome Consumerism, Knowing We Must Die, How Then Shall We Live? (2015), Five Myths About Germs on Aircraft, Scientists discover mechanism for air pollution-induced liver disease.
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Weather, USA:  NWS USA Radar Loop, NWS monthly archives, NWS Home, TVWeather USA, USGS WeatherWatch, Intellicast USA Radar Loop, Intellicast Severe Weather Outlook, Intellicast USA Surface Analysis Loop, Weather Channel USA Short-term Forecast, Wundermap, USA Lightning; US Radiation Network (with links for Alaska/Hawaii/Japan)
Weather, Beyond: Ventusky Weather, Global Surface Winds, Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (NASA), Atlantic IR Loop (summer hurricanes), Total Precipitable Water - North Atlantic, Worldwide Hurricanes Since 1851, Google Crisis Response, Telephone Area Code Maps (USA and Canada), Worldwide Average Weather DataClimate Reanalyzer (U.ofMaine), NASA Global Climate, World Temps and Clouds, World Infrared Satellite Loop, World Earthquakes Map (this week), World Earthquakes Map (past century), NASA ISWA (Integrated Space Weather Analysis system), Mars, Space, Aurora PredictorLinks
Where are we? Map, About Natick, A City Upon A Hill (Boston time-lapse video, 4 min.), About Massachusetts, Massachusetts is the most intelligent state in the Union, MetroWest Transit (realtime bus map), Boston Bus Map, Metro-Boston Traffic Map, Metro-Boston Train Map, Mass. Highway Cameras, Real Time Traffic/RDS Coverage, Photomapping of The Millers', How Mass. Helps Its Needy
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